How to use SEP11.x Move Client Utility and Subnetgroups.txt script to move clients into a new group.

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What is the SEP11.x Move Client Utility, and how is it used?

This document describes how to use the scripts provided in SEP 11.0 RU5 CD2. This scripts is available in the following folder on the CD:


This script allows you to move clients to another group based on the IP address, host name, or user name.

Each script is able to read a text file which contains the IP range, host name, or user name and the destination group name and then move the clients into the correct group in SEPM. This script must be run on the SEPM servers.

Make sure that the IP range, host name, or user name and the destination group name are correct in the Subnetgroups.txt file. Incorrect values could cause problems and move clients in the wrong group, move the clients to the default Group or leave the clients not showing at all on the SEPM.


If the Subnetgroups.txt contains typo errors, IP address range wrongly registered, commas (,) missing or extra spaces, the script will read these errors and redirect the SEP client to the wrong group, not interpret the line and therefore will not show the SEP client at all in the SEPM or if the wrong range is entered, will move the client to the default group.


Make sure that the file is correct and test each line before adding others.

Please read the Sample-Subnetgroups.txt file.
It will give you an example of the entries to make and the correct way to format them.

The entries should look like:,marketing,Group1 (#Comment: This references the subnet. Do not include this comment in the line.),Group1\subgroup1 (#Comment: This references the IP address range. Do not include this comment in the line.),Group2\subgroup1,Group2\subgroup2,Group3

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