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updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
Hi guys, Could you please help me with storages migration problem. We have some WinServ 2003 clusters in our company and now we have a task to migrate our old SANs to the new ones. The best way we imagined as solution is to create 2 dynamic DG in Veritas SF: one for old SAN disks and another for new SAN disks, then join these groups into one DG, then make a mirroring between old and new disks ...
updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
I have 2 node cluster with windows 2008 R2 OS along with Veritas Enterprise Administrator 6.1 installed. I have 248 LUN's (248 x 525GB LUN) are already provision on these servers. Is there any possiblility to provision more 100 LUN's for storage expansion? Is there any limit in Veritas 6.1 about LUN's count?
updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
I have been doing research on multiple VM (windows) backup/replication software like Veeam, Appassure, Unitrend, and Zerto.  They all have one issue: if you want fast recovery at a remote site during a disaster, you have to have a live backup or standby VMs  at the remote site.   The problem would be that the standby VMs would require storage resources. ...
updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
Hello, I have a quick quesiton regarding VBS.  After we create tthe VBS, we setup the dependencies,  if we setup the SG1  depend on SG2 and SG2 depend on SG3 and if we start VBS and if there is any issue with SG2,  can we make SG2 to skip and bring SG1 up? Is there an option on VBS?
updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
Hi all,  I'm trying to install VOM MS 6.1 on rhel 6.4, but got a problem when installing... problem 1: [11/29/2014 23:52:12] sfm_temp user setup and export complete [11/29/2014 23:52:12] Executing: /opt/VRTSsfmcs/sec/bin/vssat deletecred -d vx:sfm_domain -p ***** -b vom.cebra.lab:14545 [11/29/2014 23:52:13] Output:  vssat deletecred ERROR V-18-7003 Credential(s) Not ...
updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
I am trying to update Managed Hosts from version 5.0 to 6.1 from VOM Web Interface. Some jobs successfully updated but some are in "SUBMITTED" state for last 12 hours. Is there any way that I can cancel these submitted jobs, kill the process and refresh the inventory to restart the upgrade from interface or Command Line.
new discussion 30 Jan 2015
Hi:     I recently inherited a Backup Exec 2010 R3 environment.  While I am moderately proficient with NBU I had never worked with or saw BE.  The intention is to abandon the environment and migrate to NBU or some other protection solution.  There are over 30 TB of storage being used for disk backup jobs.  Many of these jobs had not been run for some time as ...
updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
I attempted to add my questions as a comment on a similar DI Reporting Issue forum, but I'm not sure if my response was received.  Here is my question: I have ran into a couple issues with reporting in DI: Is there a way to display more than the top 5 of users when the “include custom attributes of user” radio button is selected?  To put this into context, see the attached ...
updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
Is there a way to customize the templates that are used for emailing DI reports, in the way that emails sent from the DI Portal Server can be customised and personalised to make them more friendly? Kind Regards Phil.
updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
As per the SCL its updated as applicable till 5.0 U2 and 5.5 U1 , In my environment I have to apply patch for my vcenter 5.0 U3 and 5.5 U2  Am worried these patch would cause any issue , as its not certfied yet as part of SCL.