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updated discussion 25 Dec 2014
Hellow. BackupExec 14.1 (1786) Exchange 2013 CU6 (2 servers in DAG) I have a problem, after backup job of 4 database (FullBackup), backupexec say me that all OK, but one database in Exchange remain LastFullBackup parameter very old, and log not truncate. In WIndows event log i have 4 Event 2046, they log says that all DB is backedup and log mast be truncated: The Microsoft Exchange Replication ...
updated discussion 25 Dec 2014
This problem started after upgrading backup exec 2010 r3 sp3 to sp4. Every other day the backup of exchange mailbox failing with following error. V-79-57344-759 - Unable to complete the operation for the selected resource using the specified options for the following reason: VFF Open Failure. This can be caused by low memory or disk resources. No changes on exchange server. Was working ...
updated discussion 25 Dec 2014
Hello, can someone explain me how can I move (migrate) already created backups from disk to tapes?  I apologize beucase I am asking "simple" question but I am admin for one other B&R solution and I just received BE in scope because BE admin has vacation. And already have urgent problem... That other solution which I am using, has disk storege pool for backups, from which data ...
updated discussion 25 Dec 2014
Hi: Could someone please help me in restoring Windows 2008 cluster servers or share documentation on cluster restore. Im able to restore the server but cluster service failing to start and clusdb is not restored. We're running NetBackup 7.6.02.  I found this technote but there's no clear solution: We ...
updated discussion 25 Dec 2014
Hello Experts, I was searching media information in catalog and found 3 new things.  1:- On hold 2:-Has Dependee 3:-Has Dependence Pls let me know what is the function of these?
new discussion 25 Dec 2014
I don't seem to be able to create an SRD from within SRR2013.  Another thread supposedly had a link to the SRD ISO, but it turns out to be a link for the SRR Server Trial.  Would appreciate a valid link or clarification on the file location to use if trying to create from within the application. Regards, Dan
updated discussion 25 Dec 2014
Hellow. Today im update BE from version 14 to 14.1. After install new version, old jobs (created in version 14.0) work perfectly, but, when i try create a new job, wizard can't enumerate disk resources on any target computer, half hour i see this rotating dotted-circle: Target computers have new version of agent and rebooted. Please help.
updated discussion 25 Dec 2014
Hi Experts, Our VM backups are failing with 48 error code.Backups are done via Vmhost. Few days back Vcenter was down. It was up then backup started. There is one more issue netbackup is not deleting snapshot files on datastore. Master server 7.5 in windows 2008. VMhost in another system. 1:- Why netbackup is not able to delete the snapshots from datastore? How to delete it? In policy we ...
updated discussion 25 Dec 2014
Hi All; Anyone can share me the link of document to "How to restore to an Exchange recovery DB 2012" I never do it before. Thank you.