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updated blog entry 29 Nov 2015
サイバー犯罪者がクレジットカード情報を求める貪欲さには、際限がありません。オンラインで情報を盗み出す手口はいくつもありますが、なかでも狙われやすい標的が POS システムです。小売店の店頭レジ端末(POS)システムにおける購買額の 60% が、クレジットカードまたはデビットカードを使って支払われているという統計もあります。大規模な小売店では POS システムを使って毎日何千件という取引が処理されていることを考えれば、大量のクレジットカードデータを入手しようとしているサイバー犯罪者が POS 端末を集中的に狙うのも当然でしょう。POS システムに対する攻撃の手口と、その攻撃から身を守る方法については、「Attacks on Point of Sales Systems(POS ...
new discussion 29 Nov 2015
NetBackup when doing BMR backups, it is advisable or better to have only the basic Windows services running or does not matter even if SQL Server is up and users are accessing the database?
updated discussion 29 Nov 2015
Hi, I want to upgrade netbackup appliance version to 7.7 because after extract file i don't see file for update .rpm what should i do ? or how to step for upgrade . thank you so much damrongpol s.
updated discussion 29 Nov 2015
Hello people. I have a domain with two MSDP but a MSDP this with 89% in use and another 35% in use and I have backups with one-year retention. In this case, I wonder what is the best practice to migrate a backup between MSDP? I need to reduce a use the first MSDP !
updated discussion 29 Nov 2015
Hi, I want to download software veritas netbackup appliance new version. in the past download via Symantec file connect and now i don't saw new version of netbackup appliance software. I want to know new www for download veritas software. thank you and best regards, damrongpol s.
updated discussion 29 Nov 2015
Hi everyone, I have 26 clients windows physicals, 2 VMware and 16 BD SQL inside of this VMware, with 20 TB for backup.....just that dont find a guide full licencing of Netbackup, i need know the difference of Agent vs Capacity, and know how the appliance 5230 is licensed. The appliance 5230 is licensed for agent or capacity?  Anybody here can i help me please...? Also need a list of price ...
updated discussion 29 Nov 2015
I have an client in noida and he has 20 locations. but all location not connected with each other. Client wants to symanec endpoint clients update to noida location.For this : I have create a scenerio. First I have done Noida SEPM Server's local ip map to public ip and create a rule in firewall lan to wan and wan to lan allow for IP and port. Now Mumbai 's Gup server connected with Noida ...
updated discussion 29 Nov 2015
Hi,  Dear Friends,  I need to remove sophos 10.3 and Avasta premimum antivirus from few client only with SEPM management console, i try with SepPrep tool but unable to work.. can anyone create SEPPrep.ini for removing sophos 10.3 and aswell Avastsa premimum and should installd sepm clients edition