How to debug the Symantec On-Demand Protection 3.x agent?

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How to enable detailed debugging of the Symantec On-Demand Protection (SODP) 3.0 or 3.1 agent?


The steps to enable detailed debugging of the Symantec On-Demand Protection 3.1 agent are outlined below.

  1. Debugging is enabled by editing the agent XML configuration file - before doing this a setting that encrypts the configuration file must be disabled.
    1. In the Symantec On-Demand Manager navigate to Locations and click the General Settings button and uncheck the Encrypt Configuration File option to the right.
    2. Press OK to the dialog, then Apply in the main Manager GUI.
  2. Locate the SODP agent folder
    • Typically the folder is C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec On-Demand\On-DemandAgent
  3. Open the setup.xml file in an editor (wordpad works better than notepad due to line endings)
  4. Find the XML tag that starts with "DebugLog" and change to the following:
    <DebugLog MC="4" CC="4" VD="4" HI="4" AP="4" CCN="4" EC="4" CClient="4" JD="4"/>
    4 means the debugging detail level, the different acronyms enable debugging of different components in SODP
    (VD is for Virtual Desktop, CC is for Cache Cleaner, HI is for Host Integrity etc.)
  5. Launch the SODP agent through a web browser on the machine where you want to capture the debug information
  6. The agent runs from, and will leave the debug log files in, the standard user Temp folder
    • Typically: C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Temp\Symantec On-Demand
  7. The main debug log files for most cases are ssp.debug.log, CClient.log and HostIntegrity.log, but there are also separate debug files for the delivery method like SODA-ActiveX-pxxxx.log

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