Clients are moving back to the original group from which they were assigned to during installation.

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Client's will change back to the original group from which they were originally installed as the client is configured to remember its original preferred group.


Upgrade to RU6a or higher if you are running an earlier version and implement the following settings in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM): 

1. Login to the SEPM
2. Click the Clients button.
3. Select the client group you would like to modify.
4. Click the Policies tab in the right pane.
5. Under Location-independent Policies and Settings, within the Settings box, select Communications Settings.
6. Under Reconnection Preferences set the options you prefer.
Use the client's last-used Group setting
Click OK.

The result of implementing these settings is that the clients will retain their current group setting when it is moved to the new group after installation.


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