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updated blog entry 24 Oct 2014
시만텍 백서, 기세를 더하는 DDoS 공격을 다운로드하십시오. 분산 서비스 거부(distributed denial-of-service, DDoS) 공격이 새로운 개념은 아니지만 그 효과는 계속해서 입증되고 있습니다. 지난 몇 년간 공격 횟수와 강도가 증가한 반면 공격 지속 기간은 대개 몇 시간 수준으로 짧아졌습니다. 이에 따라 공격자 입장에서는 간단하게 실행할 수 있지만 표적이 된 기업은 큰 타격을 입기도 합니다. 특히 증폭 공격이 빈번하게 발생하는데, 상대적으로 소규모의 봇넷으로 대규모 표적을 공략할 수 있기 때문입니다. 그러한 공격에서는 스푸핑된 트래픽을 제3의 서비스로 보내는데, 그러면 이 서비스에서 스푸핑 타겟으로 응답을 전달합니다. 응답 트래픽을 증폭시키기 위해 지능적인 쿼리를 사용하여 ...
updated discussion 24 Oct 2014
Hi, I read the Symantec NBU Administrator Guide, vol1 : Windows regarding how to exlude list. My client asks me NOT to backup several extension. Is it possible in the Client Properties > Windows Client > Exclude Lists ; when click on the button "Add" to put several extensions on the Files/Directories field ? For example : *.mdb,*.ldb,*.ss, *ndf Or should I create each exclude list for each ...
updated discussion 24 Oct 2014
We have a lot of clients showing Windows assessment scan - status retrying download. I haven't changed anything. Any pointers what to look for on this ?
updated discussion 24 Oct 2014
Hi everyone,   One of my backup is getting failed with error code 24 socket write failed. This server backups was running fine before with out any issues. now that is failing 24 error. I have seen similar errors before also and that has been resolved by itself. Now i want to find out out root cause of this issue. Because i will received same error if we restarted this backup now. I hope ...
discussion comment 24 Oct 2014
updated discussion 24 Oct 2014
Hi Member   I use windows server 2003 (On PC P )  install endpoint 12.1.4 on c: drive .Also this morning disk of c: drive is failure ( Don't have backup c:) .   I'm not sure i can brower file to disk failure .      Do you have solution for fix this case ?  Becuse much have client connect to this server. Please advise me ?  Thank you very much sor ...