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new discussion 02 Sep 2014
Hi, Is this a new feature that you don't need to enable  EV archiving to a user in order for them to have access to shared mailbox that has an archive. I have a user who opens Windows and Outlook with his own account that does not have EV archive enabled and yet he has the EV tab visible in his Outlook... I know he has full accessa to a shared mailbox that has been enabled for ...
updated discussion 02 Sep 2014
Hi, my company decided to use symantec endpoint protection [Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)12.1.2 Linux client (Corporate Edition)] as their virus scanning solution on our linux servers. To integrate this to my application, I need to use a command line interface, e.g. like: store a file in some folder start endpoint protection to scan the file (or all files in that folder) for ...
new discussion 02 Sep 2014
Hi, Can some one update weather we can prodect & deploy CSP for Citrix XenServer and oraclevm hypervisor.  
updated blog entry 02 Sep 2014
작성자: Karthikeyan Kasiviswanathan 인기 웹 포털인 AskMen.com이 공격을 받아 Nuclear 익스플로잇 킷을 호스팅하는 악성 웹 사이트로 사용자를 리디렉션하는 사건이 발생했습니다. 시만텍이 조사한 바에 따르면 이번 공격에서 사용자들이 Rig 익스플로잇 킷으로 리디렉션되기도 했습니다. 시만텍은 사이트 운영자에게 이 사실을 알렸습니다. Rig 익스플로잇 킷은 몇 개월 전 발견되었으며 주로 Internet Explorer, Java, Adobe Flash, Silverlight의 취약점을 노립니다. 시만텍은 이 익스플로잇 킷이 이번 공격에서 어떻게 사용되었는지 조명하고 사용자의 시스템이 어떤 피해를 입을 수 있는지 알아보기로 했습니다. Rig 익스플로잇 ...
updated discussion 02 Sep 2014
Hello, I am a little confused on how/what we are supposed to be doing when it comes to reclaiming space on our Symantec 5020 appliances. Let me start with how we are setup: - NetBackup on master server and all media servers, most clients are or - NetBackup Deduplication appliances (Symantec 5020) - 3 nodes (includes 1 SPA) - On NBU dedupe appliance web GUI, the version ...
new idea 02 Sep 2014
Symantec Must develop the capability to use complete  8 Digit Barcode like TSM. In big environment where data size is so huge & backups are being taken on Tape it becomes problem.
discussion comment 02 Sep 2014