The compelling economics of virtualization are transforming enterprise IT. But the journey to virtualization introduces new security risks and complicates compliance management processes — to the level that they cannot be met by solutions originally designed for physical environments, or point solutions that only address the virtual world. Businesses require end-to-end protection that covers this dynamic new infrastructure — spanning hypervisors, management consoles, physical hosts, as well as endpoints — to ensure business-critical applications are not impacted.
Backup Virtualization
Symantec provides comprehensive protection without impacting performance across the entire VMware virtual ecosystem — at the guest, hypervisor, and management server. Symantec solutions deliver deeper visibility into virtual machines to facilitate the identification, monitoring and management of vulnerable or non-compliant systems. With new VMware integrations, Symantec protects the virtual infrastructure and business-critical applications while providing enhanced business agility for the cloud.

Recommended Solution:

Symantec Critical System Protection
Critical System Protection allows organizations to monitor and harden ESX guests and hypervisors with granular, policy-based controls. Through a combination of host-based intrusion detection (HIDS), intrusion prevention (HIPS) and least privilege access control, organizations can proactively safeguard their heterogeneous server environments and the information they contain without impacting system performance.