Lotus Domino (32bit) Install on Windows Servers (64bit) Does Not Work and Causes SMSDOM Install Problems.

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An improper install of Lotus Domino Server will also lead to a failed install of SMSDOM. The problems occur on 64bit versions of Windows that have the C:\Program Files and the C:\Program Files (x86) folders. The problem begins with the Lotus Domino Server Installer.

SMSDOM will not install and the Domino server will not start.


The installer appears to have a problem with the c:\Program Files (x86) path because of the right side parenthesis. The first path for the Domino binaries appears to be fine with C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Domino but when you hit next you will see that the data path shows C:\Program Files(x86\IBM\Lotus\Domino)\data. Notice that the space in between Files and the ( is no longer present and also notice how the right hand parenthesis has moved over to the right of Domino. If you choose to go back you will now see that the Domino binary path is improper. If you continue to install it will complete but with a weird absolute path.


Use the short name for Program Files (x86). To do this bring up a Command Prompt window and change diretory to c:\. Now do a short name directory listing by typing in dir /x. Most machines will have a shortname path of progra~2 for Progra Files (x86). Use this in the path of the Domino Installer when installing Lotus Domino. The first path should be similar to C:\progra~2\IBM\Lotus\Domino and for the second path (the domino data path) use the path of C:\progra~2\IBM\Lotus\Domino\data.

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