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new discussion 26 Nov 2015
I recently migrated from a Galaxy Note 2 to a Note 5.  I am running Touchdown on two other older devices with no problems.  I cannot get Touchdown or Touchdown HD to sync with any Outlook files on the server (nothing loads, the screens are blank).  There are no error messages.  The phone software is up to date.  I have checked the account settings multiple times and ...
new discussion 26 Nov 2015
Hi Experts, We had a big incident today where our SMG servers are hit by some auto generating email from one of our external partners. This caused our servers to hit 100% utilization everytime. This is now resolved but we would like to have at least a notification in place that will tell us if the CPU has reached a threshold. I already checked the alert settings under Administration but I can ...
new discussion 26 Nov 2015
Hi Backup was failed with error code 67. When i tried to select the backup selection tab its showing a error message unable to connect netbackup host. Could you please some one provide me the troubleshooting steps. How to resolve this issue.
new idea 26 Nov 2015
During Veritas Case 20605924 we discovered the following behavior of the Centera Filewatch process: The process records the ClipID that it has last checked and caches it When the next saveset is checked, and the ClipID is the same as the previously checked, it does not emit a FPClip_Exists to the Centera, but already knows that the item has been secured and returns immediately. This way, the ...
updated discussion 26 Nov 2015
Hi ALL. My SBE 2015 ( server and NAS ( to witch backups are done are on one network segment ( I'm backuping server (S1) on other network (  My NAS has two NIC - one for network and other NIC i connected directly to my S1 machine and configured this connection as separate network segment ( So, my NAS is visible to ...
new discussion 26 Nov 2015
I am trying to install the Altiris Symantec agent through GPO.  I have been told that this is not supported so I am wondering if anyone out there has done this successfully before. I created a script that works manually, but doesnt work through GPO.  I am not sure if that is because I am referencing an EXE in the script.  The script doesnt work if I try to use an MSI, mainly ...
new discussion 26 Nov 2015
Hi, I have followed to cancel further processing on an SLP managed duplication (Backup to AdvDisk1, duplicate to AdvDisk2,duplicate to tape for long term retention) as the final copy had been written to tape but was still showing as NOT_STARTED, consequently the re-spawning duplications failed with error 190. I have run ...
updated discussion 26 Nov 2015
Like many others reporting, I have a completely reproducible problem just inventorying a blank tape in an LTO-6 drive.  It invariably returns "ReserveDevice failed, offline device" with "ERROR = 0x0000001F (ERROR_GEN_FAILURE)". This is a brand new drive (HP 6250) attached to a HP H222 SAS controller.  It passes all HP Library and Tape Tools tests with flying colours.  ...