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new discussion 18 Sep 2014
My Client EV Infrastructure has two environments A which is older (and has zero mailbox servers nor mailboxes) and B which is current, however people are still able to access the older environment even though their mailboxes and AD account are in the B Domain. The issue that we have discovered is that people can retrieve emails that are located in the older environment however they ...
updated discussion 18 Sep 2014
Running NBU on RHEL 6.3 single Master server with a Scalar i80 four drive library.  Backing up Windows and Linux servers, Oracle, Exchange and File backups.  While the backups are super efficient with multiplexing, the network bonding and functionality with Linux seems very weak.  Maybe its just RHEL 6.3. Considering migrating to a Windows 2012 R2 Master server.  ...
updated discussion 17 Sep 2014
We have to set up bmr.Kindly help to understand its concept.
updated discussion 17 Sep 2014
Problem: Upon executing the App Center URL, I've got the error 500 - Internal Server Error. Prior to the issue, no changes was made.   Cause: Upon checking the log's, found out that there is an expiry for oracle user hence causing the services to not functioning.   Where to look for the error: Error code: DatabaseError: ORA-28001: the password has ...
new blog entry 17 Sep 2014
ここ数年マルウェアは、さまざまな手段を使ってセキュリティ製品による検出をすり抜けようとしています。現在活動しているマルウェアの多くは、セキュリティ製品に関連するプロセスやサービスを終了させたり、ファイルやレジストリキーを削除したりする機能を備えています。今回確認された手法は単純ながら興味深いもので、セキュリティ製品のインストールを回避することを狙っています。 日本のオンラインバンクやクレジットカード会社を狙うようにカスタマイズされた、Trojan.Snifula の一連の亜種を使う詐欺グループは、ある日本製セキュリティ製品による検出を回避する方法を模索しています。この亜種で使われている最新の設定ファイルに含まれる JavaScript は、ブラウザがコンテンツをロードする際に、特定の Web ...
updated discussion 17 Sep 2014
Dear All, I want to know that why Rman backup job don,t Retry if any child job fails with 83 .   7/4/2014 10:06:20 AM - Info bpbrm(pid=8633) t2401_vip1 is the host to backup data from      7/4/2014 10:06:20 AM - Info bpbrm(pid=8633) reading file list from client         7/4/2014 10:06:21 AM - Info bpbrm(pid=8633) listening for ...
new discussion 17 Sep 2014
Hi All,   Kindly clarify if the below features are included in "SYMC ENCRYPTION DESKTOP CORPORATE"; Standard: OpenPGP Standard Type: RSA Size: 4096/4096 Expiry Date: Required (Recommended life 2 to 5 years) Ciphers Allowed: AES , AES256 (Preferred: AES) Hashes Allowed: SHA-2-256 (Preferred: SHA-2-256, SHA-1-256 )