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updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
I am trying to run a replication using nbreplicate. The command I am sending is nbreplicate -Bidfile bidfile -slp_name slp -cn 1. In the Bidfile I have 10 images listed one per line: uswisuxdb9_1394402400 uswisuxgen5_1394402401 uswislxtaa001_1394402402 uswistag001_1394402415 uswistag001_1394402416 uswisres024_1394402418 The command will process the first image and then bomb out on the second ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
I have a very simple question about evault. Were running Exchange 2010 with eVault version 10. Outlook 2010/2007.   If a users eVault cache folder disappears or does not display any data in it (but you can find the data when searching) how do you recover the evault cache so that it correctly displays data, inside the vault folder beow the user primary mailbox.   I know this is a dumb ...
new discussion 16 Apr 2014
Hi, Everyday I have problems with backup exec. Anyway, the day's problem is that (I dont know why) be2012 does not authenticate to the esxi to backup some VMs powered off. The error is the following: The job failed with the following error: Could not connect to the vCenter server or ESX server. Please verify the credential supplied for login. The login/password is correct, I have tried to ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
Hi everyone, can someone tell me if is possible to add a second exchange server to my existing Vault site? and if yes, how can i do it please? thanks in advance
new discussion 16 Apr 2014
I have a laptop with 2 internal hard drives (C: and D:).  C: crashed.  I have backups on both D: (the 2nd internal hard drive) and an extrnal hard drive (WD MyBook WS 010000 H1U).  I want to physicall move the hard drive from D: to C:, and restore from my external hard drive, but Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 is not recognizing the external hard drive.  I don't know how ...
new discussion 16 Apr 2014
On an SBS 2011 server running Symantec System Recovery 2013, I am seeing frequent errrors that read like the following:  Error E7C3000F: Device \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy260 cannot read 8192 sectors starting at LBA 1994432816.  The starting LBA is never the same, and running CHKDSK /F on the drive does not seem to make a difference.   If there are as many bad ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
I have recently upgraded my network servers and most of my clients from SEP 11 to 12 and I have a computer that the upgrade package didn't deploy on. I decided to try to use the deployment wizard to do a remote push and I am finding that the computer I want to push it to missing from the client selection screen. I am logged onto the client as administrator and am ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
We are wanting to backup to a QNAP via iSCSI. We have all the steps setup to backup to the iSCSI.   We can backup the LUN via the QNAP utility, but if we need to do a restore we'd be up a creek. Could we backup from the iSCSI drive to the mapped USB share using BE?   BE 2010 R3 SP4   Update: Similar to this, but for 2010.