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new discussion 06 Jul 2015
Greetings, I  got involved with one P2V conversion issue which is segementation fault (core dumping) when executing through GUI and nbrestorevm command fails with P2V conversion job status 7. We have Appliances Based Master/Media Server running version NetBackup. VIC (VMware Instance Converter) is on VM based Windows 2008R2 Server also running on version NetBackup ...
new discussion 06 Jul 2015
I'm using SEE 11.0.1, and I'm trying to figure out what the process/commands are with using OpenSSL for Windows to create self-signed certificates for the server SEEMS is on and the client machines communicating with it. It's all on an internal network, so I'm not concerned (nor do I want to spend the money) with getting a cert from a "legit" CA. I also looked at ADCS, and didn't ...
new discussion 06 Jul 2015
Hi, I am using NBU 6.5.6 in our envirement. We have many policies with 3 sechdules daily,monthly and weekly. Daily secdules runs daily,weekly runs on every friday and monthly runs every 4th friday. One strange thing i nooticed is that if for some reason monthly backup fails(frequuency 4 weeks),it keeps on running every week till it is been completed  is this true or i am doing ...
new discussion 06 Jul 2015
Hi, I am usingg NBU 6.5.6  in our envirement.When i took report from reports--images on media,in certain images i can see expiration date as blank(No date isvisible). Kindly letme know can we use that tapes.Also how to list expired media in a windows server.Please help Thanks
discussion comment 06 Jul 2015
updated event 06 Jul 2015
An effective Business Continuity strategy is a necessity in today’s business world. Potentially business damaging situations like hacker attacks, natural disasters, malware disruptions, hardware failures and even human error can bring a business to its knees. Your vision is consistent and accelerated business success. This requires adopting innovative new IT trends and IT Service ...
updated discussion 06 Jul 2015
In response to continued feedback from both our customers and sales community that our current Storage Foundation High Availability (SFHA) product portfolio and pricing are too complex, we are moving to replace the 19 different product offerings (including Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, Cluster File System, etc.) with four products. Not only are the products being consolidated, the ...