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updated discussion 10 Jul 2014
Hi,   i'm running NetBackup on Solaris 10. With 2 Mediaservers and the Master in a non-Global Solaris Zone. Sometimes i do have a strange behaviour. Everything runs. All jobs are scheduled and processed correctly. (as far as i can see) The only thing that doesn't work is the 'bpdbjobs' CMD. I didnt find another CMD that doesnt work. But this is somewhat important. Lots of ...
updated discussion 10 Jul 2014
We are having an issue where our fileserver becomes unresponsive for a couple of minutes intermittently. I am trying to understand what EV is doing at the point in time   In the IIS logs   2014-04-23 14:30:11 GET /EnterpriseVault/download.asp ...
updated discussion 10 Jul 2014
We have Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 installed and I can see the rescall from the IIS logs "C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1" and then the entry 2013-09-12 07:05:57  GET /EnterpriseVault/download.asp VaultID=1EE80A7207188EA48B7933E7E92E0A8E31110000EVserver01&SavesetId=201206200219560~200904011201040000~Z~C122D90487E1D1C44A62561D4F455C91&Request=NativeItem&EVHeaders=1&Segment=0 80 - ...
updated discussion 10 Jul 2014
Howdy mates! I am not sure if this had been answered in other thread/s but I had been googling for days now but to no avail. My case is that my SEP 12.1.4 Virus & Spyware definition is not updating on fresh installed Windows 8.1 64Bit. When I update, it is saying that it has 2 available updates but 0 installed. Please find below the log. Initializing... Connecting to ...
updated discussion 10 Jul 2014
I have a server 2012 server with works well with Media side dedupe configured . My environment is a Netbackup  The server 2012 client has 4CPU and 16GB of RAM  When I have client side dedupe configured Status 41 occurs after a significant amount of data has been transferred, or at the end of the backup,   Looks like its a client-side resource issue ??  but cannot ...
discussion comment 10 Jul 2014
new discussion 10 Jul 2014
Hi,   I have created two packages [ for ex-  Release 1.0  and Release 2.0] using semantec virtualization composer. My intention is to create an upgrade layer from Rel 1.0 to Rel 2.0. I have created upgrade layer using "Create Layer" menu. It created upgrade.vpa succesfully. However while appying patch using composer to Rel 1.0 I got below error- " Error during attempt to delete ...