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updated discussion 01 Aug 2014
I am a Backup Exec novice, I help a Non-Profit with their Windows 2003 Small Business Server.  We installed BE2012 a year and a half ago, and have had a number of problems, but they just got worse when we installed SP4.  Now support says that the only way to resolve two of those problems is by upgrading to BE2014.  So I downloaded BE2014 to try it out, and we passed the ...
updated discussion 01 Aug 2014
Hi, i install first site at HQ use MS SQL 2008 R2 on my database server(windows 2008r2 x64) and SEP in another server(windows 2008r2 x64) it work fine. then i go to install in additional site as a replication partner(this server running on windows 2003 x86) i use embedded databse after wait for a few hour it occur the error message of "synchronization to the remote site ...
new discussion 01 Aug 2014
I've problem on PGP Desktop Email 10.3.2 after upgrading from 10.3.1 where Outlook 2010 SP2 32 bit stops downloading email with error 0x800CCC0F. I've no problem receiving mail. Telnet to mail server outgoing port gives me PGP message but not to the incoming port, it will be blank. I've tried 10.3.2 MP2, and also reinstalled 10.3.1 but it still fails with same problem. I've also refreshed PGP ...
new discussion 01 Aug 2014
I'm looking for some design specs to help me size the hardware I need for a linux msdp server.  Looking to build a 64TB MSDP pool. What I know: 1.  IBM 3650 (supports up to 8 or 16 internal drives) 2.  4 x 10Gethernet 3.  4 x 8G FC 4.  RedHat Linux 5.  SAN array to store the backup data   How do I figure out how much disk space I need for the fingerprint DB ...
updated blog entry 01 Aug 2014
Contribution Process Overview     Step 1: Registration This step describes end-to-end registration process so that you can start contributing to Openstack. Here are just a few ways of how you can become part of community: Report a bug / Apply a bug fix Blueprint Engagement Code Reviews Registration Checklist: Here is the registration checklist: GitHub Launchpad SSH Key Join ...
updated download 01 Aug 2014
If you want some packages no longer being replicated to any package servers you could go in and edit this package and remove all the package servers or sites to which the package is replicated to. This can be quite a lot of work if you have many packages which you want to edit... I was in this situation where I had many patches some of those were more than 300 MB large and I did not want those ...
updated blog entry 01 Aug 2014
Nutanix is a hyper-converged infrastructure solution where each node is a self-sufficient set of compute and storage resources to run workloads. Four Nutanix nodes form a Nutanix Block. Multiple Nutanix Blocks can be acquired for pooling compute and storage. Nutanix follows ‘shared nothing’ architecture for storage. While storage from multiple nodes are pooled and presented as a single name ...
new discussion 01 Aug 2014
Hello,   I have a form where a user has a drop down menu that is generated from a sql query.  Based on whatever the user chooses, i would like to update another text box from the same query but different column and have it display in real time. For example, a user chooses Adobe Reader to download, but has a price, i woudl like the price field to update and display when the user ...