How to Upgrade IM Manager to a Newer Version

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You need to upgrade the IM Manager software to the latest version.



1. It is recommend to perform a backup the IM Manager database. Please review the documentation specific to the database server in use for instructions on how to perform a backup of a database.
2. Back up all XSL files in the directory <Install Path>\Symantec\IMManager\IMArchive.
3. Download the current version of IM Manager from using the product's serial number. (Note: Please contact customer service if you cannot locate your serial number.)
4. Extract the files in the EXE downloaded.
5. Run IMManager.exe.
6. Once the installation begins the first screen that appears begins the extraction process. There are no options for the administrator to select.


7. During the installation the administrator will be asked to either use the existing license or provide a new IM Manager license. Click Yes to using the existing license. If the license needs to be updated do so after the upgrade using the IM Manager Administration Console.

8. This is the first screen of the installation Wizard. The only available options are Next and Back. Choose Next to proceed with the installation.

9. In an upgrade installation scenario previously installed components will be detected and new versions of the previous components will be installed. It is not possible to change or modify the components that will be installed during an upgrade.


10. The administrator will need to specify the password of the existing IM Manager service account. This step prevents non-authorized users from performing an upgrade.


11. The administrator will be asked to upgrade the database. Please choose Yes to this option. Any other IM Manager computersthat are using the same database do not receive this question as the database is only upgraded once.


12. The next few screens show the progress of the installation.

    A command (CMD) prompt window will open and install ASP.NET 2.0

    During the upgrade process IM Manager will need to stop / start all related services.

13. In some upgrade attempts a warning message will appear indicating a problem stopping or starting IM Manager services. This message may not indicate there is a problem with the installation only that a service may need to be started manually after the installation.

14. This is the final screen of the installation process. Choose Finish to complete the installation. If a reboot request is made, please reboot the server.

Post installation tasks:

Once the installation has completed confirm all expected services are installed and functioning. Also, confirm that IM clients are able to connect through IM Manager and messages are being logged to the database.


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