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Business Challenge: Backup & Recovery


Computer backup and recovery ensures reliable and timely recovery of file and application data on business servers in the event of corruption, accidental deletion, or hardware failure.


  • Remediating time-consuming and inefficient management of the computer backup and recovery process
  • Backing up and recovering virtual server environments, such as VMware or Xen
  • Providing reliable and fast system recovery in the event of system failures or disasters
  • Avoiding loss of business productivity due to rapid data growth, limited IT resources, and shrinking backup windows
  • Increasingly complex environments require many computer backup and recovery products and personnel
  • Remediating poor service level management and compliance reporting for backup infrastructure
Backup & Recovery
Prepare for and recover from the effects of equipment failure or accidental loss of data with consistent and reliable data protection that improves the efficiency of systems and staff.
  • Minimize cost and complexity by implementing a single platform backup and recovery of desktop, remote offices, and data centers
  • Control data growth with computer backup software that offers integrated data deduplication technology for optimizing storage utilization and minimizing cost
  • Improve utilization of existing hardware with computer backup software that supports a wide range of operating systems, databases, and storage hardware
  • Improve service level management and regulation compliance with centralized management and reporting of data protection across your enterprise
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