'Error: Can not register license file' occurs when attempting to register a slf file for Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 5.

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When you attempt to register a license file for Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 5 (SMSSMTP 5), you get the error: "Error: Can not register license file." You want to know how to resolve this issue.

License has a valid start and end date.
  • Telnet test to register.brightmail.com on port 443 yields a blank screen with a flashing cursor (This indicates a successful connection to our registration site.)


The SMSSMTP 5 control center may not be communicating properly with the SMSSMTP 5 scanner. When registering a license file, the control center is used to pass the license file to the scanner. If they are not communicating properly, or if communication is out of synchronization, you will get this error.


To resynchronize communication between the scanner and the control center
1. Open your Windows Services.
2. Right click the SMS Agent service.
3. Click Restart.
4. Right click the SMS-SMTP-MySQL service.
5. Click Restart
6. When prompted, click Yes.

Retry your license registration. If you are still getting a registration error, please contact technical support.

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