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Symantec. The Sign of a Safe Cloud

Symantec protects the cloud and gives you the confidence you need in your cloud initiatives – whether you are directly consuming cloud services, building your own cloud, or extending your IT operations to include other clouds.
Protected Clouds
Protected Clouds
  • Gain visibility and control
  • Get the flexibility to grow on demand
  • Leverage existing IT investments
Protecting a Cloudier Future
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Protected Clouds are Better Clouds

Even as individuals and organizations realize the potential agility and cost savings benefits of cloud computing, concerns about security and availability of clouds persist. Gain confidence in your cloud with protection from the world’s leader in security and availability. Whether you want to consume services directly, build your own cloud for internal operations or external reach, or extend into third-party clouds safely and efficiently, Symantec delivers the path to a protected cloud.
Learn how future clouds will be safe clouds – Read the Analyst Whitepaper
Get the most from your existing investments and stay secure and compliant when you build your private or public cloud.
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Directly use services delivered from Symantec’s cloud to simplify your IT, drive down your costs, and get to market faster.
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Symantec protects your critical information and lets you maintain visibility and control as you leverage third party cloud services.
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