"Sec_error_inadequate_cert_type" appears when trying to open Control Center with Firefox browser on Symantec Brightmail Gateway

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When you try to open the Control Center of the Symantec Brightmail Gateway the browser page shows this error: "Sec_error_inadequate_cert_type"

Firefox 3 shows:
  • Firefox 2 may show:
    Could not establish an encrypted connection
  • Internet Explorer may not display the Logon page at all.
  • Removing the certificate from the browser has not resolved the issue.
  • Restarting the Control Center via the Command Line Interface has not resolved the issue.
    (NOTE: The command is service controlcenter restart)


The most likely cause is that the wrong certificate has been imported on the Symantec Brightmail Gateway (SBG) appliance.


Possible solutions are:

Log in to the Control Center host via SSH and type:
clear keystore

It will ask you to confirm by typing "yes". This will restart the Control Center and set the Control Center to use the original demo certificatefor HTTPS communication.


Remove the certificate using another machine that has not had access to Symantec Brightmail Gateway before.
To remove certificate(s):
  1. Access the Symantec Brightmail Gateway.
  2. Go to Administration.
  3. Go to Certificates.
  4. Remove the certificate(s).


Allow Symantec Enterprise Technical Support access over SSH to your machine to manually remove the certificate.

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