Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 12.0 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 12.0 (SEP 12 SBE) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What are the new features in SEP 12 SBE?

  1. Uses Apache as the web server instead of IIS.
  2. Built-in Flash video tours.
  3. Integrated online Support Tool, peer-to-peer discussion forums, contact Support.
  4. Licenses are required to be installed.
  5. Serial number of the product can be seen in the Symantec Protection Center (SPC).
  6. Number of licenses allocated to clients and number seats left can be seen in the SPC.
  7. Tamper Protection and Proactive Threat Protection are hardcoded and are enabled.
  8. SEP Firewall is disabled by default.
  9. Clients will launch LiveUpdate daily at 9:45 PM.
  10. The database will automatically purge data as it becomes old or as the database fills up. No database configuration or maintenance is required.
  11. A weekly Executive Summary report and a notification messages will be delivered to the email specified during the installation. These reports and notification messages are configurable and additional email addresses can be added as needed.
  12. Administrators can reset forgotten passwords for the SPC.

Are there any features or functions in SEP 11 that are not in SEP 12 SBE?

The following features of SEP 11 are not available in SEP 12 SBE:

  1. Location Awareness.
  2. Replication, Load balancing, and Failover.
  3. Multiple sites
  4. SQL Databases.
  5. Active Directory (AD) integration.
  6. Group Update Provider (GUP) functionality.
  7. Client communication mode (Push/Pull).
  8. Password requirements to stop the Symantec Management Client (SMC) service.
  9. Management Server Lists.
  10. SEPM Domains.
  11. Database configuration.
  12. Internal LiveUpdate server option.
  13. Advanced Firewall Rules/Policies.
  14. Ability to set the client communication port manually. (This will change if port is being utilized; it will search and bind to next open port. This is hard-coded.)
  15. Macintosh client install packages or management.

Can an internal LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x server be configured to provide definitions to the SPC?
Yes, this capability has now been added. SPC can receive updates from Symantec's LiveUpdate servers or from a correctly-configured internal LUA 2.x server.  Be sure to configure LUA to download and distribute "Symantec Protection Center v12.0" materials.

Can virus definitions be updated manually for the SPC using a JDB?

Can I deploy the SEP 12 Client using AD GPO?

Will I be able to use the SPC to manage SEP 11 clients?
No. SPC will only manage SEP 12 SBE clients, not SEP 11 or SAV 10 clients.

How many clients are supported by SEP 12?
While there is no upper limit (in technical terms) to the number of clients supported by the SPC, as environments get larger (roughly 250 seats) it becomes more cost-effective to deploy SEP 11 versus SEP 12 SBE.

Can SPC receive logs from SAV 10?
Yes, SAV 10 logs can be seen in the SPC.

How can I create a single .exe package in SEP 12 SBE?
We can create a single .exe using the Custom Installation (Advanced) option of the Client Installation Wizard.

What is the migration path for SEP 12 SBE?
Migration detects and migrates installations of the following Symantec legacy virus protection software:

  • SAV Corporate Edition 9.x and 10.x
  • Symantec Client Security (SCS) 2.x and 3.x
  • SEP 11 (client only) 

Are all client settings migrated?
Tamper Protection settings are not migrated. The Antivirus, LiveUpdate and Centralized Exception settings are migrated.



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