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updated discussion 26 May 2015
Hi,   I am running EV7 SP2 and was curious to see if anyone else span's index folders across seperate volumes and if there are any performance considerations I should be looking at when planning to do this?   Also curious to see how others manage their indexes, particularly for backup performance?   I would like to be able to span the indexes across smaller volumes (and mount point them for ...
updated discussion 26 May 2015
Hello all,does Enterprise Vault 2007 have any capability for sending alerts vial e-mail in case of failure of some of the services?I saw that previous versions had MOM 2005 agent.Is there any agent for SCOM or can the MOM 2005 agent be converted to SCOM as it is said in some posts here (if it can can someone plz tell if they succeded?)Thank you. 
updated discussion 26 May 2015
My manager was telling me about KVS, and I was confused. He then told me EV used to be called as KVS. What does it stand for anyway? was it named way before Veritas owned the product?
updated discussion 26 May 2015
I'm testing EV 7.5 in a test environment. Everything seems to be working fine except when I try to open an archived message in Outlook, it prompts for username and password. After entering the log in info, I'm able to see the content of the archived message.  I must did something wrong. Can someone shed me some light?    
updated discussion 26 May 2015
Hi, I have created a do not archive.ini file as below.   Can someone please tell me 2 things.   A what is the syntax to run the do_not_archive.ini file with evpm.exe and the other thing is if I use DistinguishedName = ALL what happens if a new mailbox is enabled will they automatically have the Spam folder excluded from bing archived.   EV 7.5 sp 3 windows server 2k3 sp 2 exchange 2k3 ...
updated discussion 26 May 2015
  We are running MSSQL 2005 on WIndows 2003 x64.  Our Enterprise Vault is running on a separate server from the SQL Server and I'm trying to configure reporting on the SQL server.  When I run the "Enterprise Vault Reporting Configuration" utility, I get a message that says "Deployment error.  Miscellaneous error." when I click on the SQL Reporting Services instance.  The contents of ...
updated discussion 26 May 2015
Hi All.   I've recently joined a company that is in the implementation stage of EV 2007 with lotus domino with a view to implementing exchange 2007 towards the end of the year.   We have set up EV on the production server and enabled a test user mailbox,   From what i can see some items have vaulted in the past as the icon has changed from pending to complete, i can successfully restore these ...
updated discussion 26 May 2015
Hi,   Can anyone point me to some instructions for setting up and enabling client driven pst migration?   I have searched Symantec, admin guide and these forums without any success. People say you just enable it. Where exactly? Setup a PST migration task first. Fine but how should you run it?   Thanks! Message Edited by karmakoma on 05-27-2008 05:37 PM
new discussion 26 May 2015
I'm using latest mozilla thunderbird(31.7.0) , and do the configuration as the instruction, but it does not work at all. HOW TO: Use Gmail with PGP Desktop - Mozilla Thunderbird
new article 26 May 2015
I am often busy creating custom reports on asset and inventory data in plain T-SQL. Each time I want to join a resource to a different resource I have to lookup the ResourceAssociationTypeGuid. (eg. inner join ResourceAssociation on ResourceAssociation.ParentResourceGuid = Resource.Guid And ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx') I could not find an overview in ...
new discussion 26 May 2015
I'm uisng xampp. My apache is running but mysql wasn't running on port 3306. So I tried port 3312. It still didn't run. The problem was that I had installed MySql 5.6 prior and it was blocking port 3306.  I deleted MySql 5.6. and in the xampp controll I put mysql back to port 3306 and put it's path in the system environmentals.  Then I went to the command line and entered the command ...