How to restore Symantec Web Gateway to shipped defaults.

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How do you restore the Symantec Web Gateway appliance back to the shipped default settings?


If you have access to the settings via a web browser, you can connect to the appliance, login, and then follow the last steps below to reset the configuration back to the defaults. However, if your network configuration is not setup properly or you do not know the IP address for the SWG, you will need to start with step 1 below.

1. The first thing you need to do is to connect a monitor and keyboard to the appliance.
2. If there are messages on the screen, hit [Enter] to clear the screen and then go back to the login menu.
3. For Login type: admin
4. For Password type: admin1!
5. A text based menu will then display. To go to the Change Operating Modes Menu, Select 11
6. To disable the service, Select 10
7. To go back to the Main Menu, Select 0
8. To go to the Change/Test IP Configuration menu, Select 5
9. In the IP Menu, Select 3
10. For IP, type:
11. For Netmask, type:
12. For Default Gateway, type:
13. For Primary DNS, type:
14. For Secondary DNS, type:

You will then see a message saying "dhclient: no process killed" and the process will take about a minute for these changes to be made. When done, it will go back to the menu. At this point, you can select 0 to go back to the main menu and then 0 again to exit the configuration program and go back to the login prompt.

Here are a few screen shots of the menus:

15. Remove the LAN and WAN cables.
16. Install one end of a crossover cable to the Management port on the appliance.
17. Change the IP address on a computer to and the subnet mask to
18. Install the second end of the crossover cable to this computer.
19. Open web browser and go to address and login to the appliance.
20. In the bottom right of the Administration box, select Configuration.
21. At the top, select the Maintenance tab.
22. Down about midway on the page, you should see Restore Default Settings. Select the Restore button next to that.
23. Select OK for the warning and the box will begin to reboot.
24. Once the appliance is back up, open a Web Browser and go to again. This time you will see the Start Up Wizard, like on a new box.

Below are some screen shots:

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