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updated discussion 28 Jan 2015
Can we import backup policies from one master server to other master server .
updated discussion 27 Jan 2015
Hello out there, I tried to perform an SDR recovery of one of my DC (Windows Server 2008 R2) using a customized SDR disc (included the drivers of the "old" machine). After adding a registry key as mentioned in the recovery process starts and I dont get any errors anymore. But unfortunately I only have a black screen and a blinking cursor after rebooting ...
updated discussion 27 Jan 2015
Hi. We currently have Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 (media server) installed on Windows 2008 Ent R2 Edition x64, only to find out that it's not supported. Has anyone found a fix / work around for this yet? Regards
updated blog entry 27 Jan 2015
若您覺得每週都看得到資料洩漏的新聞,那並不是您的錯覺。全球各地的公司都經歷了資料洩漏與網路攻擊,數量之多前所未見。根據賽門鐵克的網路安全威脅研究報告,2013 年的資料洩漏總數增加了 62% (相較於 2012 年有 253 起洩漏事件),其中至少 8 次造成 1000 萬筆以上的身分識別資料曝光。總計來說,2013 年有超過 5 億 5200 萬筆身分洩漏,導致消費者的信用卡資料、醫療記錄、財務資訊、電子郵件地址、線上憑證及其他個人資訊面臨風險。 資料洩漏最常與入侵企業網路的不法外部攻擊者有關,但駭客並非資訊洩漏的唯一途徑。雖然駭客入侵仍是資料洩漏的主因,占了 2013 年資料洩漏的 35%,但意外曝光 (29%)、遭竊或遺失 (27%) ...
new discussion 27 Jan 2015
Hi, I have a messaging gate v10.5.2-3 i would like to check what are the ports to open up for the liveupdate to grab the definitions updates.  And is there a URL link and IP to the liveupdate site? If i wanna add it to my bluecoat device.
new discussion 27 Jan 2015
Hello Experts! Good day! How about encrypting HDD that is shared in a network, if we encrypt the HDD of that system, does it still be shared? do the files inside affected? Thanks