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updated discussion 22 Dec 2014
I have installed a Netbackup appliance 5230 and configured the maximum size of 75TB as a dedupe pool .. I however just read somehwere the deduplication partition the max size is 64tb Is this true ? so i guess i need to resize my dedupe pool to 64TB and allocate 10TB as Advance disk ?
updated discussion 22 Dec 2014
Hi - I have two Nbu domains both running 7.6 with AIR SLP's between each. The master on each domain is the DR master for the alternate domain Site 1 has an SLP setup for the backup and replication operations and site 2 has an SLP the import and duplication. I have a backup copy on disk for 6 months at the primary site which is replicated to disk at the secondary site and also held ...
updated article 22 Dec 2014
In Enterprise Vault 11.0 significant changes have been made to the search application (EVS). Apart from multiple browser support and a new UI there are few other features which are introduced at the server side.  In the Vault Admin Console (VAC), a new node “Client Access” has been added to help EV administrators in deploying Enterprise Vault Search (EVS) and Internet Mail Archives. In ...
updated discussion 22 Dec 2014 We are planning on a exchange 2013 upgrade in the very near future.  I just read the above which states cu1 is not supported (as of 7/3/2013) in a mixed environment.  We will need to run 2007 and 2013 for approx one to two weeks before removing 2007.  Does ...
updated discussion 22 Dec 2014
Good Afternoon, I was wondering if anyone else using Enterprise Vault has seen any issues with opening .pdf files in Acrobat Reader after the file has been recalled. We are in the process of recalling massive amounts of data and copying them to a NAS.  The file seem to recall and copy without issue, but when you try to open them,  you receive an error that reads "Adobe Reader could ...
updated discussion 22 Dec 2014
Hi people, Can anyone please let me know what is the best way to safely and the suggested way to recalling file from the Archived Vaults ? and I wonder if it is possible to know beforehand what is the total capacity needed on the target file server before I rehydrate all of the files to avoid disk space issue. Thanks.
updated discussion 22 Dec 2014
Hello, we have 1 EV 9.0.4 server running on a 2 nodes cluster W2K3. 2 months ago we completed the migration of archived mailboxes to 8 Exchange 2010 SP2 servers ( 2 DAGs). Since few weeks some users (not the same) are receiving notifications for deletion of Not Read Messages. They are noticing this because they know the recipient is still on vacation. When I check the time of the notification, ...
updated discussion 22 Dec 2014
Hi, I'm puzzled by how much larger the exported pst size from DA in comparison with the exported archive from EV. I exported an archive including journal mails from EV which total to about 20.2GB and this contains emails from 2010 the time EV was put in place. Another request (same user) was to export all pst from 01/2011 to 9/2014 and this  came out to a whopping 42.4GB. To be certain, I ...
updated discussion 22 Dec 2014
Before we delete a mailbox (and AD account) we usually disable the mailbox from vaulting. Is this necessary? What happens if a a mailbox and AD account are deleted without disabling the vaulting first? Hope someone can answer this!
updated blog entry 22 Dec 2014
What makes the real difference between today’s targeted attackers and those organisations that find themselves in their sights? The attackers have the persistence and patience to execute their plans over months and years. They have only to get their attack strategy right ONCE to breach someone’s defences. Their would-be victims have to be able to resist those assaults for every second of every ...