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new discussion 25 Jan 2015
Hi  We have configured patch management CMS 7.5 HF4 to notify users when patches are ready to be installed.  We have also configured the reboot deferal notificaiton to appear after the patch cycle has completed, giving the user 3 days to reboot the computer.  Our system assessment scan is configured to run every 6 hours. We are finding that if an installed patch requires a ...
updated discussion 25 Jan 2015
I have Symantec Endpoint Protection which includes the following - Antivirus and Antispyware Protection Proactive Threat Protection Network Threat Protection The Proactive Threat is updated and up to date but the other two areas last updated on 5/01/15 why has it stopped updating and how do i correct this?
updated discussion 25 Jan 2015
HI guys...,     We are using SYSTEM CENTER ENDPOINT PROTECTION Antivirus ...we need to uninstall this antivirus and install SEPM 12.1.5. Any one know how to uninstall System Center Endpoint Protection? our OS is :Windows 7 and windows 8.1?????/
updated discussion 25 Jan 2015
hi duys..., We install new SEPM 12.1.5 version....and now in deployment time some error are show. we push the AV to one client,in client system shows " trail license is expired.All content downloads will discontinue on 1/17/2015 "  we check the license tab and its show still it have 29 seat is balance(total 90 seats) and the license expired on 10/20/2015..???????? the error show in below??
updated discussion 25 Jan 2015
Anyone know which DB files and the location of the files using DS6.9 SP6 need to be backed up for SQL DB restoring purposes? I am running DS6.9 SP6 on Server 2012, SQL Express 2012. I usually just backup the DB files manually with SQL shutdown, but it appears the locations have changed under the newer versions of SQL/SQLExpress. Thank You, Sean
updated discussion 25 Jan 2015
I need to get the count of all Adobe Acrobat versions from Altiris and would be something like noted below to show Software Display Name, Display Version, Manufacturer, Count.  I appreciate the help       Adobe Acrobat Professional     8     Adobe Systems, Inc.     4 Adobe Acrobat Professional     9 ...
updated discussion 25 Jan 2015
Hi, I'm about to upgrade my SMS on Lotus Domino and I can't remember if it is 32 or 64 bit version of SMS. I've search but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know how to check this. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
updated discussion 25 Jan 2015
Hi , Need help to get a report in Altiris 7.1 to show the fields, Machine Name, User Name, OS type, Software Name, Date Installed where Software  is  like "Check Point"   and list the count of all entries for it. I started on the query below but it is incomplete . I appreciate your help and time on this. SELECT vc.Guid,vc.Name, arp.DisplayName,arp.DisplayVersion FROM ...
updated discussion 25 Jan 2015
All when we attemp to image a machine we get the following error, we image using the the PXE method, the automation works but when the machine is suppose to be ghosted/imaged, the screen fflashes a few time and it goes away.  We get the following error. ErrorMessage: Exception has occured in File Tcube_ClientImageDeploy.cpp at Line No 1027. Type of exception is ...
new discussion 25 Jan 2015
I need a solution Win 7-64 SSR 2013 up to date. I have incremental backup sets that C Drive -020, C Drive -020_i001, C Drive -020_i002 , . . . . C Drive -020_i015, C Drive -020_i016, C Drive -020_i017, C Drive -020_i018.  I had a problem and needed to restore from the backup named i015.  Since the backup after 015 are "BAD" I would like to remove them. Can I simply ...