IM Manager IM Conversations in Enterprise Vault (EV) Can Only Be Exported By Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator (EVDA) as EML Format

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When exporting IM Manager conversations from EVDA the only option for export format is EML.


  • The following steps in EV DA demonstrate the issue:
    1. In the Case Administration column of the Discovery Accelerator home page, click the name of the case from which you want to run a search.
    2. In the Case home page, click Searches.
    3. In the Searches page, click New Search.
    4. In the Search page, enter the search criteria.
    5. In the Message Type field, only select Instant Messages.
    6. Click OK to start an immediate search or queue a scheduled search to start automatically at the appointed time.
    7. If you did not check 'Automatically accept results' then, when the search has completed, choose to accept the results.
    8. Select to export the IM messages found. If only EML format is allowed then this condition is met.
  • Export job is created as an integrated EV export job.
    1. Open the IM Manager Administration Console.
    2. Click on Administration tab.
    3. Click on Configuration > Export.
    4. Click the Edit control for the EV export job.

    If there is an EV Directory DNS Alias textbox then the export job is an integrated EV export job.



IM Manager inserts the IM conversations as plain-text MIME messages. This is EML format.


IM Manager inserts all IM conversations as EML format entries. This is expected behavior.

If MSG format messages are needed use a tool to convert the EML files into MSG files. Here is an example of such a tool:

Technical Information
The EML file format is a plain text file format of a MIME email message. These types of files can be opened in any text editor.

The MSG file format is a binary email file format first generated by Microsoft for Outlook. 

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