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updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
We're planning the implmentation of Secure ICAP to secure the ICAP traffic between our BlueCoat proxies and Web Prevent v12.5 server, and I would like to pick the community brain before I start installing software.  Environment DLP Web Prevent v12.5 running on Windows 2012 R2.  BlueCoat Proxies Has anyone implemented a similar secure ICAP config before?  What ...
new blog entry 26 Jan 2015
Symantec Identity: Access Manager (SAM) now supports VIP Push and VIP Login. VIP Push When we introduced VIP Access Push we told you how much more convenient it is – you automatically receive a Push verification to your registered mobile device upon sign-in, replacing the need for you to manually enter a security code – it’s just a push of a button.  We’ve now taken it one step further ...
updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
Hallo zusammen, wir haben einen MS Exchange 2010 im Einsatz, der auf einem Windows 2008 R2 installiert ist. Unser Backup machen wir mittels Backup Exec 2010 mit dem Agent für Exchange. Wir können die EX-Datenbanken sichern und wenn es sein muss auch einzelne Elemente (z.B. Mails) wiederherstellen. Wir sichern hierbei in einen B2D-Ordner, der auf einer Windows-Freigabe liegt (Freigabe auf einem ...
updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
heya i have a 2008 server that is showing up as offline in SEPM v12.1.5 RU5 after i pushed the client out to it via SEPM. ive enabled sylink logging and i can see the following errors.. theres some mention about licensing but im not sure why this is as the license details are definitely correct on the SEPM server. 01/26 12:48:41.382 [16172] Error getting the license information (31) 01/26 ...
new discussion 26 Jan 2015
When trying to create a ticket through the webservice, we can getting the following errors in the Altiris log viewer: Process: w3wp.exe (1956) Thread ID: 5432 Module: AltirisNativeHelper.dll Source: Altiris.AlertManager.SqlHelper Description: Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values violating non-null, unique, or foreign-key constraints. sp_getworkitemrules Process: ...
discussion comment 26 Jan 2015
Brɨan commented on: Console Passwd
updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
I am trying to duplicate backup images from disk pool to tape through bpduplicate command but its failing with  error 190 "found no images or media matching the selection criteria:. below is the command I am using,Can somebody please suggest what I am missing here. bpduplicate -backupid xxx  -dstunit xxx-hcart3-robot-tld-0 -dp Daily -primary -v -L outputfile.txt
updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
Hi team, Ihave a symantec VMware agent and I'm not able to backup a virtual machine with 2 Vmdk. Vmdk1=60Go Vmdk2=1800Go The error displayed is: "The job failed with the following error: impossible to create an immediate snapshot of the virtual machine. This one does not exist any more or is maybe too much occupied to accept the snapshot. Could you please help? Thanks in ...
updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
I apologize if this information is available elsewhere... searches couldn't bring it up. Does Symantec Anti-Virus for Linux scan files for Windows and Mac viruses as well?
updated discussion 26 Jan 2015
Hello Everyone. We have been using BE 2010 for years to backup our 6 servers. We have 1 media server and the others have various agents. We use B2D to a NAS for our backup device. This setup has been somewhat unreliable. At least once a month (and sometimes once a week) the device will be unavailable in BE even though it is still on and still accessable, etc. My idea is to redo this setup ...