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updated blog entry 02 Oct 2014
Like previous versions, Enterprise Vault 11.0 also allows power users to perform search on custom properties. In the new version due to enhanced UI, search on custom properties has become more user friendly. You can now perform search on more than 1 custom field, to be specific Enterprise Vault Search (EVS) allows maximum of 9 custom fields, 3 each for Date, Text and Number Fields. By default ...
new blog entry 02 Oct 2014
Some problems require the help of a cup of decent coffee to sort out, especially those ones where things magically disappear for no apparent reason….such as EVPM filters set on the Deleted Items folder of Exchange 2013 mailboxes.   When you set a filter via EVPM, it stores the details of the filter in an item in the associated contents of the mailbox. As it's in the associated contents, ...
discussion comment 02 Oct 2014
updated discussion 02 Oct 2014
Is there a way to inlude the System Reserved Related Drive when adding an image job with vb script?  The file is created when defining the back-up job manually.     '-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     ' Step 7: Create an image job.     ' Parameters used:  DisplayName - specify ...
new discussion 02 Oct 2014
Hi, I'm trying to setup a FileShare on Windows2008 and trying to set the "sharename" Attribute in fileshare. We can give any name for sharename right? And then we can access the foldes as below right?    \\virtualname\sharename\        
updated discussion 02 Oct 2014
Hello, When you set it up fileshare resource in windows and when it comes online. What exactly VCS agent monitor? How does it deteminte it is working or not? Is there a PID ID? or LOCK file?      
discussion comment 02 Oct 2014
mokkan commented on: SQL server issue
discussion comment 02 Oct 2014