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updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
I am using the FSAUtility to move placeholder files from one file server to another and keep receiving the following error message:   "Volume xxx not found in EV database"   The command that I am using is:    FSAUtility -m -s \\servername1\sharename\folder1 -d \\servername2\sharename\folder1   What does the above error really mean and how can I fix the issue in order to successfully move the ...
updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
Hi Everyone,   Does enyone have any SQL queries ? looking for two to do the following:-   1.   List number of mailboxes enabled for archiving. 2.   List all mailboxes that are enabled for archiving with a archive of less that 50MB.   Thanks team       Pat        
updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
Will the 7.5 outlook extensions work at all with EV 9.0.1?  I'm hoping everything except Vault Cache will work. I have a client that needs to upgrade from 8.0.5 to 9.0 because of an exchange 2010 migration, however, their primary Outlook version used is Outlook XP.  They have many users with Outlook XP running the EV7.5 clients and it is fine (because OV is not used). Thanks...SDK
updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
Hi all, I setup the Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task with default policy, but it doesn't work as expected. Some items were archiving, and some were not. Please help me to solve the problem.
updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
Hi all, Is it possible to get a daily report on item archiving rate through reporting services ? I've created a subscription but in the settings of the subscription you have to select a start/end date for the report. However these dates are not incremented by one each day, it's a fixed range. So is there a way to solve this through RS or do I need to e.g. script a sql query ...
updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
Hi Everyone,   Hapyy New Year and all that stuff, got a sight problem with the EV9 Client on our Citrix Serrvers - everytime a user logs into citrix a message goes to teh vent viewer:- Error 1004 the resource can not be found EV Shortcut.fdm.   Also usera are getting error 3009 - Error Installing Perormace Counter for Outlook   This is only happening in Citrix on normal PC's ...
updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
Each time I start Outlook and get into EV I have to enter my domain, user ID, and password. Others in my work group do not. They are not prompted at all for user name and password. I am running User Extensions 6.0 SP4. I also have IE7. If I logon to another PC it works correctly. What's up?Tom
updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
We recently installed the Discovery and Compliance Accellorators onto our 2007 sp4 server and now journalling has stopped.   I've went through and put the registery changes in i could find posted for option 2 and override and moveonfilterfailure.   This is the first of 4 errors back to back.   We see error codes 274, 3279, 3147, 3144   APP JC - Could not initialise the ...
updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
Hi, I have just recently upgraded EV from EV 8.0 SP2 to SP4. It did so successfully however, the Enterprise Vault Online section would not load. I have been searching the forums high and low for a resolution to this, as it is a demo server which needs to be functional 100%. I could not find anything on here so thought I would post my workaround. Error: ...
updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
Have started seeing more of these errors on our EV servers. "EnterpriseVault.Directory Connection object reported an error. Ran out of memory." They tend to occur on Sunday's when we are running our Archive Tasks all day long.  We'll see about 6 entries of this error, and then a 2217 Event stating that the Message dispenser will resume processing. The errors stop after our services are ...
updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
We recently upgraded our EV server, our file server and our sql server (versions, names everything...) So, we're running EV8.3 on a W2k8x64 sp2 enterprise server, our file server is W2k8x64 sp2 standard, and our SQL is 2005. Disk is all netapp disk, attached to the servers as (ev and file) as mount points. I run the Task to archive the file server and it chugs along creating archives (can ...
updated discussion 19 Apr 2014
Can someone tell me how long it should take from the time I archive something to the time I can find it with Archive Explorer and via Search? Also what controls this? We are on EV 8.0 SP3 and it seems like it takes much longer now for items to show then it used to in the past. Thanks. Tom
new discussion 19 Apr 2014
For the first clash of the year, the FIM SuperMoto World Championship will return to Rivesaltes, on the Mediterranean coast, not far from Perpignan, the venue that hosted the final meeting of 2013. Mauno Hermunen (Team TM), who is now on Michelin rubber, will be out to defend the title he claimed last season with a score of 10 wins from 14.  CLICK HERE TO That said, he ...