Inbound Email is being rejected with a SMTP error "554 you are not allowed to connect" being reported from your Symantec Mail Gateway.

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You are seeing messages from one or all domains getting rejected inbound to your domain.


"554 5.7.1 you are not allowed to connect" May appear in your logs or in your non-delivery report


There may be numerous causes for this issue.

1. Invalid Real-time Block List (RBL) entry with Blocked Senders (Third Party Configuration)

If you are using a third party Real Time Blacklist, please note that Symantec does not maintain these domains.  If they experience technical issues or mis-identify an email source as spam, the messages may be blocked without leaving any entries in the logs.

2. The sender is sending from a home account from an ISP and not through a business account.  As most home accounts are blocked at the ISP level to prevent email from flowing directly from hosts to the internet, this type of email may be blocked with this type of response.  This is done by ISP's to prevent infected machines from sending spam/viruses to the internet.



1. Remove the invalid RBL from the Blocked Senders (Third Party Configuration)

In Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.0 and above, go to Reputation.

Then click on Bad Senders

Then click on Third party Bad Senders and remove the third party black lists listed or disable the filter


2. Check the headers of the non delivery response.  Verify that the IP address the message was sent from is the same IP of the sending Mail server.  If it is not, ask the sender domain what kind of mail server they are using and what the sender IP should be.

Typically if a laptop or workstation is used at a "home" setting without using their VPN, this can have an effect where the message is sent through the normal ISP instead of going through the authorized mail server.

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