How to install Backup Exec

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How to install Backup Exec 2014: Step-by-Step
  1. Pre-Install recommendation:

    Review the following documents before attempting to install Backup Exec 2014

    a. Best Practices for Backup Exec 2014 installation

    b. Backup Exec 2014 Software Compatibility List (SCL)

    c. Backup Exec 2014 Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)
  2. Download the Installation media:

    The Backup Exec 2014 DVD ISO image can be downloaded using one of the following methods:

    a. Download from the FileConnect website

    b. Download from the Backup Exec Trialware website. 
  3. Begin Backup Exec 2014 installation:

    Double click on the "Browser.exe" file from the DVD media to launch the Backup Exec installation.
  4. Finish Backup Exec 2014 installation:

    Follow the Backup Exec Wizard instructions to install the product. For detailed instructions see Step By Step guide to download and install Backup Exec 2014
    Note: A reboot may be required to complete the installation.
  5. Post-Install recommendations:

    a. Run LiveUpdate – Best Practices for Backup Exec 2014 and LiveUpdate

    b. Reinstall Agent for Windows Systems (AWS) – Methods for installing the Agent for Windows