The message or an attachment did not reach the intended recipient(s).

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When attempting to send an email outbound through Symantec Hosted Mail Security you receive an email notification stating "The message or an attachment did not reach the intended recipient(s)."

You receive bounce notification(s) for inbound/outbound email(s) through Symantec Host Mail Security.

The message or an attachment did not reach the intended recipient(s).

Subject: RE: Question
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 14:14:53 -0700

Reason: content policy violation
Action: quarantine


This issue is reported when an email violates a Content Policy. It violates it by matching a legitimate word placed on that Content Policy list, or by partial match when attempting to use an asterisk (*) wildcard before/behind a word or words in a Content Policy list.


Check your Content Policy lists to be sure that you have included only those words that you desire to trigger on, and that you have not added an asterisk before or behind any word(s) on the list. If you cannot find any unintended words that you have added to the list, or words with an asterisk, then try disabling one Content Policy at a time while sending a test message.

When you are able to determine which Content Policy is causing the issue, leave that Policy disabled and create a new one typing in the same list of words without using an asterisk for any of the words on the list.

Do not attempt to copy/paste the words off the old list into your new policy, as doing so could copy over the same issue into your new policy.

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