Data Protection

The massive growth of data means that backup and recovery is becoming complicated and expensive. And once business-critical applications migrate to a virtual environment, traditional backup may not be able to meet the service level agreements required by the business. Because of the need to now back up the associated virtual machine image files, backup windows may become unbearably long and impact the performance of business-critical applications.
Backup Virtualization
Symantec solutions offer a better approach for organizations to protect their information by delivering fast and efficient backup, easing management and simplifying recovery in case of a disaster – all while realizing significant cost savings. By leveraging Symantec V-Ray technology that delivers visibility into backups of VMware, Hyper-V, the hosts they run on, and other physical servers, Symantec data protection solutions deliver unmatched benefits including up to 98 percent deduplication rates, up to 95 percent reduction in backup storage, 10 times faster virtual machine backups*, and the ability to recover files, VMs, applications, or even objects within an application from a single backup pass.

Recommended Solutions:

Symantec NetBackup 7.5
Symantec NetBackup enables you to triumph over data growth by combining backup, replication, snapshots and deduplication to support enterprises with highly complex and heterogeneous virtual and physical environments. NetBackup with V-Ray technology offers greater visibility and control over both virtual and physical environments while improving data recovery. Through deep integration with VMware vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP), off-host backup processing can be achieved to improve backup performance and accelerate business-critical virtualization. Additionally, the NetBackup VMware Intelligent Policy feature enables faster backups as well as automated protection and load distribution across virtual machines.
Symantec Backup Exec 2012
With IT environments getting complicated and more difficult to manage, organizations tend to deploy different solutions to address different backup challenges. Symantec Backup Exec — with V-Ray technology — helps growing organizations with a Microsoft-centric environment to achieve victory over backup complexity by protecting their entire infrastructure with a single, integrated backup and disaster recovery solution. Minimize downtime for virtualized business-critical services with hardware-independent disaster recovery, and improve storage utilization with integrated deduplication and archiving.
Backup Exec includes high availability for virtual applications with Virtual Machine Auto-Recovery for VMware. By integrating with Symantec ApplicationHA, failed virtual machines can be automatically restored — ensuring your IT services are always up and running.