An error is displayed while trying to upgrade to Symantec Traffic Shaper 6.0

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You have encountered the following error when attempting to upgrade, "Critical Error has occurred when attempting to install. Please contact Tech support", and would like to know how to proceed.

You encounter the following error

"Critical Error has occurred when attempting to install. Please contact Tech support"

during an upgrade to Symantec Traffic Shaper 6.0 (STS 6.0).


This error occurs when the UI queries the update process at precisely the wrong moment. This is not a fatal error, however, and the update will proceed as normal once the reboot takes place.


The update is successful, proceed as normal with the reboot. Once the appliance reboots the update will be completed successfully.

Symantec recommends that, if possible, appliances should be in an 'inactive' state while upgrading.

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