Symantec Web Security prevents Microsoft Office programs from finding clip art online.

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You have Symantec Web Security (SWS) installed in your environment. All machines are configured to go through web security when accessing the internet. When a user searches for clipart in a Microsoft Office product and the search looks on the internet, no results are brought back. If you configure the users internet browser to not use web security as an internet proxy, the search result comes through just fine. You need to determine why this is happening and how to resolve it.


SWS is installed into the environment.
Clipart searches fail when the machines internet browser is configured to use the SWS server as a proxy.
No clipart searches return results.
Disabling antivirus filtering in the SWS interface does not resolve the issue.


Microsoft Office clipart searches use your internet explorer proxy settings when it goes out to the internet to search for clipart. If the search brings back information that the SWS server would normally block because it is on a deny list, or if it exceeds the DDR threshold for the logged in user's SWS profile configuration, then the entire search will fail.


You will need to enable debug mode within SWS to determine the site that the clipart search is going to and add that site into your allowed list. The list needs to be placed in 'Allowed (Filtering Disabled)' in the user's scheduled list configuration.

To access debug mode and analyze the information it outputs, please contact Symantec Technical Support for assistance.

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