How to determine if AutoProtect is running on a SAV for Macintosh client

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How do you find out if AutoProtect is currently running on a Mac?

You have Symantec AntiVirus for Mac installed, and want to know if AutoProtect is currently running.


There are two ways of determining if AutoProtect is running on a SAV for Mac install.
  1. If you are able to get to the Desktop and the Symantec AntiVirus context menu hasn't been disabled you can:
    • Click the Symantec logo in the taskbar
    • The Symantec Antivirus option icon will show a green check if AutoProtect is enabled, and a red 'x' if it's not.
    • You can also look at the Symantec AntiVirus sub-menu for the option to Enable or Disable AutoProtect and use that to determine it's current state.
  2. Check if the Auto Protect process is running
    • From Terminal or SSH access enter:
      ps -ce | grep SymAutoProtect
    • If AutoProtect is running you will see a result similar to this (note the process ID and timestamp may vary):
      3593 ?? 0:01.00 SymAutoProtect

Technical Information
Terminal is found by default in Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  • SSH access can be gained by authenticating to the client from a remote machine with an SSH client.

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