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new discussion 02 Sep 2014
I have a dedup storage and a stand alone tape drive. My backups runs to the dedup storage and for one server alone the full backup which runs on the weekend gets duplicate to the tape (LTO-4) The weekend backup job finishes on Saturday. Then the duplicate to tape is initiated. I always make sure to insert an overwritable tape in the standalone drive before I leave on Friday. Now the issue is ...
updated discussion 02 Sep 2014
Hello Experts, We need to integrate Netbackup in one of our Monitoring tools. It will send the reports to us on the basis of error codes thats got displayed in Netbackup Activity monitor. Pls let me know the location of the logs of this Activity monitor where can we find the logs so that we can integrate the same. Its 2008 server with netbackup 7.6.01 Thanks,
updated discussion 02 Sep 2014
I got a NBU master server and a media server, the media server has a SL48 robot with 2 SCSI-LTO4 All my backups are running just fine, mounting tapes all the time, except my Vault_catalogbackup. When the catalog backup starts it tries to mount 2 inline copies, NLTxxx NRTxxx Looking at the NBU logs it seems it can't mount any of them, timing out. The strange thing is that it works ~ 4 days a ...
new discussion 02 Sep 2014
Hello All, I am sure this is simple, but for the life of me I cannot find where the Manager relationship to a User is located in the SQL database (7.1) Does someone have a simple join statement to relate a user to the manager in their User Profile?
updated discussion 02 Sep 2014
Hello Support Team, I recently upgraded my appliance version from to version However, the upgrade did not work. Before the upgrade I copied the image SYMC_NBAPP_update- into the appliance /inst/patch/incoming directory. I was able to view the image using the CLISH "list downloded" command. However, the upgrade completed successfully, but when I tried the ...
updated discussion 02 Sep 2014
Is this possible?  I was hoping to be able to backup the Oracle RAC node VMs with vADP to avoid the overhead of maintaining individual node names in policies.  I tried to simply construct a policy that uses VIP to select the RAC nodes and back them up via vADP. Sadly, due to the nature of the shared SCSI bus defined in the RAC node (for the ASM volumes) the backups failed with a ...
updated discussion 02 Sep 2014
We have End Point Protection 12.1 and we are up for renewal. We also have Symantec Network Access Control or SNAC which is due for renewal but we are only using the "Host Integrity" portion of SNAC. I was informed by our PM that we don't need to renew SNAC as long as we renew our End Point Protection license since Symantec changed their licensing ...