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updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
Hello Everyone. We have been using BE 2010 for years to backup our 6 servers. We have 1 media server and the others have various agents. We use B2D to a NAS for our backup device. This setup has been somewhat unreliable. At least once a month (and sometimes once a week) the device will be unavailable in BE even though it is still on and still accessable, etc. My idea is to redo this setup ...
updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
Hola mi infraestructura es la siguiente: master server:                                                       ...
updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
I use Symnatec Backup EXEC to take backup of my file server which is the size of 4 TB hard drive. For past few I have been having problem with my Symantec Backup EXEC. Its giving me the worst speed for backing up the files around 1000 MBPS but before it used to give 3000 MBPS. The backup Media type I use is LT05. File that are being backed up is only excel files. Note : The Media is ...
updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
1) I have a scenario were Master Server is of lesser version than many Media Servers (higher version) Technical Details as below Master: Linux 2.6.18-128.el5 ,64 bit ,NB VERSION NetBackup Media : 5 Media Servers : Solaris10,NB & 1 Media server : Solaris9.5,NB NB 6.5v However all the type of backups are running without any issues. Hence I would need the inputs like what ...
updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
I am using below command to see if netbackup client is installed on it or not. It is waiting for 30 seconds before responds back with error message Is there anyway that I can decrease this timeout period say 10 sec (which is good enough for me) bash-3.2# timex /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpgetconfig -s iexxxx3778-bkp1 cannot connect on socket real 30.41 user 0.09 sys 0.02
updated idea 26 Jan 2015
Hello, I have recently opened a support case 07806389 "Issues setting up custom filter for flagged emails", because we haven't been able to configure the custom filter to stop archiving of Flagged emails. The support guy tried to help but in the end hasn’t been much helpful. The final statement is that "FlagRequest is a MAPI named property of type MNID_ID which is not supported ...
discussion comment 26 Jan 2015
new discussion 26 Jan 2015
Hi, I am struggling to get an answer to a licensing query and have been given a number of different answers but none of them concise and all of them at odds with the last. We have a Charity (from TT EXchange / CTX (as was)) NFR license for Backup Exec 2012 Howerver this comes with no support and no way to upgrade. (the upgrade not being a great issue) Can anyone advise if it is possible to ...