Current versions of LiveUpdate Administration tools

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This document:

  • Identifies the current version of the LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x) internal server and the legacy LiveUpdate Administration Utility 1.x (LUAU 1.x) utility
  • Gives instructions for obtaining and installing the latest version of the LUA 2.x and LUAU 1.x
  • Gives a list of enhancements and fixes to the product



The LiveUpdate Administration Utility 1.x and, later, the LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x were developed to address the two major concerns of network administrators: high levels of external traffic caused by users using LiveUpdate, and network security. LUAU and LUA allow an administrator to modify LiveUpdate so that network users can download program and virus definition updates from an internal server instead of the Symantec LiveUpdate server over the Internet.

Latest version of LUA 2.x

LiveUpdate Administrator 2.3.3 has now been released.  For details on new features, please see LiveUpdate Administrator 2.3.x: Release Notes.  Please contact Symantec Technical Support for details on how to obtain LUA 2.3.  Additional articles on LUA are linked, below.

Current legacy version (LUAU 1.x)

Release date: March 6, 2006

This version provides compatibility with Symantec Client Security 3.0 and replaces previous versions of this utility.
The LiveUpdate Administration Utility includes LiveUpdate client v3.0.0.160.
When the LiveUpdate Administration Utility version 1.5.7 is installed, the LiveUpdate client will be upgraded to as required.

To update the LiveUpdate Administration Utility, download and run Luau.exe. This will install the current version and overwrite the version that you currently have installed.

Technical Information
TRX files for virus definition updates were discontinued October 12, 2005.


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