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updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
I am trying to create a disk group on windows 2008 and when I try to create, it was throwing the error like  below   " No Space for private region on disk"   I shrink the volume by 3 meg  and I  try to create and got same error.   Do I need updat or enable some thing? I am doing it via VEA.  
updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
Which ports has to be open so the Veritas VVR could work through a firewall?
updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
Hi all: I need a solution, please help, thank you. Environment: Main site windows 2008 R2 + DR site Windows 2008 R2 SFHA6.0 Requirements: Between the two sites do data replication using VVR But our IT system does not have a disk array, we need to use the PC server's local disk storage space do VCS application resource group. But VCS resource group does not support the server's local ...
updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
Have two servers. One has 2 Tera, but it has information, data. And the other, also has 2 Te, but empy. How can i do the replication easly, and automatic.   Thanks.
updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
Hi, I automate installation of cumulative patches (CP) for Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows 6.01 and 6.1 when a server is deployed. Does anyone out there know what all the return codes mean from vxhfbatchinstaller.exe? I'd like to handle them in the right way, but can't find anywhere where they might be documented. Thanks!      
updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
Hi everyone, I'm facing a problem when I try to take offline a Service Group, the issue is that one of the services of the service group, cannot go offline and it enters into the following state "Unable to offline|Status Unknow", and if I wanna this service to go offline I help killing it with the windows task manager. Attached you will find a picture with the description of the trouble, any ...
updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
Hi, I am looking for some information on Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows licensing, Can you help? When did Symantec cease to sell VRTS STORAGE FOUNDATION OPTION MICROSOFT CLUSTER 5.1 WIN FOR OS TIER ENTERPRISE EDITION STD LIC as standalone option license and When MSCS option was included in Standard version of VSFW? and When MSCS option was moved tom Standard to Enterprise Edition of ...
new discussion 24 Nov 2014
VProTray.exe runs in the background and slows performance. Is it a necessary program to operate SSR 2013 effectively? If not, how do I disable it?   Faulder Colby Clinton, WA
updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
Hi Folks,     I'm looking for the section to configure policies replacements in VOM 6. I know this option is available in VOM 4.1.   I can see the volume sets... But I haven't found anything about this in VOM 6.0 to configure policies replacements....       Regards 
updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
Hi,   I am setting up VBS and dependencies.  We have 3 SGs and  3 depends on 2 and 2 depends on 1.  When we start VBS SG should come up in this order 1,2,3.  What will happen if there is any issue with SG 2? SG 3 won't come up? Is it going to hang on SG2? Is there a way we can skip SG2 and bing SG3 up?  
updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
Hello,   Is there a way we can find out who excutes the VBS? IF so can you provide the location for the log file? We are running on windows.  
updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
Have just installed the evaluation copy of VOM, and can access via browser buit what is my username/password????
updated discussion 24 Nov 2014
Veritas Operations Manager version 6.0 and later provide an API that can be accessed over the HTTPS protocol using any standard HTTPS client. The interface provides the ability to query Veritas Operations Manager discovered data and to manage user defined attributes for certain object types. The API can be used for searching the objects, listing their properties, and setting the ...