How to uninstall Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 8.x or 9.x for NetWare

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This document discusses how to uninstall the Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 8.x or 9.x NetWare NLM from a Novell NetWare server.


You should first attempt to uninstall Symantec AntiVirus using the "Automatic Uninstall" method. If this method fails, or if you need to completely remove Symantec AntiVirus, then use the "Manual Uninstall" method.

Automatic Uninstall
Unload all Symantec AntiVirus NLMs, and then type the following at the console prompt:


  • If you have manually loaded vpreg.nlm, then you must manually unload it to use the automatic uninstall method.
  • On page 109 of the Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition Guide (savce80i.pdf), there is an instruction to uninstall using the following command:
    This is a typographical error. The correct command line parameter is /REMOVE.

Manual Uninstall
  1. Unload the Symantec AntiVirus NLMs by pressing Alt+F10 at the Symantec AntiVirus console.
  2. Manually unload Vpreg.nlm to avoid any potential problems with the registry being in memory. At the console prompt, type:

  3. Delete the following Symantec AntiVirus directories:
    • SYS:\SAV
  4. Delete the following files from SYS:\SYSTEM directory:
    • Vpreg.nlm
    • Vpregedt.nlm
    • Vpremove.nlm
    • Vpremove.ncf
    • Vpstart.nlm
    • Vpstart.ncf
    • PDS.nlm
  5. Remove the Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition section from the logon script.
  6. Remove the Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition section from the Autoexec.ncf file.
  7. Remove the NORTONANTIVIRUSUSER and the NORTONANTIVIRUSADMIN groups using NWAdmin32, Remote Manager, or Console1.

To remove the AMS from the NetWare server
  1. Uninstall Symantec AntiVirus from the NetWare server.
  2. Manually remove the following .nlm and .dat files that are located in the SYS:\system folder on the NetWare server.
    • Amslib.nlm
    • Ams2dbp.nlm
    • Bcsthndl.nlm
    • Hndlrsvc.nlm
    • Iao.nlm
    • Iaobind.dat
    • Iaolog.dat
    • Msgsys.nlm
    • Nlmxhndl.nlm
    • Snmphndl.nlm

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