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Completely Protecting Small Business

Created: 15 Feb 2011 • Updated: 22 Mar 2012
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Completely Protecting Small Businesses

Today Symantec unveiled the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) Small Business Edition, our flagship small business endpoint security product. What makes this version different? 

More than 286 million distinct Internet security threats were discovered last year, and it is quickly becoming impossible for security vendors to detect all these increasingly targeted and sophisticated attacks. In response, we’re announcing significant developments to SEP Small Business Edition, which is powered by Insight, our award-winning community-based reputation technology. 

Insight examines the usage patterns of millions of anonymous volunteer computers to spot dangers that traditional security products typically miss. By looking at these patterns, Insight can detect sophisticated new threats earlier and more accurately than signature- or behavioral-based solutions alone. 

Sophisticated new threats?  You may be thinking, “Why would someone launch a sophisticated attack on a small business?”  In short, it’s because you’re an easy target and you, like a large enterprise, have a financial account.

A couple of weeks ago, in this post, I told you about attack kits and how they’re making it scarily easier and cheaper for cybercriminals to launch attacks aimed at stealing banking credentials (and consequently the money in your bank accounts). Many of these attacks have been directed right at small businesses because hackers know you may be less prepared than big companies. In his blog, Brian Krebs has posted some real-world stories about realsmall businesses – mechanics, accountants, etc. – who have been hit hard by cyber attacks.

While SEP Small Business Edition has the same unmatched threat detection capabilities and performance improvements as our Enterprise Edition, it’s also designed for a small business – with features that make it easy to use like an  installation wizard, pre-configured policy settings and automated notifications and reports. In short, it’s designed to protect you like an enterprise, but treat you like a small business when it comes to installation and ease of use. In fact, this early adopter channel partner was able to install the product in less than 20 minutes. 

We are excited about all the new performance and effectiveness features in SEP Small Business Edition and the fact that we’ve been able to offer our small business customer exceptional threat detection in an easy-to-use solution. We’ll be opening up our public beta test soon and we’re hoping you’ll take part. Stay tuned for details!