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New discussion 11 Jan 2012
When will the SEE Integration Component (IC) be available for Altiris 7.1? We run SEE v. 8.0.1, may upgrade to v. 8.2.0, but our Altiris platform is running v. 7.1 and the current IC only works on Altiris v. 7.0.x. We'll be performing a large scale ...
New discussion 26 Jul 2011
For amost a year I have been using PGP and the last few weeks my system now takes 5 minutes to boot. I would like to clean the registry. Any idea what products will c-cleaned or any other basic registry cleaners will work with PGP and not ...
New idea 06 Jul 2011
For emergency access to encrypted laptops, we use PKI USB thumbdrives (i.e., SafeNet/Alladin eToken Pro) loaded with an ADK.  This works well on Windows systems, however, we recenly needed access to a system that has OS X, and that mechanism of ...