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new discussion 25 Nov 2015
Hi all I treasure your reply. I am running EV 11.01 and Exchange 2013 on Windows 2012 R2. For EV Office Mail App, I tried to install using powershell of Exchange so it was installed as following picture, but there is a error message if I click Enterprise Vault tab on the OWA. Above error is "App Error, this app cant start, try to do later or inquire system administraor" I translated in ...
updated discussion 25 Nov 2015
in first , i m sorry cause i dont know enough about the fourm standards , but i got a question : does the IDS technique deffereniate with the application that will be implemented on it ? finialy , answering this quesion will be a great help to me , i m on my gradution project which is on IDSs and i will be greatfull if some one  could provide me with more help . thanks ,
updated discussion 25 Nov 2015
If I try to clone and create additional tasks and packages, the seem to connect and update the existing task and package. For example – see attached If I clone the package (with blue icon), the clone will appear but when I modify it and click apply, it also updates the original. Same happens when cloning the task, any changes made to the clone automatically updates the original within the ...
updated discussion 25 Nov 2015
Hi all, I have just one small question to ask. I'm looking for a solution that can block USB, Wifi, CD rom, and I have found the Symantec EndPoint Security solution that look very nice and full compare to other solutions. But can you tell me if the EndPoint Security solution can be configured based on Users / Groups and not only on Computer Collections. I'm looking for a solution based on ...
updated discussion 25 Nov 2015
I have got the SEP Integration working. Except for when I go into the configuration is just shows "BASIC DATA INPUT" at the top of the screen. I am not allowed to enter anything... ideas?
updated discussion 25 Nov 2015
Bonjour,  J'ai à nouveau le message (via pop up) :  ====  symantec endpoint protection  le trafic est bloqué à partir de cette application: (svchost.exe)  ====  1) je l'ai eu il y a quelques mois et supprimé en enlevant l'IPV6 2) il est revenu depuis quelques semaines 3) donc j'ai décidé de remettre ...
updated discussion 25 Nov 2015
Hello, I tried to access EVS from an iPad running Safari yesterday. You can browse EVS and download attached JPGs. However I was unable to download attached PDFs. I double checked the SCL and I could not find explicit support for iPad Safari with EVS. During a Symantec event about 18 months ago I was introduced to EVS. The presenter had given me the impression that EVS was built to support ...
updated discussion 25 Nov 2015
Hi I have a Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 media and its does not have OWA 2013 Extensions, only from OWA 2003 Extensions to OWA 2010 Extensions. Where can I get OWA 2013 Extensions?
updated discussion 25 Nov 2015
Can anyone offer a little guidence please?  I have an image i'm trying to rip from one PC to my ghost server, i'm wanting to run sysprep during this process so that i can distribute the image to multiple PC's at a later time.  The method i'm using right now is, in GSS, New job > create disk image > choose my path etc, and select "prepare using sysprep". How do i get sysprep to not ...
new discussion 25 Nov 2015
Hi, everybody! I was looking for VCS cluster manager and VEA for download and looks like were removed from the earth!!! has anybody a idea where i could gotten them? Thanks in advanced for your support! Have a nice day.
new discussion 25 Nov 2015
My company is in the process of expanding to a new facility about 150 miles from our main location.  I have been tasked with making sure all the pc's there have the proper images.  My question is will I be able to push the image we have on our Ghost server to the new location.  For the first few weeks that location will have Comcast Commercial for it's internet, until we ...