What to do if you are a Corporate customer and Security Response has responded to your submission

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You quarantined and submitted a file to Symantec Security Response for analysis. Symantec Security Response indicates that the file is infected with a non-repairable worm or Trojan horse. Symantec Security Response suggests that you delete the file from Quarantine and replace the file if necessary. You want to know what to do.


The quarantined file that you submitted can be deleted safely from Quarantine. Deleting a file from Quarantine deletes it from the hard drive. In most cases of infections by worms or Trojans, there is no file to restore, because worm and Trojan files are not used by Windows.

Quarantined files are encrypted and are not a threat to the computer. If you can start Windows and all programs are behaving as expected, then it does not matter whether the quarantined file is deleted.

Include the Symantec Security Response tracking ID number in your message. Our agents will then ask Symantec Security Response to reanalyze your submission.

NOTE: Customers with a valid Gold or Platinum support contract should phone Technical Support for help with a file that is believed to be infected, but Symantec Security Response reports otherwise.

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