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For information on the Impact of OpenSSL "Heartbleed" Vulnerability to NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances, please access TECH216555.

This page is for manuals, downloads and articles on NetBackup Appliances.
For additional support on NetBackup issues encountered on the 5200, 5220 or 5230, go to the NetBackup Enterprise Server Area.  
For help on PureDisk-specific issues on the 50005020 or 5030, visit the PureDisk Area.

list of top NetBackup Appliances articles is also available.

Symantec AutoSupport for Appliances:

Simplify, automate and improve your support experiences by enabling AutoSupport for appliances today. Learn more about AutoSupport for appliances and how it proactively monitors, manages and supports appliances’ health and performance to minimize appliance downtime, improve reliability and serviceability and enable customer self-service.

Solution Brief  |  Frequently Asked Questions  |  Video: How to enable AutoSupport  |  MyAppliances Portal Guide

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