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updated discussion 29 Jan 2015
I have EV11.01 installed on Windows 2008 R2. I have some Citrix servers with Outlook 2010, and the Outlook add-in installed. I have configured the desktop policy to show "Delete from Vault" and on the toolbar. The retention category is not set to prevent user deletion. When i open Outlook, open the Enterprise Vault tab, there is not an option to delete in the toolbar. When I go to search, ...
updated discussion 29 Jan 2015
HI, I try to make a chart with the results of a query to a database, you want to put the ID field horizontally and vertically TiempoenDias field but me nothing appears. Could someone give me an example on how I should configure that component or knows that me nothing appears. Thank You
updated discussion 29 Jan 2015
Hoping that you can help us find a solution to problem we are having getting the first backup duplicated from remote MSDP nodes to the central MSDP node. Background info: We have 15+ (more to come) remote sites that NBU is getting deployed to on new hardware, we are going with pure disk based storage so no tape in this setup. Each site will have its own media server on site set up has a ...
updated discussion 29 Jan 2015
we just moved to the 2014 version of backup exec from 2012, when pushing the updated agent out I had one failure on a windows 2003 server. I tried doing a manual install instead of push, I get a message that version 13.05204 has been detected, and it will be upgraded, and when I continue from there the error I get is "the application has failed to start becuase BECRYPTO.DLL was not found, ...
updated discussion 29 Jan 2015
Hi All, Need one hep from all experts here. one of tape drive from HP ESL library is connected to Solaris server and it is detecting as Disk device  not as tape device. actaully it should be tape devices as it is physical tape drive. Pos  Port_ID Hard_Addr Port WWN         Node WWN         ...
updated discussion 29 Jan 2015
Trying to run instant recovery after a successful backup.  I'm getting a socket error, but how can I tell what's wrong exactly? The media server doesn't have a firewall. 14:04:25.674 [8170] process_publish_request: Found a backup image VR2-006.iLab.local_1422530711 supported for Instant Recovery for VMware 14:04:25.919 [8170] retry_getaddrinfo_for_real: [vnet_addrinfo.c:1054] ...
updated discussion 29 Jan 2015
NetBackup Guru's Got a general question about NetBackup Accelerator backups of Win 2k8( system state. My Windows 2k8 system state is ~15GB in size, it takes around 16 minutes to backup, with Accelerator features enabled, it always takes anywhere btw 15 to 20 Minutes. I know the system state backups is always full, however I am confused why it takes so long all the time. Below is some ...
updated discussion 29 Jan 2015
Hello, Someone could help me to understand why my Vault Store Partition volume recovered about 1TB of space from the night to the day? Yesterday had 200GB of free space and today has 1,2TB. Scenario: - File System Archiving - Collections are enabled with 1 day configured. - Have 6 Partitions on the same volume. - Storage Expiry is not configured. (Set Never) - Retention Categories set with 15 ...