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updated article 30 Jul 2015
Over the past couple of days, I've been watching the meltdown and ensuing anger arising from it of a cloud provider in my country (no names mentioned at all in this article!). Long story short, admins and users woke up on Friday morning to find all their VMs gone, and a message stating the provider would begin the process of reprovisioning all VMs. That statement in itself should have been ...
new discussion 30 Jul 2015
Our backups will fail every month or so.  The error message is below: Error EC8F17B7: Cannot create recovery points for job: Drive Backup of System Reserved (*:\), (C:\), d-drive (D:\), e-drive(E:\). Error E0BB00B5: Snapshot error Error EBAB03F1: Following Operating System error occurred while performing requested operation: 'OS error 2147754760.'. (UMI:V-281-3215-6071) I have ...
updated discussion 30 Jul 2015
The BE2014SP2 is installed on a virtual machine in a H-v cluster of 2 nodes. The restore of VHDXs bigger than 50GB from the OST dedupe folder on NAS are freezing indefinetely after progress of 50GB. The duplication of the backed up deduped set to normal disk allows the restore: also the restore of the B2D backup to the NAS is working. The NAS is a Fujitsu in RAID 1, showing NTFS partitions ...
updated discussion 30 Jul 2015
Hi We usually have Vault run on mondays, but for some reason i had to run this on wednesday this week. It only copies the full backups which runs on Fridays, so i changed the amount of days it needs to go back in order to get theese full backups. I added 3 additional days to it. I had around 63 empty tapes in scratch before i started the Vault. Today morning i saw the Vault job, and it had ...
updated discussion 30 Jul 2015
Hello Experts, Is there any way we can know the scratch count currently only in library. I dont want the count that is in offsite (or not in library).  is it possible from Opscenter free tool (Not analytics). Thanks, Suresh.
updated discussion 30 Jul 2015
Hello, I've got 2 clusters under RHEL6.3 using SFHA 6.0.30 they are connected to a Cordinate Point server 6.0.30 I want to install 2 new clusters under RHEL6.6 using SFHA 6.2.1 My questions : Can my 4 clusters uses the sames CP server ? If yes, do I need to upgrade the CP server ? in which version ? thanks Cedric
updated discussion 30 Jul 2015
Just some quick questions.  We use Veritas Clustering for providing an HA solution for database servers.  We have set up the vcs montoring to try to connect to the database every 3 minutes.  After 4 attempts the VCS kills the primary pid and fails over to the other side.  The box is self is fine, just vcs was unable to connect for whatever reason.  The theory is that ...
new discussion 30 Jul 2015
Hello,  troubleshooting Invisible silent enrollment problem,  Error in PHPlog.txt is  *A 19:21:52 ----- Encryption Desktop started ----- *A 19:21:52 Encryption Desktop 10.3.2 (Build 16620) (16620) *A 19:21:52 Today's date is Thursday, July 30, 2015 IP 19:21:54 Setting logging level to: normal IP 19:21:58 Initiating daily maintenance procedures EP 19:21:58 Certificate ...
updated blog entry 30 Jul 2015
Empresas no mundo inteiro estão imersas em dados. Elas estão coletando cada vez mais dados, a um passo acelerado, e ao mesmo tempo dependem desses dados mais do que nunca. Datacenters estão sendo construídos em todo o mundo para hospedar todas essas informações. Porém, as pesquisas mostram que mais de dois terços dos dados armazenados não têm valor. É nesse momento que a Veritas mostra sua ...
new blog entry 30 Jul 2015
Please check out the new products that are now available on the Enterprise Support Site from the Endpoint Management Team: Management Platform Inventory ...