Server name missing from list when trying to add server to a server group

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Server was previously removed from one group, now shows up in Unassigned Servers group, but is no longer available in the list to add to another group. You would notice this mostly if removing servers from one group in order to add to another group.

When pressing the Add Server(s) to Group button, one server, which was recently removed from a group, is no longer available to be added to any group.



Logic problem in GUI LotusScripting.



This is resolved in SMSDOM 8.1.2 and newer.

Technical Information

Steps to Reproduce:
Following are the steps for replicating the issue and working around it:
(This requires at least two Domino servers with Symantec product, so that both show up in server list. For example, the server names can be w2003-a/backline and w2003-b/backline, and the group can be named MyGroup.)

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Click New Server Group.
  3. Make the name MyGroup.
  4. Click Add Server(s) to Group, check w2003-a/backline and w2003-b/backline, and then pressed OK.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Open the group MyGroup.
  8. Put check on w2003-b/backline, click Remove Selected Server(s) from Group.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Close.
  11. Open the group MyGroup.
  12. Click Add Server(s) to Group.

Problem: Now you do not see the server w2003-b/backline in the list. So you cannot add the server now.
Workaround: Press the Save button and then go into the Add Server(s) to Group list again. Clicking this Save button again clears everything out.


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