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updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
  I am facing peculiar problem with Symantec End point protection installed systems. We develop Client-Server software where in the data communication happens through .Net Web Services.   Sometimes Client application fails to communicate with Server Web services due to some block in the communication. If we saw IIS logs, we won’t see that web service call.   This issue we ...
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
Buen dia Estoy tratando de restringir la navegacion de un segmento de red por medio de politicas de IPS, en las Urls que son TCP/80 funciona sin problema, pero cuando son sitios de usan el TCP /443 ya declaraon definida no funciona y debo o deshabilitar la regla o bloquear toda la nevagacion por el TCP/443. Por otro lado cree una politica de FW pero tampoco funciona no se si sea por que el SO ...
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
I'm trying to confirm that the SEP 12.1 suite includes a managed firewall client for the Mac platform. I know it has a Windows managed firewall client but does it have a Mac firewall client as well? Thanks.
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
Hola a todos, cecesito de su ayuda, Tengo un servidor con Symantec Endpoint protection Manager, y estoy tratando de hacer un deployment de un agente del System Center, por default el firewall de los clientes esta adiministrado por Symantec. El problema surge cuando los clientes de symantec estan arriba, ya que impiden la instalacion del agente del System Center. Leyendo el log ...
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
Bonjour,   J'ai besoin de créer un package qui permet d'installer SEP 12.1 sur des postes clients. Le problème c'est que le package doit être configuré avec des paramètres anti-virus, firewall, ... bien particuliers. Le second problème c'est que le package est destiné à un autre pays donc pas possibilité de se rendre sur place ou de prendre la main à distance. Il s'agit d'une installation ...
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
Hi all This looks silly but i need to know the date nameing of SEPM 12.1 license key expiration date.   I need to know if the license expires on the first or the second month of 2013. Cheers! Andex  
updated article 18 Apr 2014
UPDATE: This article applies as well for the upgrade from any SCSP release to SDCSS 6.0 (aka Symantec Data Center: Sever Security)   Content: Overview Descriptive steps FAQ Related articles Overview IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended to first backup the SCSP database from within MSSQL. For more details, please check the Microsoft Library at ...
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
Buen dia, necesito eliminiar remotamente el SEP 12.1 instalado en los servidores. Se puede hacer directamente desde la consola de administracion del SEP 12.1?   Gracias!
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
And open a support ticket?
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
hello friends, I have a question about the intelligent updater in my offline network. Now I download the intelligent updater 2 times in a week for my norton 360. But I think 2 times is not necessary and I want to change the cycle and increase it to just one time.  But after 5 or 6 days the antivirus warn me and send me At Risk messages.... My question is : can I download the intelligent ...
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
Hallo, kann eine zu groß gewordene SEM5.LOG Datei (181 GB) durch eine neu angelegte leere Datei ausgetauscht werden??
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
Buenas Tardes;   Tengo equipos que se están actualizando directo de Internet en lugar de buscar en el GUP correspondiente.   Como puedo hacer para corregir esto y que solo busquen su GUP no busquen la SEPM ni en internet.????   Gracias de antemano.
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
Hi, all: I work IT for a medical device company and use Symantec Endpoint 12.1.4013 for our computers.  We have about 50 users and are starting to setup a reference image of Windows 7 for clone deployment using their Volume Licensing program. I am wanting for Endpoint to automatically be packaged and setup, ready to go when the users log on for the first time - without the need for me or ...
updated discussion 18 Apr 2014
I have 1.8Lac machines in our enviornment and today when i checked the SEPM home page it showing 1.57Lacs machines as offline including most of the GUPs. Any idea how suddenly this haapened? All the SEPM services are up and running, i have restarted them once. On the client side also it is showing as offline, so no reporting issue it looks like, somehting else. Please provide some solution ...