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updated discussion 23 Nov 2014
I have read in official documentation and tech notes/this forum/etc. about the need to disable UAC. The Install Guide has that requirement only under the server install section but no mention of UAC under the client install section. So my question is: Is it required to disable UAC on Windows servers when installing/upgrading NetBackup client? As documentation does not indicate that disabling ...
updated discussion 23 Nov 2014
Hi, I have one master and media server. Also i have five media server, which is also acting as a client. All this server using one tape library. on two media server we have SAP and my requirement is that my two different media server should use one tape for backup. Problem is that is one media server use tape for backup it takes the owner ship and other media server job get failed due to ...
new discussion 23 Nov 2014
Hi,   I have a customer that wants a easy way of disabeling user in EV when user is getting deleted or disabled in Active Directory. Customer thinks it a bit pain having to manually disable or delete users in serveral system that integrates with AD, and Enterprise Vault being on of them. We had a issue related to user bettig deleted from AD and not disabled in EV. EV logs continues to ...
updated discussion 23 Nov 2014
Hello, We have a two 5220 Appliances in DR each with 64TB disk expansion. I intend to decommission one of these expansions and add it to another Appliance in production (Prod). The target appliance has already got one 32TB expansion attached to it. All the appliances are currently in use. Question: How do I deal with the images on the original appliance (in DR)?  Do I have move all the ...
updated discussion 23 Nov 2014
I need to decommission 2 NBU 5000s and can't find clear information on doing that. I pointed all policies to other storage and allowed everything on the appliances to expire. Is there a tech note or other documentation on removing them?
updated discussion 23 Nov 2014
Hi Support, Please I need a solution on how I can make my hba cards configuration persistant upon appliance reboot. I notice each time I reboot the appliance, all the hba cards return to the default mode, which is "initiator", whereas some were configured as "target" I have outline the steps I use to configure my hba cards below in case of any ...
updated discussion 23 Nov 2014
Hi Folks, I have a NBU appliance 5220 , at version and disk space : Appliance Version: 2.5.3 NetBackup Version: Build Date: 20130628 UKDC1:/home/maintenance # df -h Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1             229G  170G   48G  79% / udev         ...
updated discussion 23 Nov 2014
Hello, I would like to backup the clients directly on the Netbackup Appliance 5220 through FC SAN. The client only has one FC-HBA (single port) already connected with a Storage Array. Can I use the same FC-HBA to backup on the Appliance 5220 (I will add a dedicated backup zone). Do I need to add a dedicated FC-HBA for each SAN-Client? Thanks for your feedback. Jacques