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new discussion 28 Jan 2015
I started to encrypt a pretty large disk and during the prrocess, revoked a key I thought I wasn't using.  Right away I saw I had accidentally revoked the key that was the only key associated with the drive being encrypted.  I have tried to add a user to the drive, but it won't recognize the passphrase for the drive now.  I am unable to add a user or decrypt now.  Is there ...
updated discussion 28 Jan 2015
Users reported momentarily seeing 2 SEP client icons in Hidden Icon Tray which merged into one. Strange behavior, but observed by multiple users. Was scanning client and SEPM logs, but could not find any errors or warnings or any other indications. Apologize for limited information, but have someone observed similar behavior? Where could I look for errors or any other information? Thank you
new discussion 28 Jan 2015
I running BE 2014 on Windows Server 2012 R2 and backing up a Netgear ReadyDATA 5200 which is in the supported hardware list. The issue I'm having is that my incremental backups are the same size as my full backups.  I believe this is due to the backups finishing with "Success with Exceptions" because no remote agent is installed on the SAN. How do I get my incrementals to work properly? ...
new discussion 28 Jan 2015
Same problem whether trying to catalog tape or B2D.  Problem is that C: crashed, and that is where BE stores the catalog.  So, have in this case, over a year of backups that do not seem to appear in the catalog. Thank you.
discussion comment 28 Jan 2015
updated discussion 28 Jan 2015
Upgraded SEPM (running on Windows Server 2012 R2) to 12.1.5, and clients don't show in GUI. When I click Details it shows number of clients, when I run Monitors > Logs, etc it shows clients, when I run DB query it shows clients. Short of uninstalling and reinstalling the management console, how do I fix this?
updated discussion 28 Jan 2015
Hi the disk on our server on which resides the Symantec 12.1 Endpoint (unmanaged) product reports quite low spare capacity only 2.66GB left (20GB overall). One thing I thought I could do is to delete the downloads from Live Update for earlier years to free up space. (a) Where are they located? (b) What is the procedure? Thanks Krisomilo
updated discussion 28 Jan 2015
Not that I'm this position at the moment but I'm curious to know what happens if you remove a client from SEPM accidentally?  Presumably the client software stays installed but does it become de-activated? In this event how does one re-establish connectivity between the client and the manager?