Magic Quadrant For Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software

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Symantec means protection

More people trust Symantec to backup, recover and discover their information, than anyone

The data flood is not going to stop. It is relentless. Mobile devices, social networking sites, the cloud, and more traditional communication forms like email are causing an overflow of information – surging past existing structures and threatening to overwhelm an organization's capacity.

Symantec is the difference between lost data and recovered files.

When it comes to recovering information lost in a disaster or IT failure, Symantec Backup Technologies are the most trusted. We protect information at more businesses, hospitals, schools, non-profits, as well as government information, from disaster than any other vendor.
Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software

Symantec is the difference between being in email jail and quota-free mailboxes

Companies are free to participate in the new economy whether on desktops, iPads or mobile devices. We help companies eliminate archaic barriers like email quotas, IM blocking and social media blacklists.
Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving

Symantec is the difference between settling a case due to lost evidence and winning because you have the facts at your fingertips.

E-Discovery, backup, archiving, and recovery capabilities are table stakes for companies that depend on information to run their operations. We are the difference between drowning in data and winning your case, between struggling through a deposition and delivering the facts.
Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software
If you don't think Symantec when you think protection, then let us share with you why we are the company more people trust for protection than any other.
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