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discussion comment 09 Oct 2015
updated discussion 09 Oct 2015
Hi Guys, We are currently doing a POC for DCS and has bump into a scenario where we are hoping to get your recommendations. Scenario is show below: Customer wants to block the Administrator account to access the file server that is hardened by DCS using remote desktop. How can we block the Administrator account if they are using DHCP and AD? What policy would best fit this scenario?
updated discussion 09 Oct 2015
The System Drive backup job (I have had this job for a long, long time) which backs up the C: drive and the System Reserved drive drops the System Reserved drive from the backup job when I start my system in the morning.  It doesn't do it every morning, usually every 1-3 days, sometimes longer.  This forces me to edit the backup job to add the System Reserved back to the job which ...
updated discussion 09 Oct 2015
I am in process of replacing a backup drive with a new larger drive.  I have created a drive label for the new drive which ssr sees in the status and advanced windows.  You can see the new drive Hitachi_3000 (I:\) However when I go to move the Backup Destination, ssr thinks the new drive "I:\ is not currently named" What is going on here and how do I fix this? David
updated discussion 09 Oct 2015
Hello guys, I need your help about a new fileshare that I create on a cluster ressource. I created the new fileshare as the old ones already excist on the same ressource. When I try to do a failover to the second node, the old fileshares bring online. But the new one no, and that's make the ressource in faulted state. I transfer the ressource to the first node, and all fileshares bring online ...
updated discussion 09 Oct 2015
Hi, I have a laboratory scenario with two virtual machines. Those virtual machines have installed SFHA 6.2 suite. Version of RHEL is 6.5. I firstly installed a failover cluster of oracle database. Binaries are installed localy and the database files in a separated vmware disk. This disk is managed by the vmware agent. The group of services are the following ones: Vmware disk->disk ...
updated discussion 09 Oct 2015
Dear all, I add a VMwareDisks resource for a RDM volume, but I find SOMETIME the VMwareDisks show as status unknown and fail to online the volume. I try to add the RDM disk from vCenter manually. However the disk paths suppose to be [datastore] host1/host1_3.vmdk but it change to [datastore] host1/host1_5.vmdk automatically after apply the setting. The settiing as ...