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updated discussion 25 Apr 2015
I found very little on the internet about the signifigance of selecting the proper 'storage type' when creating a vault store partition. I am hoping someone can point me to some decent documentation on the subject. We have recently moved from NetApp storage over to Nimble, which is a true SAN and not an emulated one like the NetApp FAS series are. Anyone using Nimble for their EV storage? What ...
updated discussion 25 Apr 2015
We are seeing Event ID 7133 = "Some files were not collected because they have not been backed up. " for a Closed partition - I am trying to 100% clear on what is happening - hence posting "my theory" for validating or dismissing. We are backing up partitions and use trigger files - same as for the open partition. The Collection process finishes well inside the time window allocated for ...
updated discussion 25 Apr 2015
Hi,   I am upgrading my evault 7.5 with no service packs to sp4 this weekend. Just checking to see if there is any suprises I should be aware of.   I am assuming I wount have to upgrade my users outlook add-in its version 7.5.1250. Will there be any inpact if i do not upgrade them to version think that is the sp4 version.   All we have is exchange mailbox archiving.   Thanks
updated discussion 25 Apr 2015
hello all, I just install Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 Cumulative Hotfix 3 in my EV server and find the version of  Administration Console is "" , and I have a Windows 7 x64 pro. computer installed EV Administration Console ONLY, I also installed Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 Cumulative Hotfix 3 in this windows 7, but I find the version of  Administration Console is still ...
updated discussion 25 Apr 2015
Dear Folks,     I have a customer EV 9.0.1 environment on 32 bit Window 2003 servers which we are migrating to New H/w 64bit Win2008 R2. There are total 4 servers in One site all with same 32 bit OS/hw: 1) for Email archiving 2) for Journal 3) Discovery Accelerator 4) SQL Database My new 4 servers are ready and we are planing to migrate tomorrow. I ran Deployment scanner today ...
updated discussion 25 Apr 2015
If I am logged on to a computer as UserA, then launch OWA 2013 and login to OWA as UserB, when trying to open an archived email from that OWA session, the Office Mail App displays "Failed to Open Item"  At the same time, there is an error on the EV server - Event ID 2778, Agent Client Broker, The error c0041801 occurred whilst calling the method CArchivingAgentQueue::RestoreItem(). If I ...
updated discussion 25 Apr 2015
Hi, I am planning to setup a EV server. Below is my set up details Having exchange server CAS + MBX at DC banglore location users on MBX 883 Connectivity between DC and DR is 12 MBPS. Planning to Setup EV In DR site Is it feasible to setup EV in DR site since my exchange in DC. Will my EV server will archive the mails over the wan
updated discussion 25 Apr 2015
We started expiring emails from Enterprise Vault about a month ago. I've been trying to find out how many emails are left to delete. We have EV 9.01 on Server 2008 R2. We've deleted a little over 6.5 million emails. The Vault Store Usage Summary report says there are 16 million emails remaining in EV. I'd like to know how many of those are over the time period for deletion. When I run the ...
updated discussion 25 Apr 2015
Hi, Has anyone suceeded in writing some MSMQ monitoring with PowerShell rather than VBScript? I've looked at WMI, but EV 8 still uses names which are too long and therefore cut short in WMI queue names (therefore most queues have the same name...and you cannot have any intelligence around thresholds) I looked at the .net classes for MSMQ, but these don't appear to work on clusters. Com ...
updated discussion 25 Apr 2015
Can the EVSPShortcutManager recall more than one SP site collection at a time?  If so, are there any recommendations for recalling many sites at one time?  I'm guessing it depends on several variables, including the amount of data to be recalled for each site.  But supposing I have a large amount of sites that contain very little data, I was wondering if I can recall ...
new discussion 25 Apr 2015
Auto or manual,  incremental or full backups of my system drive (C:) (has system protection turned on) is creating and editing the system restore files in the C:\System Volume Information directory.  No restore points show as available restore points and this activity is chewing up disk space.  Why is this being done and how do I turn it off? ‎4/22,/2015 ‏‎12:51 PM = Creation ...
updated discussion 25 Apr 2015
  Good morning!   You can help me please? I have the following problem: I am backing up a client Wimdows 2012 r2 with police type Windows. The backup is active director.  Already released the following ports in the firewall rule: 710, 913,137,111,1039,1047,1048,2049,1039,1047,1048,613,111,7394,816,2049. However the backup is not successful. Failure to return below: 2/20/2015 ...