VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) 4.1.462: Hotfix 7

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VERITAS StorageCentral (tm) 4.1.462: Hotfix 7


StorageCentral 4.1.462:  Hotfix 7

The information in this article applies to:
    ·      StorageCentral 4.1 Standard Edition (build 462) Hotfix 7
    ·      StorageCentral 4.1 Cluster Edition (build 462) Hotfix 7
This QFE includes the fixes for a number of reported problems.
    1.      Space Used is incorrect
    2.      Restore from Tape Fails
    3.      STOP 0x50 using File Blocking
Note: Installing this QFE will require a reboot.

Problem #1:  Space Used is Incorrect

    The space used in a managed object may be incorrect after moving or renaming files in one of the following ways:  
      Renaming with a different case
      Moving to a drive created with SUBST
      Moving to a mount point
Problem #2: Restore from Tape Fails
    On a server running StorageCentral 4.1 Build 462 Hotfix 6, you may be unable to restore files from tape.  The restore log shows "Access Denied" restoring some files, and the system event log shows Event ID 2020:  "Unable to allocate from the paged pool."
    The QaFilter is supposed to be passive when there are no quotas defined on a volume. It must however process IRP_MJ_FILE_SYSTEM_CONTROL operations to allow mounts and dismounts to be processed. All IRP_MJ_FILE_SYSTEM_CONTROL are allowed, however, and specifically FSCTL_SET_COMPRESSION, FSCTL_SET_SPARSE, and FSCTL_SET_ZERO_DATA are processed, , though there are no quotas on the volume. These operations create data structures describing the file, but the IRP_MJ_CLOSE operation is never seen -- it is correctly ignored, because there are no quotas. Thus the data structures are never deleted, resulting in exhaustion of paged pool when many files are operated on in this fashion, e.g. during a restore.
Problem #3: STOP 0x50 using File Blocking
    When using the file blocking feature in FileScreen 2000 with FileScreenFilter.sys version 1.0.21,  you receive a STOP error with the following arguments:
      BugCheck 50, {e3377514, 0, 8049c2e9, 1}


Steps to install the software update for Standard and Cluster Editions:
Interactive Installation:

    1.      Shut down StorageCentral 4.1
    2.      Run SC462HotFix7.exe
    3.      Follow the installation wizard
    4.      Reboot the system

Files Updated
File Name      File Version      
FileScreenFilter.sys      1.0.42      


SC462HotFix7_259150.exe (371 kBytes)

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