Error: ". . . Central Quarantine. Error Connecting to Gateway . . . Unable to Download Definitions"

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When you right-click the Quarantine server in the Symantec System Center to select the properties, you see the error message "The QServer Failed to Connect to the Gateway, and is Unable to Download Definitions," or you see the error message
"A general error was detected with Central Quarantine. Error Connecting to Gateway - Unable to connect to the Gateway
Quarantine Server:
DNS name:
download: QServer cannot connect to the gateway to download definitions.
Ensure that QServer has access to an adequate Internet connection."


This error occurs when the information on the Web Communications and Firewall tabs is missing.

To solve the problem of missing information
  1. Right-click QServer, and then click Properties.
  2. Verify that the following tabs have the correct information:
    • On the Web Communications tab, ensure that the Symantec Immune System Gateway field is not blank. The field should read:
    • On the Firewall tab, ensure that the fields are not blank if you are behind a proxy firewall. The information in the fields depends on your proxy settings.

For information on the ports used to communicate with the Symantec Quarantine Server, see the document Which ports are used for communication in Symantec Quarantine Server 2.0?

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