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updated discussion 27 Jul 2014
Ok,   So one of my coworkers did something to another machine here, and SEP had to be uninstalled and reinstalled.   And now the reinstall is failing.  At first, I thought it was a root certificates issue like I had before, so I made sure to put those on here, but that didn't work.   I've attached the SEP_INST log file, and hoping this can be sorted quickly.   Any help ...
updated discussion 27 Jul 2014
Hi Team, How to get a VCS and vxvm setup for linux 6.0? Thanks, Gary
updated discussion 27 Jul 2014
Hi Experts,   I would like to know if there is any other way to check what is causing some resources to go down unexpectedly?     May 15 14:54:46 EMMDPD07 AgentFramework[7135]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] VCS ERROR V-16-1-13067 Thread(9) Agent is calling clean for resource(Server1) because the resource became OFFLINE unexpectedly, on its own. May 15 14:54:47 EMMDPD07 Had[6891]: ...
new discussion 27 Jul 2014
First I will state that I did read the manual about this.  And I am a longtime Ghost user and have done several cold metal restores with SSR2013 but this would be my first restore from within the windows SSr2013 GUI environment. So I want to use an image (I just can't get used to this "restore point" language).  Anyway, I want to make an image of my non-OS second drive.  Then ...
updated discussion 27 Jul 2014
*** Moved to new discussion from *** Thanks for all the replies,  have another question, maybe you could help me on.  I ran a backup job on a SQL Database yesterday with no other jobs running and had a KB/Sec of 100,000, today with 40 other Backups/Replication/Duplication jobs running, the same job has a ...
updated discussion 27 Jul 2014
Few questions about upgrading:   - From my testing, it looks like once 2014 is installed, backups will not run until agents are updated and servers are restarted, is this correct? - Will existing backup settings be preserved after the update?   Thanks in advance.