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updated discussion 29 Jan 2015
hi guys, Does DLP agent 12.0.1 support windows 8.1 Pro? Thanks
new discussion 28 Jan 2015
I'm in the process of installing Clearwell 7.1.3 for a client. I have all the documentation they've supplied including licenses etc. However, nowhere in any of their material is the Clearwell app default "superuser" login detail supplied. Can someone PM me this please so I can finish off this bit of work.
updated discussion 28 Jan 2015
Hi all, In my previous post, I have asked how back up Microsoft Exchange into tape. Now, I need help how to configure a Microsoft Exchange 2010 to Symantec Appliance. Master server Windows Server 2012 standard R2 (clustered) Netbackup version: Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP3  Windows Server 2008 R2 with 2 CAS and 2 DAG ( Netbackup client installed) Symantec ...
updated discussion 28 Jan 2015
Hi All, My restore job is failing with below status : restored  has writen some data and after failing. NBU master, media NBU client 7.1 Windows FS restore,  Please help. 01/29/2015 06:39:50 - begin reading 01/29/2015 06:39:52 - Warning bpbrm (pid=6261) from client WRN - can't create directory: \\?\Z:\drestore (WIN32 3: The system cannot find the path ...
updated blog entry 28 Jan 2015
新年假期即将来临,每个人都在为赠送什么样的礼物而伤透脑筋。 作为 IT 人员,我们可以借此机会为我们的用户送上一份好礼。而实际上,我们也会从这份礼物中获得更大的回赠,因为它能引导用户养成良好的习惯,使我们的工作更轻 松。 请把耐心这一厚礼赠予用户,当然还有本文提供的实用建议,让您远离借用 IT 名义行骗的威胁。 安全性 建议 1:在有自称来自本公司 IT 团队的人员联系您的部门时,知道该联系 IT 团队的哪位成员进行验证,或指派一名部门人员去了解该联系哪位 IT 团队成员进行验证。 鱼叉式网络钓鱼诈骗分子仅将客服代表、销售人员及其他人员作为目标,这些人员每天会收到无数个自称 IT 人员打来的外线电话,而其目的是在目标机器上安装恶意软件,或是从电话中获取便于日后实施攻击的相关信息。 建议 2:保护公司机密信息,避免知识产权外泄。 ...