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discussion comment 03 Aug 2015
updated blog entry 03 Aug 2015
Symantec have release 12.1.6 MP1 (12.1 RU6 MP1). This version of Symantec Endpoint Protection includes new features in the following areas: The Symantec Endpoint Protection client adds support for Windows 10. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager adds database support for SQL Server 2012 SP2. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager adds browser support for Google Chrome through ...
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
HI Team, Query In regards to Symantec Pgp File share Encryption. 1) Can we selectively enroll Server users ? Based on the demo provided  we observed that by default any new domain user who logs in , the PGP client   application keep poping for enrollement.  2) In a scenario where in Servers are not in domain  but connected on the intranet ( LAN/WAN/VPN)   ...
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
I have installed on a server that hosts a number of Internet accessible services (SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc).  We were previously using an on-premise edition of SEP.  I noted that sometime when I was logged on to the server, via the system tray SEP agent I would see messages like "Heartbleed attack blocked", etc.  Now, after having migrated to the cloud edition I get an ...
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
Dear DLP Team, I tried to search dlp 14 admin guide but no luck. looking for what are the new features in symantec DLP 14 and what new things added in this latest version. if anyone have any link from where i can download this guide then plz share the same.
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
can anyone please help me to get information about what for this revocation data used and why we need to keep this up to date in SEPM 12.1 In our environment we are using SEPM 12.1.5 and we are facing some issues with revocation data not updating finally we fixed it but we still not clear why this is important but while surfing i got to know that it is used for insight. but its not clear could ...
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
After updating to SEP 12.1.6 and a reboot I can't get the required services started.  This was the warning during the upgrade...   This article helped but I wasn't able to get the required GPO configured on my domain server. My SEPM server is 2008 R2 but its part of a domain where the GPO is set and won't allow me to add ...
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
HI, After upgrading SEPM 12.1.5 RU5 to 12.1.6 RU6 , user is able to disable sepm client from the system tray. Refer attached snapshot. At the time of SEPM 12.1.5 RU5 it was working fine.
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
We have PGP Command Line 10.3.2 installed on AIX 6.1 In the .profile file of the user, I have added the LIBPATH to reflect //lib dir and I am able to run the regular Encryption and Decryption commands. However, when I add the commands in a PERL Script, I am getting this error FILE ENCRYPT ERROR : FILE MOVED TO xyz.txt.err         exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load ...
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
Hi anyone running this setup in customers environment ? while PGP portable is EOS/EOL soon (2017) customers would like to have USB encryption aswell with the need of ability to decrypt without any client installed on destination receiver. So instead of doing a plain drive_encryiton of the attached USB device they need some comparison to pgp_portable. so SEERS implemented in Encryption v11.x ...
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
OK so here is the scenario in the clients section inside the SEPM console. - My Company (default policy)   - Server Group A (Web Servers) - TCP/80   - Server Group B (TACACS servers) - TCP/49   - etc. etc. Is there a way to define a baseline policy at the "My Company" Level with for example block all inbound except RDP from a specified IP range and SNMP from a single ...
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
We have media server (Solaris 10) w/ STK SL48 tape library (w/ 2x LTO5 drives) directly attached via fiber connection. The NBU settings on the Storage Unit are: Maximum concurrent write drives=2 Enable multiplexing="checked" Maximum Streams per drive=3 It has been working before without any issues (6 jobs running concurrenty) but now I can only see 3 jobs running concurrently. On the ...