A New Road Ahead

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As we begin 2010, there are a few key trends and innovations that will shape the year and set the tone for this new decade. Yet, many familiar questions will remain. How do we continue to secure and manage the ever-growing amount of information we handle? How can IT become more efficient and enable greater productivity within the business?

As we continue to grapple with the growth of information, there is an opportunity to embrace 2010 as the “Year of Deletion.” With information growth outpacing overall storage spending, it’s important that you’re saving the right information, and that you’re comfortable deleting the information you no longer need. This “delete mentality” will lead to a shift from using backup technology as a long-term storage solution to archiving solutions that manage the retention of information. I also believe we’ll see deduplication move from a standalone technology to an integral feature of information management solutions—everything from backup software, to primary storage, to replication and archiving software.

We must also continue to stay ahead of the bad guys. New security threats are being driven by creative social engineering techniques, and social networking sites are becoming common targets for online criminals. While there is no silver bullet when it comes to protecting information from cyber threats, technology innovations such as reputation-based security hold tremendous promise. In addition, data loss prevention solutions will continue to help you secure your most critical information.

This issue includes an exclusive interview with Tom Place, the director of global technology and information security at The Coca-Cola Company, who unveils the information security program he and his team have built over the past five years. Don’t miss the solutions feature on data loss prevention; it’s truly a journey and not simply a destination. Also check out the interviews with IT leaders from Nordea Bank and World Fuel Services and gain insight into the IT strategies they are employing to drive their businesses forward.


Enrique Salem
President and CEO, Symantec Corporation