'ERROR: information for "SUNWj5rt" was not found' when installing Scan Engine 5.x on Solaris

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  • At the bash prompt on the Solaris machine where you installed Scan Engine, when you type "pkginfo SUNWj5rt", you receive the response: ERROR: information for "SUNWj5rt" was not found.
  • During install, the following message appears: ERROR: information for "SUNWj5rt" was not found
  • The install script prompts you to specify the path to a folder containing the executable file for Java Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 15 or later.
  • After you specify the path to the folder containing the java executable file, installation proceeds and reports "Installation was successful".
  • Following install, you are able to use an internet browser to display the web interface for Scan Engine on an intermittent basis.
  • When you are unable to display the Scan Engine interface, viewing the page source shows that either the Scan Engine served no tags at all, or that the Scan Engine served HTML tags, but no APPLET tag.


Java Runtime Environment 5.0 is not installed as a Solaris package.


Please install package SUNWj5rt from your Solaris installation source.


JDK 5.0 Solaris Installation Notes

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