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new discussion 28 Jan 2015
Hi Guys, Having issues with installing EV 11.0.1 on Windows 2012: Setup has found that the following required windows features are not enabled. AS-TCP-Activation AS-Named-Pipes When I click on the Enable features button it errors out saying it can't find them. I looked everywhere in the add features but can't find them. Just found out that this is Windows STORAGE Server 2012, which does not ...
new discussion 28 Jan 2015
I have EV11.01 installed on Windows 2008 R2. I have some Citrix servers with Outlook 2010, and the Outlook add-in installed. I have configured the desktop policy to show "Delete from Vault" and on the toolbar. The retention category is not set to prevent user deletion. When i open Outlook, open the Enterprise Vault tab, there is not an option to delete in the toolbar. When I go to search, ...
updated discussion 28 Jan 2015
So we have roughly 6,000 SEP clients up and running (Most of them at version 12.1.4112. At least twice a week sometimes more often we will get a trouble ticket for a SEP client issue. Virus defs not updating, Services have stopped, Can't open SEP GUI. Stuff similar to that. 9 times out of ten re-installing the client will solve the issue (occasionely we will need to go as far as running ...
new discussion 28 Jan 2015
I have one PC getting the error above in WinPE.  The authenticating network connection takes a very long time and then throws this error. This is a KB with a similar issue, but all of the fixes would not apply here.  We can image anything else with no issues. I have removed this computer from AD and Altiris multiple times before ...
updated discussion 28 Jan 2015
Hello, I'm wondering what this basic inventors data class is for. It seems to be new with 7.5. I cannot make sense of it. Please help me to figure out. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask back. Thank you in advance! STHN
discussion comment 28 Jan 2015
new discussion 28 Jan 2015
I have a multiple sets of server with both RedHat and Windows. We are using Altiris to patch these systems and currenlty run two jobs. One is linux based patches and scripts and the other is the windows patches and fixes. Is there a way to combine these jobs and have altiris run said job based on the systems OS or computer name? Also the issue is once all systems are patches we have to boot ...
updated blog entry 28 Jan 2015
Today we announced the selection of Veritas Technologies Corporation as the new name for the standalone information management (IM) company that will be created following the completion of the separation we announced in October. We’re thrilled to bring back and build on the respected Veritas brand, a name that so many of our employees, partners and customers associate with the IM portfolio and ...
updated blog entry 28 Jan 2015
Data Privacy Day aims at empowering and educating both businesses and their employees about the significance of keeping data private. It’s a common business practice to store sensitive personal information about both customers and employees. If this data falls into the wrong hands it can lead to a serious data breach, which will allow the cybercriminal to commit acts such as fraud and ...