Explanation of Auto-Upgrade Download Randomization in SEP 11 and 12.1

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How does the download randomization work with an Auto-Upgrade in SEP?

You want to automatically upgrade groups with a new install package, and have questions about how the download randomization works.



You can find the randomization options by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the SEPM console
  2. Select Admin > Install Packages
  3. Click 'Upgrade Groups with Package'
  4. Click 'Next', select the package to use and click 'Next'
  5. Select the group(s) to apply the Upgrade to and click 'Next'
  6. Select where to download the update from (SEPM or URL)
  7. Click 'Upgrade Settings' to display the download randomization options

There are two main features of download randomization: Upgrade schedule and the distribution timeline.
Upgrade Schedule:

    If selected, this option will limit the packages to a specific time range during the day (i.e. only deploy from midnight to 8am)

Distribute updates over:

    How long to spread out the distribution. If set to '0' updates start right away (or during the next Upgrade Schedule if specified)

How it works:

    You have configured your distribution options, and completed the Upgrade Groups Wizard. As clients check in the SEPM, they will be notified that there is a new update to download and install.

    The SEPM will either tell the client to download the package immediately, or if a schedule/timeline is specified the SEPM will give the client the parameters to download the package (i.e. sometime over the next 4 days between midnight and 8am) and the client picks a random time in that range. There is no visibility from the SEPM to see when a specific client is scheduled to start it's download. If a client is offline when the random window occured, the client will pick a new random time.

** NOTE: There was an issue fixed with SEP 11 MR4 with these features. With MR3 and previous you could only specify an Upgrade Schedule OR a distribution timeline... not both. MR4 and later this issue is resolved.


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