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updated blog entry 27 Jan 2015
毎週のようにデータ侵害のニュースを耳にしていると思います。実際、世界中の企業が、これまでにない数のデータ侵害やサイバー攻撃を受けています。シマンテックインターネットセキュリティ脅威レポートによると、2013 年のデータ侵害の総数は 253 件で 2012 年よりも 62% 増加しているうえに、1,000 万件以上の個人情報が漏えいしたデータ侵害が少なくとも 8 件ありました。全体として、2013 年には 5 億 5,200 万件の個人情報が流出し、顧客のクレジットカード情報、診療記録、金融口座情報、電子メールアドレス、オンライン認証情報などの個人情報が危険にさらされました。 データ侵害は、ほとんどの場合、企業のネットワークへの侵入を試みる外部の悪意のある攻撃者が関与しています。しかし、このようなハッカーだけが情報漏えいの原因ではありません。2013 ...
updated blog entry 27 Jan 2015
In the Symantec official blog “A Vision for Converged Backup Infrastructure” published late last year, Matt Cain announced the upcoming availability of our next generation converged backup platform, the NetBackup 5330 appliance. The 5330 is an integrated media server and storage system designed to deliver high performance, scalable capacity, and resiliency to address the most aggressive backup ...
new discussion 27 Jan 2015
IF we have 2 node cluster and if we have 2 node names in systemList, would service group would come up on node 1 if VCS down on node2, but llt and gab i up? /etc/gabtab /sbin/gabconfig -c -n2 SystemList  = { node1 = 0, node2=1} AutoStartList = {node1}
updated blog entry 27 Jan 2015
If uninstallation of Symantec backup exec remote agent 2014 fails, you can do it manually as below: Map the Symantec backup exec installation server folder on the machine which agent was installed. Run “uninstallaaofox64” from mapped drive : stop all Symantec backup exec services   Open registry editor and delete this keys and their sub ...
updated article 27 Jan 2015
Hi Forum, Attached are some semi-structured notes regarding creating a test lab of NetBackup Appliances. I tend to think of documents such as this as a work in progress, which is never really complete - but there should now be enough in this doc to help anyone at least get some virtual appliances booted and installed (as long as you have valid licences).  What you do ...
new idea 27 Jan 2015
Add to future releases of Workspace Streaming/Virtualization: Enhanced Monitor>Active Users search/filtering capibility on the Admin Console. Add Application Name header and ability to search by Application Name under Monitor>Active Users Add multi level and wildcard searching and filtering ability Add ability to search/filter by ID, NAME, HOSTNAME, Servername, Last Login, ...
new discussion 27 Jan 2015
Odd situation. External email is delivered to primary recipient but the cc'd user gets blocked as suspected spam. No NDR is sent to the sender. Ideas?
updated idea 27 Jan 2015
Within the SEP Manager have the ability to snapshot all policies, Location Awareness, groups  etc and be able to restore  all/selected  policies etc, if have to roll back a change. We have to modify some Location Awareness & Firewall policies which are linked to the location, but due to inherency being disabled we do not have a one click restore,  if we have to roll ...
updated idea 27 Jan 2015
Would be nice to have ability for Non persistent devices to have a scan schedule or flag within the OS to flag it so that upon a reboot it doesn't automatically scan.  we are seeing scanning when associates log in even with the communication settings set as per ...