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new discussion 28 Aug 2015
I was trying to add the agents to the machines that I wanted to backup but when I add the file RAWS32 and then try to run the setup file I get an error about the path and DVD?  A box pops up 32-bit media required, then current installation could not locate install media then when hit the browse but and go to the file for the agent software, it tell me The path selected is not valid ...
updated discussion 28 Aug 2015
Hi all, I have some doubts about how to correctly remove a mailbox that has been archived and that I don't need to keep anymore  (like when a user leaves the Company). We ussually export all his archived mailbox to the original exchange mailbox, then we generates a PST and we can remove its archive. But, what is the correct way for doing this last step? I can go throught the EV ...
updated discussion 28 Aug 2015
Dear All,   I got the warnning about SQL tables have one or more indexes with a fragmentation level of more than 30%. What should I do? To rebuild index in SQL server? Is there any maintenace task I would need to do on SQL Server? Thanks Best regards, Elroy
updated article 28 Aug 2015
The following steps show how to install MySQL 5.6 on a CentOS/RHEL 6 server, create the databases needed by Symantec Mobility Suite, and give a MySQL administrative account with rights to the two databases. The commands listed in a bold font below are intended to be run in the Linux Terminal with root access: 1. Type wget -P /tmp/ ...
updated article 28 Aug 2015
Ensure that openssl is up to date and does not include the heartbleed exploit. 1. Run rpm -q openssl from the Terminal to check what version of openssl is currently installed on the Mobility Suite. The expected result should appear in the following format: # openssl-1.0.1e-16.el6_5.15.x86_64 2. If the Terminal output displays anything ...
new discussion 28 Aug 2015
I've got a 5230 appliance (master/media) in a remote site with mostly VMs being backed up.  I have my VMs configured to be selected by a policy using VIP, and I have Accelerator enabled.  In my VMware policy tab BLIB is enabled (not an option with Accelerator, I think?), I'm using SAN transport with NBD as secondary transport option. My admin console reports that incremental bacukps ...