Sametime File Transfers are Blocked when File Names contain Double-Byte Characters

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IM Manager is configured to manage file transfers. When transferring a file using Sametime IM clients that contains a Double Byte character, the file can not be transferred.

For each file transfer that is not blocked by the system, there is a corresponding file created on root of the C:\ drive of the server similar to the following:


In the above example, the file the end users sent was titled readmé.txt, all similar error files will contain the name of the file sent by the end users.

  • When DEBUG logging levels are active, the IMManagerSametimeFT.log shows a similar message:
    [|] 0x60c |2009:11:23 14:41:13 | DEBUG_1 | STFileTransfer:OnFileTransferScan | Processing file transfer -- Sender: 'jesse' , Recipient: 'CN=admin,O=blackops-simm' , Protocol: SameTime, File name: 'C:\\-2147483640readme.txt', File size: 63[-]



There is a known issue with IM Manager that is incorrectly blocking files transfers for Sametime client when double byte characters are in the file name.


This issue has been resolved as of IM Manager 8.4.16. 

Please upgrade to the latest version of IM Manager to resolve this issue.


Update the File Transfer policy to Block File Transfers based on File Name.

For more information on how to configure IM Manager polices, please see the IM Manager Implementation Guide.


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