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new discussion 01 Jul 2015
Hi Experts I am looking to configure SAP application hosts  as media server to backup itself to OST ProtecTIER What are the requirements I may required to list @  Master server & Media server ( SAP application host ) end. Host : RHEL 6 Master Server: RHEL OS with NBU Regards
updated idea 01 Jul 2015
eDP_idea-1013 If you navigate to the case Processing > Participants you can get a list of participants. However there is no easy way to get this list out. Can we have an export button so that we can export that list of participants? Also there is a note that the top 500 participants will be shown. The idea is to get a list of all participants. Raised on behalf of a customer
updated discussion 01 Jul 2015
Hello i have problem with discovering the remote server resources while adding the server from the backup exec management server using the server name (hostname), i have error when clicking on "establish a trust" - check the attachment - "Error", but when i add the server using the IP address everything works normal and i'm able to discover the resources here below are the logs ...
updated discussion 01 Jul 2015
I just deployed a new server with BE 15 on it, running MS Server 2008. I'm backing up to a tape library, not to disk.  I've only been using it for about 6 weeks, and I've got less than 1GB on the server hard drive.  I expect all the space is being taken up by logs and such, how do I free up some space and change the settings so it doesn't crash the server?
updated discussion 01 Jul 2015
Hello all, I would like to know more about this issue.   I am running netbackup media server on solaris 11 when i try to made a bpclntcmd -self test i get this error. $ /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -self yp_get_default_domain failed: (6) internal yp server or client error NIS does not seem to be running: (1) args to yp function are bad gethostname() returned: XXXXXXX host ...
updated idea 01 Jul 2015
eDP_idea-1021 Customers may want to export production metadata but do not want the native files or images that go with the production metadata file.  Check boxes are visible but the check boxes are initially not available to change.   (The check boxes is checked and grayed out.)   Intuitively a customer should be able to uncheck these boxes if the customer does not want to ...
updated discussion 01 Jul 2015
Hi People.! This is my first question ever and I am excited to see how we go about this together :) I have two jobs configured for now. One is for a heavy duty Exchange and Files Server. I am running BE 15 on Win2012R2. The Error I get is not frequently but abruptly occur with message as below. ======================================================= Job ended: ...
updated idea 01 Jul 2015
eDP_idea-1020 As it exists right now the documents in the PDF portfolio container file are treated as embedded objects.    This feature request is to have the internal documents listed as attachments to the PDF portfolio file instead of embedded objects.     Attachments more closely emulate the relationship between the PDF portfolio container file and the ...
updated idea 01 Jul 2015
At present, the regular global "exclude_list" file allows the exclusion of entire mountpoints.  This comes in handy with OES2 machines, when trying to exclude everything under /opt/novell/nss/mnt.  The filesystems under that directory are unable to be backed up b/c they don't hold real data, only an abstraction that is used elsewhere.  If these mountpoints are not excluded, they ...
updated idea 01 Jul 2015
eDP_idea-1019 When a large production export is performed the export is broken down into smaller segments.  This is understandable.  The export can be very large and sometimes has to be broken down into smaller segments in order to modularize the export.  The trouble is some customers want to import the data as one unit with one dat file.    What would be nice ...
updated discussion 01 Jul 2015
I have a  "RollbackSnapshotTempDB" is single user mode on a system with SQL2012 and SSR2013.  I have tried the following with no luck.  Any help would be appreciated Step 1: USE master GO ALTER DATABASE "RollbackSnapshotTempDB{XXX}" SET OFFLINE WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE GO Step 2: DROP DATABASE "RollbackSnapshotTempDB{XXX}" Step 3: ALTER DATABASE DISTRIBUTION SET ...