Export Fails With Error Message "Incorrect Function" When IM Conversation Has File Transfer with Ampersand (&)

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Export fails to export a single IM conversation.  The export history shows the following error message:

Error 0x1 processing input file C:\IMManagerExports\EVault\IMLa445.xml.
Description: Incorrect function.


    • The XML from the error message contains a '&' character in a <filename> XML node

To verify this condition follow these steps:

1. From the above error message determine the name and location of the XML file. In the above example the Error-IML455.xml is the file and C:\IMManagerExports\EVault\errors\ is the directory.
2. Open the folder where the XML file is, in this case C:\IMManagerExports\EVault\errors\
3. Find the XML file and open it using a text editor.
4. Search for the following XML tag: <filename> 5. If the string within the <filename> tag contains a '&' character this condition is met.
For example, this tag matches this condition:





  • The Windows Application Event log shows the following error:

  • Event Type: Error
    Event Source: IMLogicAdminService
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 113
    Date: 11/14/2009
    Time: 12:28:43 AM
    User: S-1-5-21-1885077965-1134046159-926709054-13579
    Computer: AB-IMMANAGER01
    Error 0x1 processing input file C:\IMManagerExports\EVault\IMLa445.xml.

    Description: Incorrect function.
    . Failed conversation was moved to C:\IMManagerExports\EVault\errors\Error-IMLa445.xml


There is a known issue with IM Manager that does not export the & symbol correctly for file transfers.


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Use one of the following workarounds.


  • Block all file transfers where the file name includes a '&' character.

To do this follow these steps:

    1. Login to the IM Manager Admin Web UI.
    2. Click on Policies->Group Policy->All Rules
    3. Click on the blue Edit button for the appropriate File Transfer On/Off rule
    4. In the drop down list select 'Contains'
    5. In the text field next to the drop down enter in:


    6. Press Submit.
    7. The Rule update will take 15-30 minutes to become active.


  • Run a SQL query to correct the file names in the IM Manager database.

Note: this workaround will need to be re-applied everytime a new file transfer with a & in the title is recorded by IM Manager. It is recommended that Administrators run this query just prior to running an export job.

    1. Open a SQL Query Anaylzer or SQL Management Studio that has access to the IM Manager database.
    2. Run the following query:
      UPDATE [dbo].[file_transfers]
      SET file_name = replace(file_name, '&', '&')


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