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new discussion 21 Dec 2014
Hi, I am having a server whose shadow copy components backup is failing with error code 50. Windows client, master server:7.6 12/17/2014 02:06:14 - begin writing 12/17/2014 02:39:46 - Error bpbrm (pid=17545) from client dalmerc2: ERR - Unable to backup System State or Shadow Copy. Please check the state of VSS and associated Writers.ERR - Unable to backup System State or Shadow Copy. Please ...
updated blog entry 21 Dec 2014
Deploying All Flash Arrays is today's gold standard in any enterprise data center to drive the maximium performance for applications that are hitting the limits of traditional hard-drive based architectures. Low latencies and high througput characteristics of these arrays take workloads with varying read-write characteristics and push them to new highs in any type of benchmark. Use cases ...
updated discussion 21 Dec 2014
The setup... Symantec Encryption Desktop (PGP) 10.3.2-MP6. Win-7-Pro & Win-Srv-2012-R2. Using encrypted USB drives for backups. The question... Is it possible to simultaneuously encrypt multiple USB drives on the same system? If so, how? If not, why not? Thank you.
updated discussion 21 Dec 2014
Hi, I'm puzzled by how much larger the exported pst size from DA in comparison with the exported archive from EV. I exported an archive including journal mails from EV which total to about 20.2GB and this contains emails from 2010 the time EV was put in place. Another request (same user) was to export all pst from 01/2011 to 9/2014 and this  came out to a whopping 42.4GB. To be certain, I ...
updated discussion 21 Dec 2014
Dear, One of the user enabled for archiving left the company and his account was deleted and mailbox was disabled.The same user rejoined after 1 month and new AD account has been created for him and his old mailbox has been re-associated from the disconnectetd mailbox to his new AD account. In EV archive shows associated with deleted account, hence to renable him again and provide accees to ...
updated discussion 21 Dec 2014
this appears to be happening with our windows 7 desktops. We deploy a new computer and when a user signs on for the first time and loads up Outlook 2007, we get the prompts about enterprise vault offline. The prompts are "a setting on your computer that controls the size of Outlook data files may affect the operation of Enterprise Vault Outlook add-in" We chose do not show this message again. ...
updated discussion 21 Dec 2014
Morning all, I'm having a problem with 2 users failing Vault Cache synchronization What I've done so far: Dtrace - StorageManagement, StorageOnlineOpns and W3WP and tried re-synchronizing on EV server (ran the log through Jiggle and it came back all green) Checked server/client time + locale was the same No application log errors No client errors No Outlook diagnostic log errors If I ...
updated discussion 21 Dec 2014
Hi Can some one help me on the below errors which is triggering on my EV server There are 407648 savedsets that have not yet been backed up or replicated for vault store. There is a build-up of saveset that enterprise vault cannot confirm have been backed up or replicated. Can you please tell me what i need to do to resolve these errors and can some explain why these errors are trigeering?
updated discussion 21 Dec 2014
I'm trying to move a large folder full of PDF files using Windows Explorer. It's over 6 GB. Probably over half of the files have been archived by Enterprise Vault and Windows can't copy them. Is this normal behavior? What's the work around for this? I know from experience once a file is opened up, Windows can move it but that's obviously not ideal with so many files. Thanks.
updated discussion 21 Dec 2014
Hi, We are about to roll out EV 10 SP2 into production (been in test for about 12 months!!).  Management is keen on 2 40 person pilots then enable for everyone else at the same time, about 1000 users and 2200 mailboxes (Exchange 2010).  I have concerns around the big bang, whether the server will handle the load or take weeks to work through the backlog, let alone people downloading ...
updated discussion 21 Dec 2014
Hello, Environment: EV 9.0.4 I need to get a report for the archives who are deleted from Active Directory Do we compare the usage report with existing AD report and then filter that does not match the usage, however the question is that what do we compare cause there will be duplicate names. Should can compare the billing account. I also tried to check the exchange mailbox entry table ...
updated discussion 21 Dec 2014
Hi Can some one please help on the below issue My EV services are frequently getting stopped . On doing some analysis i found the C drive is having less disk space(1.2 % fee space) because of that EV services are getting stopped. I noticed EV service account almost occupying 90% space of C drive and there are lot of DAT files created in TEmp directory . After googling i found the below ...