NB-CLIENT 3.2GA Patch J0820466 HP700

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NB-CLIENT 3.2GA Patch J0820466 HP700


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NB-CLIENT 3.2GA Patch J0820466 README                            Nov 3, 2000

This patch provides fixes for the NetBackup UNIX server and clients.
NetBackup UNIX Add-on products and DataBase Agents have separate

      Known issues with this patch
       Current patch

This is an update to NetBackup/Media Manager products
with the latest fixes.

1) Download the J0820466.tar and J0820466.<server>.tar files
  into the server's /tmp directory,

  where <server> is alpha hp700 hp800 ncr pyramid rs6000
                        sequent4.2 sgi solaris sun4

    NOTE: J0820466.tar has the NetBackup client binaries and
    J0820466.<server>.tar has the server binaries.
    Both are required.

    NOTE: sun4 applies to auspex SUNOS 4 NetBackup servers.

2) Extract J0820466.tar and J0820466.<server>.tar files
       /bin/tar xvf J0820466.tar
       /bin/tar xvf J0820466.<server>.tar

       This will create the files:

       where <platform> is alpha hp700 hp800 ncr pyramid rs6000
                        sequent4.2 sgi solaris sun4

3) Read patchJ0820466.README for complete details
  of the problems fixed with this patch and
  installation instructions.


The following are descriptions of the problems fixed.
Also included are 3.1.1 to 3.2 upgrade warnings.
Please read the entire document before installing.

Fixes with ** Description ** are important, they describe a problem that
can lead to lost data. Please read these problem descriptions carefully.

If the NetBackup Java interface is used, obtain and install patchF0820307.
PatchF0820307 must be installed with NetBackup patchJ0820326 or later.

If patchF0820307 was installed with a previous patch, do not re-install
patchF0820307 with this patch.

See patchF0820307.README for further details.

Solaris8 is now a supported NetBackup server/client platform with the
3.2 GA Solaris NetBackup binaries.

Known Issues
   A media mount timeout can occur if the following conditions occur:

     1)A restore ( or other non-backup process ) is started.

     2)A backup is started attempting to use the same tape
       drive as the restore, but before the tape mount is

     3)If the backup starts after the mount has completed, the
       backup will queue in the scheduler.

Current patch

   Attempts to start a manual or immediate backup of an incremental
   schedule with multiple data streams enabled will fail with a 198 error.  
   In addition, incremental backups using multiple data streams may be
    initiated every time the bpsched process is started.

    This problem was introduced by patch J0820465.



As root on the NetBackup Master Server:
(for a NetBackup media server, do steps 1-7)

1) Stop the NetBackup and Media Manager daemons:

2) Select new client platforms.

  To extract the new Mac OS X Server NetBackup client or the FreeBSD
  for Intel platform NetBackup client, create the following
  directories on the master server.

  mkdir -p /usr/openv/netbackup/client/INTEL/FreeBSD
  mkdir -p /usr/openv/netbackup/client/MACINTOSH/MacOSXS

3) Install patched binaries.

   cd /tmp
  /bin/sh Vrts_patch.install

4) For RS6000 master server or media server, else go to step 5

  If the master server or media server is rs6000, execute:


  This will correct the 3.1.1 to 3.2 conversion of the Media Manager
  database files.

  WARNING: Do not execute this command more than once. After verifying
           the defined volumes are viewable through the Media Manager
            GUIs, remove this command.

   This will stop all the NetBackup and Media Manager daemons,
   move the 3.1.1 robotic_def and vsnDB files back to their original locations
    before the failed upgrade (if necessary), convert the files to 3.2 format,
   and restart the daemons.

5) If upgrading from NetBackup 3.0 to 3.2, else go to step 6
   If upgrading from NetBackup 3.0 to 3.2 without the intermediate step
   to NetBackup 3.1.1 AND the volume database, vsnDB, contains information  
  about volumes in ACS, TLH, or TLM robots, execute the following steps
   to correct the vsnDB conversion NetBackup 3.2 has done:

   /usr/openv/volmgr/vmctrldbm -t
   cd /usr/openv/volmgr/database
   mv volDB volDB.bad
   mv vsnDB.pre32 vsnDB

   When vmd is started, vsnDB will be converted to volDB.

6) For a Solaris8 NetBackup client or server, else go to step 7.

  For a Solaris8 NetBackup client or server, execute the following
  to create the new hardware/os client type:


  Define the NetBackup client and server as Hardware/OS type Solaris Solaris8
   in any NetBackup classes and run update_clients for Solaris Solaris8.

7) Restart daemons.

  /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/ltid -v

8) Update NetBackup clients, including the NetBackup master and media servers,
   with the update_clients script.

        /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/update_clients <hardware> <os>

        where <hardware> <os> is one of the following:
           ALPHA OSF1
           Auspex Auspex1.9
           CRAY_J90 UNICOS.10.0
           DataGeneral UNIX
           HP9000-700 HP-UX10.20
           HP9000-700 HP-UX11.00
           HP9000-800 HP-UX10.20
           HP9000-800 HP-UX11.00
           Linux  RedHat
           MACINTOSH MacOSXS
           Motorola V88R4
           NCR UNIX
           Pyramid DCOSx
           RS6000 AIX4.1
           RS6000 AIX4.2
           SCO OpenServer
           SCO UnixWare
           Sequent DYNIX413
           Sequent DYNIX420
           SGI IRIX6
           C910_920 IRIX6
           Solaris Solaris2.5
           Solaris Solaris2.6
           Solaris Solaris7
           Solaris Solaris8
           Solaris Solaris_x86_2.6
           Solaris Solaris_x86_7
           Solaris Solaris_x86_8
           Sun4 Solaris2.5
           Sun4 Solaris2.6
           Sun4 Solaris_dm
           Sun4 Solaris_dm_2.6

       Remember to include the master server's <hardware> <os> type.

      Note: The /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/update_clients command without
            any parameters will update all the Unix clients.

9) For Solaris master servers:

      For Solaris2.5:
      cp /usr/openv/lib/server/Solaris/Solaris2.5/libsfr.so /usr/openv/lib

       For Solaris2.6 or higher:
        cp /usr/openv/lib/server/Solaris/Solaris2.6/libsfr.so /usr/openv/lib

10) For Netbackup HPUX11.00 clients running HSM 3.2GA or 3.25GA,
   Copy the appropriate bpbkar and tar to HPUX11.00 NetBackup clients
   running HSM 3.2GA and HSM 3.25GA.
  For HP11.00 NetBackup clients running HSM 3.2GA,
        echo "HP9000-800 HP-UX11.00 hsm32_client1" > /tmp/HSM32clients
        echo "HP9000-800 HP-UX11.00 hsm32_client2" >> /tmp/HSM32clients

       update_clients -ClientList /tmp/HSM32clients

  For HP-UX11.00 NetBackup clients running HSM 3.25GA,
       cd /usr/openv/netbackup/client/HP9000-800/HP-UX11.00_33
       If HSM 3.25GA is running on the NetBackup master server,
               cp bpbkar /usr/openv/netbackup/bin
               cp tar /usr/openv/netbackup/bin
       If HSM 3.25GA is running on a NetBackup client, hsm325_client1,
               rcp bpbkar hsm325_client1:/usr/openv/netbackup/bin    
               rcp tar hsm325_client1:/usr/openv/netbackup/bin  

Additional Notes:

If nonroot users have been given permission to perform NetBackup or
Media Manager administration, (NetBackup System Administrator's
Guide, Allowing Nonroot Users to Administer NetBackup page 31
and Media Manager Administrator's Guide, Allowing Nonroot Users to
Administer Media Manager, page 9), reapply the group and file
permissions changes as installing this patch will reset the group
and file permissions to their delivered value.

For Solaris and HP servers, this can be done by executing:


1) Upgrade of 3.1.1 clients to 3.2 NetBackup client software fails.
  Install of new clients fails.

   When asked during an upgrade installation of NetBackup:

   "Do you want to update the NetBackup software on the clients?"
   Answer no and install the current NetBackup cumulative patch.
   Then execute /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/update_clients.

   See the description for patchP0820173 for complete details at the
   bottom of this README.

2) Links in /usr/openv/netbackup/client are not correct.
      This problem affects 3.1.1 to 3.2 upgrade of Unix NetBackup master
        servers that push out their Netbackup client binaries, specifically
        the SGI or C910_920 client platforms.

      In 3.1.1: /usr/openv/netbackup/client/SGI is a link to

      In 3.2:
      /usr/openv/netbackup/client/C910_920/IRIX6 is a link to

      The install for 3.2NetBackup attempts to relink existing
      directories to provide backwards compatibility.

      Both the Solaris pkgadd install and VERITAS ./install
      do a rm -f /usr/openv/netbackup/client/SGI
      to remove the link to C910_920.

      This remove has failed in some instances, resulting in a
      circular link of /usr/openv/netbackup/client/SGI/IRIX6 -> SGI.

      Before upgrade to 3.2
      Upgrading from 3.1.1 to 3.2, remove the directory,
      prior to installing 3.2 NetBackup.

      rm -rf /usr/openv/netbackup/client/SGI

      Then proceed with installation of 3.2.

      If the update to 3.2 has been completed:

      rm -rf /usr/openv/netbackup/client/SGI

      For Solaris servers, redo the pkgadd of SUNWnetbp,
      selecting SGI from the client list.

      For non-Solaris UNIX servers, select option 2 from
        the CDROM and install the SGI client binaries.

      The result should be the following links:

      SGI/IRIX5 -> C910_920/IRIX5
      C910_920/IRIX6 -> SGI/IRIX6

      (Note IRIX5 is not supported in 3.2GA so this link was done
       for 3.1.1 NetBackup clients.)

      There is no patch for this problem.

3) Entry for new client daemon is not correct in inetd.conf file
      The 3.2GA /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/install_bp
      creates an incorrect entry for vopied in the /etc/inetd.conf
      file, using /usr/openv/netbackup/bin instead of /usr/openv/bin .

      ( may be /etc/inet/inetd.conf or /usr/etc/inetd.conf for NCR)
      (may be /usr/etc/inetd.conf for SGI)

      When update_clients is run or a new client is installed,
      this incorrect vopied inetd.conf entry is propagated to the clients.

      If the server's inetd.conf is corrected before any update_clients
      or installs of new clients, the correct entry is made for vopied
      in the client's inted.conf file.

      All previously updated or installed clients need to have their
      inetd.conf entry for vopied corrected.

      edit the server's inetd.conf file (may be different for NCR and SGI)
      locate entry for vopied

      change /usr/openv/netbackup/bin to /usr/openv/bin.

      This will be corrected in upcoming releases. There will be no patch
      for this problem.

4) The official supported method to upgrade NetBackup is to install
   the new NetBackup binaries on top of the existing installed NetBackup
   binaries. The installation process recognizes the previous version of
  NetBackup and upgrades the existing binaries and in the upgrade to 3.2,
   performs a conversion of the Media Manager and NetBackup database files
   that includes a checksum.

  An alternative install method is to install the new version of NetBackup into
  a different directory or on to a different machine than the existing version
  of NetBackup. Then bprecover is run on the 3.1.1 (or 3.0) NetBackup's
   database files to the newly installed NetBackup 3.2 location.

  This alternate install method is not recommended.

  If the alternate method is used, work with a VERITAS Technical Support engineer
  and perform the following steps:

   1.      Backup the NetBackup 3.1.1 (or 3.0) database.
   2.      Install NetBackup 3.2.
   3.      Save the following files to another location.

   4.      With all NetBackup daemons stopped, run "bprecover"
   5.      Remove /usr/openv/volmgr/database/volDB
   6.      Copy the files saved in step 3 back to their original location.
   7.      Run /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/tpconfig  -dbconvert
   8.      Start robotic and Media Manager daemons,
           /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/ltid -v
   9.      Check media manager GUI.  
           Contact VERITAS support, if all tapes are not seen.
   10.     Check device manager GUI .
            Contact VERITAS support, if all tape drives and robots are not seen.
   11.     Start bpdbm and bprd,

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