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new discussion 29 Aug 2014
I have deleted a netbackup policy from the NBU GUI and then a report of the policy on netbackip op centre to only find the policy still appears on the report.How can i remove the policy from the report but not removing histroy record of that policy?
updated discussion 29 Aug 2014
Help! Netbackup Appliances 5230  One of our appliances houses ms-standard windows all local drives backups and vmware snapshot backups.  Backups run at good speeds however as soon as we start our slps to copy the data from the msdp to tape the backups get extremely slow to barely moving and the copy to tape is slow.  As soon as we kill off the slps backup speed goes ...
updated discussion 29 Aug 2014
Hi All, I am looking to get my Ops Center Analytics upgraded to v7.5.0.7. Current version is It is installed on one of Media servers on Solaris (Sparc) server. I am bit confused about Server software and Agent Sodtware. We are currently Monitoring 3 master server from this Ops Center. out of 3 servers 2 servers are on and remaing one is on v7.5.0.7(I know that first we need to ...
new discussion 29 Aug 2014
Hi We are using virtual master/media and tape targets. Consolidation fails every time when a job is cancelled. Any idea why? I know tape targets are not supported with virtual media server. But we are able to reproduce the same failure each time we cancel the job.    
updated discussion 29 Aug 2014
hi friends, i need your help please, i have a probleme with duplications only when tries to pass on Tapes (From disk to tapes). the disk is OST one (EMC DD890). tape drives are IBM, and yhe robot is NEO8000e. Master server is Windows Server 2008 R2 (Virtual machine). we have two sites with 8 Media servers (2 Linux redhat machines and 2 Windows 2008 R2 machines on each site). please find below ...
updated discussion 29 Aug 2014
I've been painfully moving a client from BE 2010 to BE 2014 over the last month.  I'm down to two issues left, and this is the main one.  Here's what I'm working with: Two identical Windows Server 2012 R2 servers, one (Cookies) with 4 virtual machines being backed up, and the other (Cream) with 3 virtual machines, but only 1 being backed up.  An older physical ...
updated discussion 29 Aug 2014
Hello Team, I ran one BMR backup , it been queued from 16hours . There is no Child jods triggered When i was trying to kill the master server process , its picking the backups (child jobs are triggering ) Any one please help me in this situvation Master server -Solaris (Netbackup 6.5.6) Client - Linux (Netbackup 6.5.6)   Thanks & Regards Virankumar S