VERITAS Volume Manager (tm) 3.1 for Windows 2000 Dynamic Multipathing driver update for NEC, IBM, STK, and LSI Arrays

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VERITAS Volume Manager (tm) 3.1 for Windows 2000 Dynamic Multipathing driver update for NEC, IBM, STK, and LSI Arrays


This update provides dynamic multipathing (DMP) functionality for the following storage arrays:

iStorage 1000 series.

IBM TotalStorage FAStT200*
IBM TotalStorage FAStT500*
IBM TotalStorage FAStT700*
IBM TotalStorage FAStT900*

StorageTek OPENstorage D173*
StorageTek OPENstorage D176*
StorageTek OPENstorage D178*
StorageTek OPENstorage D280*

LSI E2400 Storage Systems*
LSI E4400 Storage Systems*
LSI E4600 Storage Systems*
LSI E5600 Storage Systems*

NOTE: This update is included in VERITAS Volume Manager 3.1 for Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 and Hotfix 03. If your system is already at that level, there is no need to install this update package. This update only applies to systems using Volume Manager 3.1 with Hotfix 01. Follow these steps to download and save the driver update:

1. Click the Download Now link below. The file download box will be presented.
2. Select Save and choose a location to save the file
3. After a location has been selected, click Save to begin the download. The file will now be copied to the specified location.
4. To extract the driver update, navigate to the directory where the file resides and double-click it
5. If desired, change the directory where the driver files will be extracted
6. When satisfied with destination directory, click the Extract button to begin the extraction
7. Click OK at the message "All files have been extracted." The readme will open automatically. View the readme for installation and uninstallation instructions

IMPORTANT: The IBM FASt, StorageTek, and LSI arrays require additional configuration steps to work properly with VERITAS Volume Manager Dynamic Multipathing. Before attempting to use any of these arrays with the Volume Manager DMP software, please contact the array hardware manufacturer for additional configuration instructions and updates. Several special settings must be enabled on these arrays to allow compatibility with DMP, including Auto Volume Transfer (AVT), also referred to as Auto Logical Drive Transfer (ADT). Firmware updates from the manufacturer for these arrays may also be required. Version or greater is required.


There are two files, install.cmd and uninstall.cmd. You simply double-click the desired file to either install or uninstall the package. The driver files are installed in the WINDOWS\system32\drivers directory on your system. The original DMP driver files (vxdmpnec.sys and vxdmpibm.sys) are renamed with a different extension when the install file runs.

To install the driver package:

1. Ensure that only one path is attached for each array that will be under DMP control  
2. Double-click the install.cmd file. The installation runs automatically.
3. Reboot the system
4. Include each array that will have multiple paths under DMP management  
5. Reattach any additional DMP path

The uninstall is done in the same manner, except that you double-click the uninstall.cmd file. As in the install procedure, you must reboot after running the uninstall file for changes to take effect.

Note: The install file adds the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxDMPIbm registry key. The uninstall file removes the key from the registry. Please refer to the Readme for additional information.


VM2K31DMPUP01_258594.exe (125 kBytes)

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