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About the information in the Risk reports and logs

    The Risk log and reports include information about risk events on your management servers and their clients.

    The table below describes some typical uses for the kind of information that you can get from Risk quick reports and log.

    Log and report typesTypical uses
    Infected and At Risk ComputersUse this report to quickly identify the computers that need your attention because they are infected with a virus or a security risk.
    Detection Action SummaryUse this report to identify the actions that were taken when risks were detected. This information also appears on the Symantec Endpoint Protection Home page.
    Risk Detections CountUse this report to identify the domains, groups, or particular computers that have the largest number of risk detections. You can then investigate why some entities seem to be at greater risk than others in your network.
    New Risks Detected in the NetworkUse this report to identify and track the impact of new risks on your network.
    Top Risk Detections CorrelationUse this report to look for correlations between risks and computers, users, domains, and servers.
    Risk Distribution Summary
    Risk Distribution Over Time
    Use these reports to track the distribution of risks. You can also use it to pinpoint particular risks, domains, groups, servers, computers, and the users that seem to have more problems than others. You can use Risk Distribution Over Time to see how these risks change over time.
    Action Summary for Top RisksUse this report to review the actions that were taken on the risks that Symantec Endpoint Protection has detected in your network.
    Number of Notifications
    Number of Notifications Over Time
    Use these reports to refine how you create and configure notifications in your network.
    Weekly OutbreaksUse this report to track risk outbreaks week by week.
    Comprehensive Risk ReportUse this report to see all of the distribution reports and the new risks report information at one time.
    Risk logUse this log if you need more specific information about any of the areas in the Risk reports. For example, you can use the Risk log to see details about the risks that were detected on the computers where risks are often found. You can also use the Risk log to see details about security risks of a particular severity that have affected your network.

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