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new discussion 03 Aug 2015
Hi, we provide evault access through our owa server using a A10 loadbalancer. When using an old ms isa server and owa:2003, it was working with one authentication. once you are authenticated from owa, you could use the evault plugins. now, not only that you have the evault plugin as well in the outlook client whoch does not make any sense to me as we have the evault templates, but users have ...
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
Dear Experts, I have check from Backup Exec 2015 Software Compatibility List. I don't see Solaris as 1 in the list of supported OS. Is it because Solaris is no longer supported by BE version 2015? If it's really not supported, i think this is a bad idea.. Thanks.
updated discussion 03 Aug 2015
I've noticed an odd behavior in Backup Exec that's been around for quite awhile. I seem to remeber this as an issue with BE2010 and 2012. I have Chrome installed on my Backup Exec server, and it's set as the default browser... however, when I click on a link to a tech note link inside the job log it opens up in Internet Explorer. This is really more of an annoyance rather than a real issue, ...
new discussion 02 Aug 2015
End machines are running with SEP 12.1.6, we didnt have any policy to block DVD writers, only we are using USB Block. the DVD writer which we are using now is an internal DVD writer, but the DVD burning process is failling. when we uninstalled the SEP from that machine and tried to Brun DVD means it successfully burning...