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Signing Service for Java Verified

The Java Verified Program is run by the App Quality Alliance (AQuA). AQuA, via Symantec, is offering Java ME developers and test houses the capabilities for digitally signing their software using the Symantec Secure App Service for Java Verified. Java Verified is the industry-recognized Java testing and signing program. For more details on the Java Verified program please refer to http://www.javaverified.com/.

Key Features

  • Official Symantec Publisher ID for accessing Symantec Secure App Service for Java Verified
  • Vetting of developers
  • Official Test House evaluation

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined and proven application process for signed Java Verified applications
  • Efficient vetting process for developers
  • Simplified signing of applications and reporting, all in one place
  • Easy version updates eliminating the need for manual version control
  • If the apps meet the testing criteria, they'll gain the Java Verified seal of approval.
  • Brand and reputation protection with a trusted digital signature from Symantec

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