Symantec I-DHCP Enforcer And Windows 2008 64-bit Support

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Does the Symantec Integrated DHCP Enforcer support Windows 2008 64-bit operating system? The Symantec Integrated DHCP Enforcer is being installed on a Windows 2008 64-bit R2 DHCP server with Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP).

After installation of the Symantec Integrated DHCP Enforcer is complete the System Health Validators (SHV) settings for Microsoft NAP are grayed out and can not be configured.


The Symantec Integrated DHCP Enforcer plugin is not compatible with Windows 2008 64-bit.



The 12.1 version of the Integrated DHCP Enforcer now supports the Windows 2008 64-bit platform. If an earlier version of the I-DHCP Enforcer is used Symantec recommends upgrading to the latest 12.1 release. Page 859 of the SEP  12.1 Implementation Guide provides the system requirement information for the 12.1 I-DHCP Enforcer.



SEP 12.1 Implementation Guide
Implementation_Guide_SEP12.1.pdf (9.5 MBytes)

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