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updated blog entry 21 Apr 2014
養子を熱望している夫婦を狙って 419 詐欺のバリエーションを利用する、新手の詐欺が発生しています。その巧妙な手口に騙されて偽の養子縁組み話に乗ってしまうと、被害者は弁護士費用や行政手続き費用を支払うよう求められます。 最近の 419 詐欺のほとんどは、スパマー自身の独創性ではなく被害者の無防備さに頼っていますが、一部の詐欺師は被害者と直接の対話を進めることで信用を勝ち取ろうと考え始めたようです。十分に調査された手口で説得力もあり、ときには話に信憑性を持たせ、詳しく調べられてもボロが出ないように、実話を拝借する場合さえあります。 偽の養子縁組みを利用する詐欺は、古くからあったようですが、今回シマンテックが確認した事例では、実話のような詳しい情報が使われ、詐欺師は長期にわたって徹底的に被害者との対話を続けようとします。 図 1. ...
updated discussion 21 Apr 2014
I've got a bunch of mailboxes that I want to fully archive. I've set the policy archive the lot and I've found that some of the mailboxes still have calendar items in them. I can't figure out why they aren't archiving. Looking at a trace on the server it analyses them and decides that they don't need archiving. Archive Unexpired Calendar Events is turned On.
updated discussion 21 Apr 2014
Wondering if I alter the Synchronize archive types back to Default Mailbox. Then the user mailbx would show on the vault cache in outlook but they can still go and manually enter any extra vaults they wish to see through the vault cache properties page. The reason I'm asking is the customer has mailbox permissions so messed up that people are seeing in archive explorer about 50+ mailboxes and ...
new discussion 21 Apr 2014
Hi, We have the following details:- MAster /Media Server:- OS Name : Microsoft=Windows 2008 Standard, Version 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002 NBU 7.5 SCSI tape library. HP Storage works MSL 6000 (LTO3) Client System :- OS - Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 [SPARC Ent M5000 server] Database - Oracle 11g Currently all the server ar erunning in NBU 7.0 , and we are willing to upgrade to NBU 7.5. Please, ...
updated discussion 21 Apr 2014
Hi  , Please provide steps for upgrading EV from 10.0 to 10.4. What steps I have to take first like . Can I run .exe file directly or do I need to upgrade sql database first if yes which one first please.   1) run Deployment scanner. 2) Backup of all the database and EV server .        
updated discussion 20 Apr 2014
Hey Guys, i am with a new question about DPL agent deployment. I want to deploy dlp agent by AD gpo. i have checked many article from google and even on symantec site, but unfortunetly i did not understand the all article's. i tried my best to deploy but no luck..