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Symantec CI Plus Device Credentials

CI Plus is a technical specification which adds additional security and enhanced capabilities to the proven Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Common Interface Standard. Through the use of CI Plus Device Credentials, optimum security is guaranteed between the TV receiver and the content provider. Symantec provides the easiest way for device and component manufacturers to implement CI Plus standards to offer customers the most secure environment available and lay the foundation to take advantage of new developments in broadcast services.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based infrastructure: Certificate lifecycle management (respond to request, issuance, and validation of the device certificates) is delivered in the cloud on behalf of the device manufacturer.
  • Reliable Security: Employs the same PKI technology that is used throughout Symantec’s military-grade public key infrastructure and Network Operations Centers. Supports 24x7x365 monitoring, management, and escalation across the globe with full disaster recovery. Annual WebTrust and SSAE 16/SOC 2 compliance audits are conducted by an independent, accredited third-party.
  • Carrier-class Scalability: Architected to support the highest volume and peak load requirements in the industry. Overall system architecture is designed to support the issuance and management of over 100 million certificates per year.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effective: By leveraging Symantec Device Certificate Service and its extensive PKI infrastructure, device manufacturers save significantly versus implementing and managing their own PKI environment.
  • Ease of deployment: Device certificates are ordered in bulk by providing Symantec with a list of device IDs. Manufacturers can be receiving PKI-based digital certificates within days of on-boarding.
  • A Trusted Solution: Symantec is the recognized leader in digital-certificate-based trust services and supports over 200 million devices worldwide.

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