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updated discussion 24 Nov 2015
I am getting the following error in my NS Server logs Subnet in multiple sites Subnet is resource associated with more then one site. Subnet:323c481b-df6a-4587-96fd-c5c03711d593 First Site bc120401-4478-49ff-8a15-11c4b05a4f6a, Additional Site: e3e6042b-2cf7-482e-aa48-f6434edeb258    [Altiris.NS.Exceptions.AeXException @ Altiris.Resource]    at ...
new discussion 24 Nov 2015
Can I backup and restore a DB ciphred? This is in WS2012R2, Sql Server 2012.  
updated discussion 24 Nov 2015
hi i cant remote push installation of system recovery 2013 R2 from SSRM 2013R2 to remote computers  how ever i can remote push symantec management agent and system recovry plugin also where i can see remote push status and error code i cant find it anywhere. im using system recovery management 2013 R2 SP2 , System recovery 2013 R2 SP2 downloaded using SIM. thanks
updated discussion 24 Nov 2015
HI, Can any one explain how to configure san backup(Step by step) in Solaris based Master server..and how to take data into tape or Disk..
updated discussion 24 Nov 2015
Hi Folks I have to Integrate the EMC DD 2500 with the Backup Exec 2014 . I have two licenses DD bost and VTL .I am wondering , what would be the best practice to integrate DD 2500 with backup EXec
updated discussion 24 Nov 2015
Hi all, I'm hoping that someone on here can help me. Here's the scenario and the issue I'm facing: We have multiple SQL servers here in our environment. Each SQL server hosts multiple SQL instances. The main (default) instance on each box is the instance I am dealing with. The main instance on each server has >100 databases of varying sizes. It is common occurance that multiple DBs get created ...
updated discussion 24 Nov 2015
See pic attached.  The current version is 2010 R2 SP1.  LU doesn't see anything pending.   What is the recommended action when this happens, fix LU or manual download/install.   If the latter, pls provide URL for files.   Running win 2k8 R2
updated discussion 24 Nov 2015
I have a user that is a delegate to a mailbox and archive for an former employee. The delegate says that she restored email from an archived folder in the former employees archive and do not know where the emails went. This is EV 11 she is accessing the archive through the Outlook addin and under preferences her mailbox is set as the Exchange Mailbox. Any help appreciated.
updated discussion 24 Nov 2015
Hi all , I have two questions would really appreciate your helpful and kind replies. Is there any limit on the size of sem5 database ( embedded database ) that we can backup or not . for example if sem5 exceeds 15 GB we cannot backup it up via the SEPM Backup utility Is there any limitation on the size of DB that we can restore via SEPM restore utility . for example if the size of DB ...
updated discussion 24 Nov 2015
How can the SepMasterService be configured to run as a domain user instead of the local system account?  This is for EMC CAVA and the client version is 12.1.6.  I've tried disabling the tamper protection and changed the client control setting.  The settings for the service continue to be greyed out.  Logged in with different accounts that have local administrative ...