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new discussion 31 Jul 2014
I have a software policy I want to push out. It will rely on the users running it. I have these settings in the policy. (its a test so have set it to 10 minutes) The user will get this balloon when policy runs which is fine. But if the user closes by clicking on the X it never comes backup again. I thought if it was set to 10 minutes it would pop up every 10 minutes? How do I get the ...
updated blog entry 31 Jul 2014
Remember the movie "The Truman Show", where Jim Carrey played the main character of a TV show that chronicled the life of a man who was initially unaware that he was living in a constructed reality television show, broadcast around the clock to billions of people around the globe. Imagine that your organisation is chronicled the same way. Every online transaction, secured or not. That's what ...
new discussion 31 Jul 2014
Hello Everyone, I have the following problem: I'd like to export my custom report (last 24 hours detailed backup info) to .csv every day to a share. problem is that the report has ~50.000 rows and opscenter only exports 4.000 :( tried to schedule the same report to show the last 1 hour and run this report every hour, but it seems this is impossible in opscenter. it only allows me to run daily ...
new discussion 31 Jul 2014
Hi we're still running Scan Engine 5.x which I understand is now well and truly EOL (as of March 2014), but die to other technical factors, such as our servers hosted by VMWare 4.5 we are unable to upgrade currently to Protection Engine.  Adding to this, a recent network change by the customer's network sullier has rendered all direct updates unfeasible meaning we need to implement an ...
updated discussion 31 Jul 2014
Hi team , I am planning to install Veritas Netbackup 7.6 on Solaris 11 host as master & media server. I have SL150 , LTO6 Dual port tape drive. I have to use Solaris 11 Multipathing or use Veritas netbackup ? How to configure multipating for Tape drives if i want to use both FC ports on Tape drive ?  
new discussion 31 Jul 2014
Hi Frineds , I Just want some informtaion , How Vmware Full And Incremental Restore Works ???? Supose, i have Daily Schedule as incremental backup on every (Mon to Sat) and weekly schedule as Full on every (Sun). now if i have to vm restore in new location with recent data . Do i need to restore Full backup first and then latest Incremental ?? Or Direct Incremental restore is enough ...
new discussion 31 Jul 2014
Hi  I want to configure CVM and CFS for oracle 11g DB on linux server. Anyone can share the sample configuration for CVM and CFS ?   Thanks Vel