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new discussion 06 Mar 2015
As I have been reading on the forum the old oackages are stored in the database of SEPM for SBE. I have upgraded many clients to aka RU5, however when you go to deploy a new package, it sorts by the oldest version, and if you are not paying attention to this, you deploy the OLDEST version. Can Symantec please share a tool, or a proper method to clean up the old packages ...
updated discussion 06 Mar 2015
I need assistance. We have several clients in our managment server and some that don't show up. They are lacking Communication Settings from an XML file as I understand it. Usually I can export it from the management server and import it to the client. But I have hit a wall. This client refuses to be communicated with. It won't take the XML file and it won't connect to the server. ...
new discussion 06 Mar 2015
Just want to share this if someone else ends up with the same situation. Did some tests in a virtual lab with BE2014 and a fresh install of RHEL7. Before doing this I tested an earlier RHEL release which didn't have this behaviour. I'm by no means a Linux guru so this may be obvious to some of you but if you end up with the same problem..... Anyway after installing the RALUS agent and ...
updated blog entry 06 Mar 2015
A newly discovered vulnerability in the SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols could allow attackers to intercept and decrypt communications between affected clients and servers. Dubbed the “FREAK” vulnerability, it facilitates man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks against secure connections where the server accepts RSA_EXPORT cipher suites and the client either offers an RSA_EXPORT suite or uses an ...
updated discussion 06 Mar 2015
I have a dg with 44 LUNs (100 GB) and I'm allocating more 13 LUNs for expansion, getting in the end with 57 LUNS. Currently the dg this with 44 striped. v  vol_prod01p  -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   9219080192 SELECT  vol_prod01p-01 fsgen pl vol_prod01p-01 vol_prod01p ENABLED ACTIVE   ...
updated discussion 06 Mar 2015
Hi, I need a solution, Master/Media server : Windows 2012 R2 - NBU version Hyper-v server: Windows 2012 R2 - NBU client version When trying to create the backup policy of hyper-v server, we are not able to view the list of VMs, while browse the clients in policy wizard, it is just processing non stop. can anyone suggest me. Thanks.
updated discussion 06 Mar 2015
In backup policy I have select each folder on drive. Can I select multiple folder samutaniously? And if there is requirement to unselect a subfolder? (like we can do with other backup apllication)