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discussion comment 31 Oct 2014
updated discussion 31 Oct 2014
Hi  Is it possible to make application state aware backups with Hyperv type policy, as it is possible with Vmware policy type Also what would be the best approch to backup SQL cluster via VMWARE policy type, if clusetr is of two node type.
updated discussion 31 Oct 2014
Hello All,   Backup of one client stucks at begin writing but byte count is not increasing, it remains stuck forever.   10/15/2014 20:37:17 - Info bptm (pid=31784) start 10/15/2014 20:37:17 - Info bptm (pid=31784) using 262144 data buffer size 10/15/2014 20:37:17 - Info bptm (pid=31784) setting receive network buffer to 65536 bytes 10/15/2014 20:37:17 - Info bptm (pid=31784) using ...
updated discussion 31 Oct 2014
Hello I have a quick problem - the image cleanup process, scheduled for every 12 hours, seems to run automatically after every single failed job. We have a server with many many failed SQL log jobs per day, and there's nothing I can do about it for the next week or so... it has to run, it will work on most, will fail on some, and I get into work every morning with about 20 "Image Cleanup" jobs ...
updated blog entry 31 Oct 2014
Symantec has recently seen a spam campaign involving fake wire transfer request emails. While this technique is not new, and has had some coverage in the press this year, we have seen an increase in this type of spam recently. The purpose of this type of email is very simple—to get the recipient to process a payment for non-existent goods or services by way of a wire or credit transfer. The ...
new discussion 31 Oct 2014
We've been experiencing a large number of resource merges and have determined that network discovery and agent managed machines aren't entirely compatible.  The tool was brought in to discover resources and manage them.  The discovery would need to be run periodically to pick up new items.  Now a problem occurs when a machine is renamed.  The keys created in the ResourceKey ...