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updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
Hi All Support seems pretty poor for Backup Exec. Can anyone post a link to the documentation so I can try to resolve my problems myself? Thanks  
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
Hi all, we have been granted the role of keeping an existing BACKUP EXEC 2012 installation despite of being unexperienced due to administrator replacement. i.e. we have no experience on this.  The problem is the following: After the last patch installation on BACKUP EXEC 2012 (because someone suggested us to do so to install the remote agent on a linux server to backup) we restarted the ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
Hello, I would like to know the command to find all files backed up by NetBackup servers.   Thank you
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
I am trying to run a replication using nbreplicate. The command I am sending is nbreplicate -Bidfile bidfile -slp_name slp -cn 1. In the Bidfile I have 10 images listed one per line: uswisuxdb9_1394402400 uswisuxgen5_1394402401 uswislxtaa001_1394402402 uswistag001_1394402415 uswistag001_1394402416 uswisres024_1394402418 The command will process the first image and then bomb out on the second ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
Hello,  Can anyone help me please with this problem :  I have a backup server running .  C drive and D drive  De WindowsImageBackup file made of the C drive is stored on the D drive ( with Taskscheduler )  Every monday : system state backup new  Every tuesday till friday : system state backup incremental  ----------------------------------------- backup with ...
updated discussion 16 Apr 2014
I recently purchased a copy of BackupExec 2012 for a customer who has just upgraded their servers to Windows 2012 R2. To my surprise, BackupExec is not yet supported on Windows 2012 r2.   - Can you confirm when BackupExec 2012 R2 will be released? - Will the license I purchased for BackupExec 2012 work on 2012 R2?    
new discussion 16 Apr 2014
I am running Verias Volume manager on HPUX, version is B.05.10.01.  There is embedded java that is version  Is there a more recent version that would bump up my Java to a higher version?   Thanks Also, removing the embedded java would work.    
new discussion 16 Apr 2014
We currently use Enterprise Vault.Cloud and we are looking to migrate away from the system. We are looking to move to the Barracuda Message Archiver 350. Is it possible to migrate over the archive in its entirety automatically. If not is there a method of exporting the archive to a pst file's so that we can import them in manually.