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updated discussion 01 Oct 2014
Hi There, am wondering if anyone can help on how to can add GCO function after the cluster installed completed and i have the cluster already running for a while. please. thanks. Kind Regards, John
updated blog entry 01 Oct 2014
대부분의 Linux 및 Unix 운영 체제 버전과 (Unix를 기반으로 한) Mac OS X에 영향을 미칠 수 있는 새로운 취약점이 발견되었습니다. "배시 버그(Bash Bug)" 또는 "셸쇼크(ShellShock)"라고도 하는 GNU 배시 원격 코드 실행 취약점(CVE-2014-6271)에 대한 익스플로잇이 성공할 경우 공격자가 표적이 된 시스템을 제어할 수 있게 됩니다. 이 취약점은 배시(Bash)에 영향을 미치는데, 배시는 여러 버전의 Linux 및 Unix에서 볼 수 있는 일반적인 구성 요소 셸에 해당합니다. 배시는 일반적인 명령 해석기의 역할을 수행합니다. 다시 말해 사용자가 간단한 텍스트 기반 창에 명령을 입력하면 운영 체제에서 이를 실행할 수 있도록 합니다. 배시는 애플리케이션으로부터 ...
new discussion 01 Oct 2014
Hi, Hello, I have overlook this one and enabled two policy at the same time (host only and full install policy). Result most of pc installed PCAnywhere with host only connection. Client want to use their PCAnywhere on any pc.. Is there a procedure that can be done to do this without reinstalling PCA?   Thanks!!!
updated discussion 01 Oct 2014
Hi Guysssss   please advise,  whenever we tried to install agent to machine, then agent reported to console. error appear: Authentication Failure: Incorrect Tool Key is used during communication   please have a comment on this page.     Thank you
new discussion 01 Oct 2014
I have Altiris Inventory Agent (v7.5.3219) running on several computers.  The issue is that everytime a Collect Full Inventory task runs it fails, causing a Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library popup error saying that a "Debug Assertion Failed!"  instead.  I have attached a screenshot of the popup that appears. Any help would be appreciated. (The computers are running Windows 7 ...
updated blog entry 01 Oct 2014
The Shellshock “Bash Bug” vulnerability, uncovered last week, affects most versions of Unix and Linux based systems. This vulnerability has the potential to allow an attacker to gain control of an affected computer via Bash, which is the shell component that is utilized in multiple versions of both operating systems. Bash is a command line interpreter that executes text commands via the ...