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updated discussion 01 Oct 2014
Hi All,   What are the odds of losing optimized duplication and optimized synthetic full when using storage unit groups ? Does Netbackup Accelerator works with storage unit groups?   Does it mean that I will have to send the Full Backup size over the network when duplicating a job to the DR site ?    
new discussion 01 Oct 2014
Hello all, In 7.1 how do we gather monitor inventory information.  I have found several references to 6.9 but nothing in relationship to 7.1.  Currently I have an external process that gathers monitor inventory information and ingests it into Altiris and assigned ownership.  But isn't there an automated method I could use within Altiris itself, write a special custom inventory ...
updated discussion 01 Oct 2014
Hello everyone, We have never used agentless inventory, but we want to test it out on servers.  My question are: What is the impact on the network to perform the initial network scan on SNMP data? Is there anything I need to be concerned about when starting the agentless inventory process, i.e. focos on subnets at a time or anything else?
updated discussion 01 Oct 2014
We use LDAP Lookup Plugins to tie user data to incidents. This was working just fine, pointing to a load balanced Active Directory hostname. Then we upgraded from 11.6.1 >> 12.0 0 During verification testing of 12.0.0 the LDAP plugins are no longer working and can't query LDAP for information. After running "Reload Plugins" and testing the Directory Credentials successfully, I'm not sure what ...
updated discussion 01 Oct 2014
Altiris 7.5 with SSL fully implemented. None of my Mac clients will authenticate to the package sources. I'm connecting to the NS and registering with task without issue. My brick wall is when I try to pull a package. I'm sure that it's a certificate issue, and I have two separate environments, one development environment with self signed certificates and one other environment with ...
updated blog entry 01 Oct 2014
There is a new vulnerability in the commonly used Unix shell BASH, which the media is now calling Shellshock.   Customers that have Critical Systems Protection/Data Center Security: Server Advanced can use their investments to protect their server infrastructure from this vulnerability.  Situation Overview:   What is “Shellshock?”  A new vulnerability has been ...
new discussion 01 Oct 2014
We currently have the client management suite installed and are mainly using it for managed software deliveries. I am trying to configure the Deployment Solution side of things and am running into issues.   I have created multiple different "test" tasks and all of them fail to run successfully.     I created a power control task to shutdown or restart a computer. When attempting ...