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new discussion 09 Oct 2015
Hello DLP fans! I wanted to know what is the most efficient way to answer the question "what polices are loaded on a detection server?" If you look in the UI under Server Event Detail all we see is "Loaded X policies." The server detail page only tells us the policy groups. So then you have to look at the policy group to see what policies it contains. Then you have to look under Policy List to ...
updated discussion 09 Oct 2015
Hi I recently took over our SEP installation in the company I work in. Currently we have 5 different version of clients ranging from 12.0 Ru1 to 12.1.64 and i want all these versions consolidated into the latest branch. We have around 3400 computers in our setup running on 1 SEPM (dual core 8gb ram) + 1 SQL (Dual core 8 gb ram) server which still seems live up to the ...
updated article 09 Oct 2015
Methods of Deleting Whilst items can be directly deleted from the SMP console I want to show you a couple of alternative methods which you might not necessarily know about which allows you to remove items in bulk and remotely. Item Management Service ASDK (Remotely) ItemToDelete Table (In Bulk) Item Management Service ASDK (Remotely) The ASDK services are a great a way of interacting with ...
updated discussion 09 Oct 2015
Hi Everyone! We are using Netbackup and OpsCenter 7.7. We are working with custom report but we are having problems to create report. We need a report like BPIMAGELIST but using VIEWS, because there are many groups of clients that we need create these reports. I need client name and Total Job Protected Size or sizeInBytes from images. We had to create a new OpsCenter so we don´t have ...
updated discussion 09 Oct 2015
On group in setting polict following image .  i need to block storage volume and can use usb device such as Scan , Printer all-in-one(Print ,scan). But now client can use pinter all-in-one and can use usb storage device also. Please help to fix problem Enpoint version 11  
updated blog entry 09 Oct 2015
Cyber Resilience is about the management of risk. It’s not about the elimination of risk because that’s impossible and it impedes agility. An environment with an acceptable level of risk supports innovation. But ask yourself this: On a scale of  1 to 100, how well is your organization prepared to deal with growing cyber threats? Are you Cyber Resilient? What steps do you need to ...
updated discussion 09 Oct 2015
What is symantec Enterprise Vault? What does it do?