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updated discussion 16 Sep 2014
I do not understand LiveUpdate for Netbackup. I know now that Netbackup Client 7.1 out-of-the-box don't support the LiveUpdate util. Okay, than i use a NBU_7.5.0.6 Client for my tests, and the first Error 11 messages are gone. My Problem is, that Liveupdate run's without any errors, but the version of the client is still the same -> NBU_7.5.0.6 ->, but i have installed the NBU_7.6.0.1 ...
new discussion 15 Sep 2014
SymantecBrithgMailのLDAP連携を使用していますが 「LDAPにユーザは存在するが、メールアドレスが存在しない」 メールを受信した際に、送信元へ社内メールサーバ名およびIPアドレスが記載された バウンスメールを返信してしまいます。 上記を設定で防ぐ事は可能でしょうか。   ご教授をお願いいたします。
updated discussion 15 Sep 2014
Deployed the agent from server but fail on such systems. Again tried to install but no client installed?  
updated discussion 15 Sep 2014
Hi, Is it possible to install SEPM silently with its MSI file(Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.msi)? I tried the CLI like below: msiexec.exe /i "symantec endpoint protection manager.msi" /qn /norestart, installation seems runs well, but I can't find default password for the user: admin, and resetpass.bat generated exception,anybody know the full parameter or document for the SEPM silent ...
new discussion 15 Sep 2014
Hi! We have a requirement to move away from Exchange 2010 archiving in favor of Enterprise Vault 10.x. Any generous inputs on how and the best way to do it is much appreciated. Thank you!
updated discussion 15 Sep 2014
Hi all, I've got a Netapp with a bunch of unused space which I've carved a cifs share volume.  I've added that as a storage unit to our Netabckup master server. I'm wondering if I can use Accelerator for that storage unit.  When I enabled it, it popped up with the message: To use the accelerator, select storage units from a supported storage server: PureDisk Deduplication (PDDO), ...
updated discussion 15 Sep 2014
ousor posted: vxfen
hi, I wish to verify to fencing mechanism. Let`s say we have 10 nodes in vcs and we start all of the nodes.After the vcs is up and running one of those nodes write the keyregistration on coordinator device right? Or maybe all the nodes write the key registration? How I verify the health of fencing DG?(Should I verify if DG has key registration from an node(all the nodes),then vxprint ...