BMServer Crashes with Error Message: Broken Pipe

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You have Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam (SBAS) or Symantec Brightmail Message Filter (SBMF) crashing occasionally when the scanner is monitored using health checks.

The BMserver stops and then starts unexpectedly. (crashes).


  • When the BMServer crashes there is a corresponding error in the BMServer log:
    30 Nov 2009 11:06:19 (ERROR:17935.1): [33040] Error writing data to Broken pipe (32).


  • There are health checks being performed against the SBAS/SBMF scanner.
    In the BMServer log there is the following error messages, one for each health check that is done against the SBAS/SBMF scanner:
    30 Nov 2009 10:09:27 (ERROR:5274.1): [33039] Error reading data from Connection reset by peer (131).

    To verify this perform a network trace on the SMBF scanner.
    If the network traces shows that there are timed repeating connections to the Brightmail scanner on port 41000 that are immediately closed by the remote machine, this condition is met.



The health checks against the SBAS/SBMF scanner are causing the bmserver process to get into a bad state.


Update the health check behavior against the SBAS/SBMF scanner according to the recommendations in this KB article: Support for Health Checks for Symantec Brightmail Message Filter.

Technical Information
SMBF 6.1 utilizes more resources then earlier versions and thus is more susceptible to these types of issues. It is possible for customers to see issues with SMBF 6.1.x where version 6.0.5 or earlier would not.


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