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updated blog entry 30 Mar 2015
"Study the past if you would define the future." – Confucius A lot has changed in the backup industry over the past two decades. In honor of World Backup Day, we thought it might be fun to take a look back and see how things have changed over that time. We produced this Infographic to give you the big picture, but read on if you want to know more of the details and how NetBackup and Backup ...
new discussion 30 Mar 2015
Hi All, Just wondering what the consensus is regarding this statement in running the FSAUtility.  This is directly out of the EV Utilities Guide. "To run FSAUtility 1 Log on to any Enterprise Vault server with the Vault Service account. If you use the utility to process a Windows file server, the account must also have local administrator permissions on the file server. Caution: You ...
updated discussion 30 Mar 2015
Hello All , The solution of this error is found in a technotes "" and it is working perfectly .Everymorning I have to remove the vmware-root folder from media server (Appliance) . I am planning to schedule a cronjob for it but the server is loaded this time . However I have other media servers also but the backups ...
new discussion 30 Mar 2015
What is the correct syntax to use to update the NB client on SunOS 5.11? I tried Solaris Solaris11 and got the error below... Cannot update client servername         Invalid hardware type "Solaris" and/or operating system "Solaris11"         or client binaries are not installed on the server. When I tried it with ...
updated discussion 30 Mar 2015
Hi experts, We are facing issue in our environment where replication is set between 2 netbackup domain having appliances. When replication is running sometime network team is complaining high outbound usage from appliance. Please suggest what is causing such issue. The mpls link is 30mbps between 2 sites and there is not more than 10-15 replication jobs running simultaneously. Nb ver : ...
updated discussion 30 Mar 2015
Dear Experts,  My netbackup in GCO cluster. Its an active passive cluster on veritas storage foudation. The replication of catalog between two sites is using emc mirror view.  Now i want to increase the size of catalog as its almost full. For time being i have enabled the compression which reduced the size. Below are the steps which i would be following. Kindly verify if it required ...
updated discussion 30 Mar 2015
Hello Forum, we have a LTO5 drive with a stuck tape, ticket is open at manufacturer and waitung for a technician to swap the drive out. My problem is that I cannt down this drive in NetBackup, The drive is shared between several media servers, and all server have the drive down exept the media server that had the drive active when the error occured. I need this drive down, because netbackup ...
updated discussion 30 Mar 2015
Hello, We are hardening SQL Server production servers. Some of these servers use BackupExec, and therefore have their own instance of SQL Server used by BackupExec.  We want to disable the SQL Server services VSS Writer and SQL Server Browser. Does anyone know if BackupExec uses these services, or are we free to disable them? Thanks, Ido Kalir
updated idea 30 Mar 2015
Brief Problem Description   When backing up Hyper-V VM, true sequential read capacity of source storage is not fully utilized, even though no other bottlenecks (CPU, network, target disk, etc) exist in the backup system.  This reduces job rates far below what the physical hardware is capable of.  Other applications (for example simple file copy) achieve sequential read ...
updated discussion 30 Mar 2015
CA On 1 of our 2 CA servers the all of the customer's task status is showing as "Starting". The service status for these customers shows as "Stopped" in the CA client. I can't find any errors in the Event logs or IIS logs that give any sort of clue as to why the tasks aren't starting. I've tried using dtrace to find some answers but I can't see anything that reveals the source of ...