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updated blog entry 16 Apr 2014
今年も、シマンテックの最新の調査結果をお伝えする『インターネットセキュリティ脅威レポート』(ISTR)(英語)をお届けする時期になりました。過去 1 年間のシマンテックの調査と解析に基づいて、脅威を取り巻く世界の現状を考察しています。今年のレポートで取り上げている大きな傾向としては、データ侵害と標的型攻撃の大幅な増加、モバイルマルウェアとランサムウェアの進化、モノのインターネットがもたらす潜在的な脅威といったことが挙げられます。以下、これらのテーマについてそれぞれ詳しく見ていきます。 大規模なデータ侵害の年 2011 年は「データ侵害の年」と呼ばれましたが、2013 年のデータ侵害は前年までの規模をはるかに超えるものでした。2013 年、データ侵害の件数は 2012 年から 62% 増え、さらには漏えいした個人情報の数は 5 億 5,200 万件と、実に 368% ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
Hello,   I keep receiving the following error "Final error: 0xe0009417 - Filegroup backups can only be performed on databases configured to support Log backups." This has occured because I tried to backup the transaction logs (as it kept complaining that the log was growing), when a few of the database had a recovery mode of simple. I have cancelled the transaction log backups but the ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
hello, i have to run the following command on a bunch of users cscript .\EV8ShortcutFolderFixer.vbs fix '185B3AE84EF67B64E865082531096228B1110000EV8server' sometimes it asks to access outlook, and you have to click yes, is there anyway to bypass that, so i can run it and leave it alone, instead of babysitting it and clicking yes everytime? thanks    
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
We currently use MS Exchange email services from a Service Provider in Europe. The Service Provider provides 1GB mailboxes for every user and to tackle the rather low mailbox capacity, they use Symantec Enterprise Vault to take care of the archiving. Having used this for past 6 yrs, most of the user's emails have already been archived on EV Server. Now we are planning to change to Office 365 ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
Hi,   Does anyone know how to get windows 8.1 working with EV version10? Is this even possible?
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
The following process all user interaction is via an IPAD   We have a process that generates a PDF with a third party program outside of workflow, We then use workflow to pick it up on the other side and bring it back into the process.   Once it is back in the process we can either email it out or print it. To print it we simple open a link and then the ipad  opens it in adobe ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
Environment:  Win7 Client / Evault 10.0.1316 / Win Server 2008 R2   We have a single user out of hundreds (that we've found, anyway), whose mail isn't being moved into the vault. Our rules are set up to archive mail after 90 days, and to remove from inbox after 2 years. All of her emails are archived correctly, but the >2 Years emails arent being moved. She has a massive mailbox ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
People, Can anyone please assist me how to troubleshoot the Exchange Server --> EV Journal archiving ? because at the moment, when I do the search from the Vault web archive page from the browser, I can only see the time range is way too far from today (20th January 2014) as below: does that means the EV Journal is not archiving daily instantly ?