Scheduled jobs do not display in the Deployment Server Web Console

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In the Web Console, Scheduled Jobs do not display, but they do display in the Windows 32-bit Console.


Deployment Server 6.5


Deployment Server 6.5 adds additional information to Scheduled Jobs. If this new information does not exist, the Scheduled Job will not display in the Web Console.

This information did not exist in Deployment Server 6.1. When a database is upgraded from 6.1 to 6.5, this information is not generated and those jobs that were scheduled prior to the upgrade will not display in the Web Console.


Run the following SQL Query against the Deployment Server Database to populate the required information:

INSERT event_schedule_info
     SELECT schedule_id, 0, broker_time
     FROM event_schedule
     WHERE schedule_id NOT IN (select schedule_id FROM event_schedule_info)

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