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new discussion 01 Sep 2015
I am working on a FIM project right now and am going over some files I often see popping up in our reports. Three in particular are of interest to me: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\VirtFile.sys C:\Windows\System32\DRVSTORE\VirtFile_BEECE804497C13681B68D69D6AED20EC850A6B2E\VirtFile.inf C:\Windows\System32\DRVSTORE\VirtFile_BEECE804497C13681B68D69D6AED20EC850A6B2E\VirtFile.sys I am considering ...
new discussion 01 Sep 2015
Hello I have configured a GRT backup of a seconday AD server, NBU services are running under a domain administrator service account, NFS client services is enabled on the AD server. The GRT backup is running fine, but when I try to browse the active directory tree in BAR interface , i get the following message : ERROR : socket open failed. (using master BAR or AD server BAR) Any help would be ...
new discussion 01 Sep 2015
Hi, We have single tier DLP installation with AD authentication enabled but only the local Administrator account is created. How can I login to Vunto console using the local Administrator account or how can I disable AD authentication wiouth login in to the web console?. Thanks, 
new discussion 01 Sep 2015
Hello,  Im new to PGP i hope someone can help. We currently use the full management server model. We have a rule base where by certain users who meet the criteria have all emails sent out encrypted.  I have a request whereby i have a user that doesnt have email encrypted. This user needs to send one email, to a specific external address. The email needs to be encrypted. The external ...
updated discussion 01 Sep 2015
We currently are backing up our sql servers using Netbackup, however netbackup is utilizing a ton of bandwidth to perform the backups.  We have a project in place to rectify this at the server level, however in the interim, is there any way to limit the amount of bandwidth utilized by Netbackup when connecting to SQL Server? I've read some tech notes on using a LIMIT_BANDWIDTH setting, ...
updated discussion 01 Sep 2015
I have a Netbackup in a Windows based active directory environment. The issue we are facing is that the backup job takes too much time to complete. When we remove the DNS server and make Hosts entry the backup is fine. We have a working DNS, both forward and reverse lookup zones are defined. Also nslookup confirmed name resolution for both name and IP (reverse lookup). What is causing ...
updated discussion 01 Sep 2015
Hi everyone. Is there an easy solution guys to extract all the info from a policy into an  easy to read word format or excel?  Info I ideally want to catch is  policy name  backup window  clients  any help would be apprecaited  Thanks  ps.: using NetBackup 7.6
updated discussion 01 Sep 2015
Could anyone please let me know the end of support life for Netbackup have found the below link. But I guess this is not giving me exact information Regards Sowjanya