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new discussion 26 Nov 2015
Hi, I have one Exchange 2013 mailbox server with Symantec Mail Security for Exchange. Transport rules that I set in Exchange doesn't seems to be functioning. I tried to diable the SMSMSESMTPAgent and those transport rules work again. Currently my "Transport Rule agent having the priority 1 and SMSMSESMTPAgent having priority 8. Any work around to make the transport rules functioning ...
new idea 26 Nov 2015
Support for two factor authentication mechanisms.
new discussion 26 Nov 2015
Hi All, Observed Java login issue in one of our master server post upgrade from 6.5.6 to  Both Java GUI login and jnbSA reporting same error.  For some reason it is resulting the configured port is 0.  Attached the error screen shot. # cat /etc/services | egrep "pbx|vnetd|bpjava" pbx     1556/tcp                # AshWin ...
new idea 26 Nov 2015
To enhance the reporting feature of DCS, it would be good if these features can be incorporated into the existing solution: * Scheduled reporting  * Ability to email reports * Ability to sanitize report content for email transit. ​
updated blog entry 26 Nov 2015
ホリデーシーズンになると、少しでも安く最高の贈り物を見つけようと、買い物客はインターネット中を探し回ります。この時期にお買い得品を探し求めるのは、普通の消費者だけではありません。サイバー犯罪者も、ここぞとばかりに買い物に走ります。ただし、そこで使うのは他人のお金です。そのためにアンダーグラウンド市場を利用して違法な商品やサービスを売買しています。盗難データから、侵害されたオンラインアカウント、カスタムのマルウェア、攻撃サービスや攻撃インフラ、不正バウチャーまで、行くところに行けばどんなものでも購入できてしまいます。 違法な商品やサービスの価格は、その内容によって異なりますが、サイバー犯罪の世界でさえ、ぎりぎりのところでお買い得品が存在します。盗難データや侵害されたアカウントは、1 ドル未満で入手可能です。攻撃インフラのように大規模なサービスとなると、価格は 100 ...
new discussion 26 Nov 2015
Hello, I've performed a succesful install of 12.5.0 and follwing the install guide, performed the install validation steps.  I'm attempting to install a solution pack using the install instructions and I get the following error: D:\SymantecDLP\Protect\bin>SolutionPackInstaller.exe "d:\DLPInstallFiles\Financi al_v12.5.vsp" java.lang.Exception: File has more than one comments ...
updated discussion 26 Nov 2015
Can this be done? The user mailbox was moved to an Exchange server in another site. Can't move the archive as it says the archive is still associated with a mailbox that has archiving enabled. I can't disable it as the mailbox is now on an Exchange server archived in a different site. Can't do a zap either for the same reason. Is there a way around this? It's a very large archive so ...